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Finally the 2012 Spankee of the Year!

Well Dear Reader our yearly awards are over.  Once again we shall resume our regular schedule on The Spanking Spot.  But there is one last thing to do before we say goodbye to last year.  It is of course to name our most celebrated 2012 Spankee of the year!  With thousands of you voting the voice of the mob has been heard.  The voting was actually quite close.  Why of course not?  Particularly when you are presented with the gorgeous and very naughty females of this years lot.  While personally I would have liked to give each and every one of these girls an award (and indeed a spanking).  There only of course can be one. 

{Drum Roll} The 2012 Spankee of the year is……

Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory in a few short years has come from a relative newcomer to spanking superstar.  I can remember when I first laid eyes on the innocent lass when she was recruited by the famed spanking talent scout David Pierson.  Since then she has violated an impressive amount of rules hence getting herself spanked an impressive number of times.  Being the budding entrepreneur that she is,  she even opened up her own website which in turn has brought much well needed talent to swell the ranks of the red bottomed girls.  She might of course be the quintessential girl next door but that does indeed not mean she is well behaved!  She has been nominated for this award over the years but this is the first time she has triumphed and I for one is overjoyed her contribution to spanking is being recognized today.  Image Courtesy of Sarah Gregory Spanking.


And the Runner Up is……..

Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan has had a long and painful journey.  From her first shoot getting spanked with even the mildest spanking bringing tears to her beautiful eyes to this year when her perfect bottom was spanked earnestly.  While still her bottom might be a little oversensitive is more than made up for with her beauty and about as perfect sculpted body as one could ask for and a firm bottom just begging for a spanking.  Image Courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking

This of course concludes the 2012 Spanking Awards.  We shall of course revert back to our usual schedule.  Please let me congratulate all the winners and the nominee’s all who were deserving this year and I do indeed look forward to a wonderful 2013


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