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Dropseat Spanking and Cheyenne Jewel Gets Paddled

For those of you Dear Readers who live outside of my beloved country, We indeed have a tradition in this country.  You see in the days and weeks leading up to our celebration of the birthday of this country we are indeed implored by the media and the powers that be not to play with high explosives.  In fact some states actually ban the practice which is about as effective as telling people not to smoke week.  My beloved city has such a ban which is easily thwarted by taking a quick drive across the vast wasteland of New Jersey to the border of Pennsyltucky where one is greeted with all manner of things that go boom. 

But the real tradition is July 5th where when we open our newspaper or turn on the tv only to be treated to the casualty list of those who have managed to blow a digit or two off while engaging in our beloved pastime. 

Since I am writing this Dear Reader let me assure you that I still posses ten fingers and ten toes.  But there indeed have been times where it was your Humble Narrator who had to take a trip to the hospital due to a mishap or two.  The worst part might I inform you is not the pain of whatever burned and charred part of you that needs attention but indeed the feeling that you are a complete and utter moron.

I remember being lambasted by one doctor.
”what have you been told numerous times” quipped the doctor
”Umm,  OWW,  Not to play with fireworks?”
”Exactly!  and what have you done?”
”Played with fireworks?”
”and where are you now?”

Thankfully I have avoided such a fate this year,  and now Dear Reader off to the Spanking Updates of the week!

So the big news this week is that we have found the elusive Higgs-Boson which we have built a bazillion dollar particle accelerator specifically to find.  Now this frustrates Your Humble Narrator for while I do indeed consider myself a learned man (except when exploding things),  I just cannot get my head around why indeed this is a big deal.  Yes I know this is the particle that is responsible for mass but what exactly can you do with it?  Can you spank it?  In addition now that we have found it does that mean that all sub atomic physicist are out of work? I just indeed don’t get it.  Rather than making my head hurt I would rather concentrate on lovely Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson in drop seat pajama’s getting a very hard and painful spanking.  From Triple A Spanking.
Image00 Image02 Image03 Image11 Image13 Image14

Well Chelsea Pfeiffer has gotten around to pulling the pretty panties down of the incredibly hot Cheyenne Jewel for a wonderful look at her gorgeous bare bottom.  Unfortunately for her the panty removal was to get better contact with her milky white skin with a hard wooden paddle.  From Good Spanking.
001 002 003 004 005 006

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is back hard work this week and finds himself once again saddled with the drab task of punishing the bottoms of his wards.  Monique and Amy were indeed caught with rumpled uniforms which is indeed a no no at the St Catherine School for Girls at Spanked in Uniform.  From the looks of their bruised and battered bottoms I would hazard a guess that they will take care in dressing in the near future.  
episode47_2 episode47_12 episode47_14 episode47_17 episode47_18 episode47_20

We have not heard much from the delightfully curvaceous Sasha Harvey as of late.  Which of course means she is way overdue for a good hard spanking.  Steven Lewis of course takes care of this as she is stripped to her underthings and subjected to a OTK Spanking on Northern Spanking
NSI104-VJS006 NSI104-VJS009 NSI104-VJS015 NSI104-VJS010 NSI104-VJS016 NSI104-VJS023

Clover Rock must have seriously violated some rules at the all women’s prison at Bars and Stripes.  She gets a punishment reserved for very few in the institution.  Strapped down on a punishment table she is mercilessly strapped in her delightful little birthday suit.
clover_frtnty_painfullesson - 001 clover_frtnty_painfullesson - 029 clover_frtnty_painfullesson - 042 clover_frtnty_painfullesson - 063 clover_frtnty_painfullesson - 110 clover_frtnty_painfullesson - 117

Finally for today we have Jenna Jay getting a double caning in her lovely birthday suit on Spanking Sarah
npp4011977 npp4011978 npp4011989 npp4011992 npp40111006 npp40111017


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