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Girls in Tight Jeans Getting Spanked

You know Dear Reader I am indeed not sure who deserves a spanking more.  Being the liberal commie bastard I am of course my first thought it is the morons of the conservative’s in this country who have been steadfastly keeping anything getting done and even went so far as to hold up unemployment benefits to millions of out of work people caused by the worst recession in 80 years brought on by no less than themselves. 


On the other hand we have our Democrats who haven’t even been in power 2 years already becoming as corrupt as hell.  What Dear Reader do you think the IRS would do if I simply “forgot” to declare hundreds of thousands in assets. Do you think indeed think they would so “no biggie” like our Nancy is doing with her buddy?  I mean say what you will about the crazy right but at least they managed to hold it together for a couple of years before we found out they were all secretly gay. 


I am indeed depressed Dear Reader.  Perhaps some spanking will indeed cheer me up. 


Let us begin this week with someone who always cheers me up.  The Lovely Clare Fonda giving incredible Aiden Ashley her second spanking on film.  This time in rather tight and sexy jeans that no doubt come down before to long.  Now the strange thing about this is indeed I have no idea who is more spankable. Clare in that cute little number she has on or Aiden for obvious reasons afore mentioned.  Unfortunately no one thought to spank them both.  From Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
Aiden Ashley and Clare Fonda Aiden Ashley spanked over the jeans Over the panty Spanking 045 Teen girl gets a bare bottom spanking Bare Ass OTK Spanking


I have decided to resume coverage of the the always entertaining spanking movies from Lupus Spanking going forward.  I will be adding a few more sites since I think my Updates of the Week have been getting a little stale as of late  This weeks tale tells the story of two farm girls who eat magic apples which cause them to grow horns.  Apparently the only cure for such a thing is a brutal switching in the public square tied up in their birthday suits.  This indeed is not for the slight of heart Dear Reader as her friend waiting her turn to be switch listens to the screams of her friend during her punishment.  If this indeed is the cure for horns I wonder what it is for Swine Flu!

snapshot20100303145551 Caned in public snapshot20100303145819 Two girls get cand Naked



It looks like this week will be the week of girls in tight Jeans getting spanked.  Or at least Your Humble Narrator indeed hopes so.  Stacy one of the newer members of Mr M’s myriad of misbehaving maidens wastes no time in getting into the swing of things on Real Spanking this week.  Unfortunately for her the swinging will be upon her soon to be sore bare bottom.  Also Available though the better values 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
9328_002 Girl gets belted by her father Tight Jeans Spaning 9328_068 Bare Bottom Belting 9328_111


Now there are three things I particularly enjoy about this next video from Real Life Spanking.  First it is indeed the beautiful long necked Sara that is getting her bottom beaten.  Second while my preference for OTK spanking is indeed apparent perhaps a very close second is the fabled bent over one knee position.  Sure unless your balance is perfect and the girl is rather small you must have her legs firmly planted on the ground lest your spankee ends up on her face.  This of course usually precludes the kicking of the legs that shows the viewer just how unpleasant the spanking she is getting is.  Finally this indeed is dear to my heart Dear Reader.  Sara as it turns out is getting a spanking over her texting habits.  Now we all know our females have a inborn need to communicate often with their own kind, but I simply cannot fathom the need to communicate every waking moment.  And I thought yapping on the cell phone was annoying. 
sara_spanked_mobile_P1010282 sara_spanked_mobile_P1010287 sara_spanked_mobile_P1010290 Sara Bent over and spanked Painful Spanking Bare Bottom Spanking sara_spanked_mobile_P1010315


This week Natalie Minx gets down to business in pulling our lovely Chelsea’s white Jeans down and spanking her on her pretty gold panties and then of course her bare bottom.  Now I know Chelsea is an happily attached women,  but I do wonder how often her gets a good hard spanking from her significant other since if it were indeed me I would have time for  little else but to spank that awesome bottom of hers.  From Good spanking
Chelsea Pfeiffer spanked in sexy panties 013 016 Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanked


This next update from Spanking Server is not exactly “New” You see it is indeed the beginning of March and as in the beginning of every month Spanking Server, in addition to their weekly spanking updates releases a Spanking Pack with about an hour of their past spankings.  Now this is free with membership and there indeed is some fantastic spanking here that if you weren’t a long time member you have probably missed.  Peter of course illustrates this here with the spanking of the struggling Sandra Sanchez who as a farm girl is not so keen on going over his knee.
snapshot20100303144436 Farm Girl gets a over the knee Spanking snapshot20100303144719 OTK Spanking


You know I am really digging this new spanker that Xerotics has.  This  matronly woman looks like the kind old lady down the street that gives you hot chocolate on a cold day.  Just don’t spill it since she has a wicked short swing which she uses on these two new spankee’s bottoms.   Which brings me to my next point, Instead of giving them nothing to do so they can appear at political rallies and shout about how our president is a secret Muslim we indeed need to get more senior citizens into spanking.  First of all it will of course give them something to do and indeed take away the powerless feeling when young ladies walk on their lawn.  From Slut Spanking
vlcsnap-2010-03-03-15h36m50s116 Grandmother spanks Grandaughter Bare bottom punishment vlcsnap-2010-03-03-15h39m29s165


Our young Clover has a intense dislike for Your Humble Narrators namesake.  I am quite offended Dear Reader.  Yes indeed!  And of course at some point in the past people around the world seemed to believe they have the right not to be offended!  Thus I watch with glee as this anti-brushite gets a taste of the implement she so dearly hates.  From Sound Punishments
P7237521 Domestic spanking Girl Spanked with a Hairbrush P7237534


It appears that prison life does not agree with our beautiful Kami’s bottom.  And why would it, such a exquisite flower will indeed wither under the harshness of confinement.  But indeed justice must be done, and they seem to be taking a page out of “How to extract confessions without shooting them in the face” by Dick Cheney.  Now no one ever accused Dick of being a spanko (though it wouldn’t surprise me but can you even water board someone while spanking them?).  In any case Kami is bent over a horse, panties pulled down and spanked until she confesses exactly where she hid the WMD’s  From Bars and Stripes
kami_theconfession_003 kami_theconfession_007 kami_theconfession_009 Kami Robertson Flogged kami_theconfession_017 kami_theconfession_018 Kami Robertson Gets a Spanking


Ah what a treat to leave you off with today.  A bikini spanking from no other but our spanking friends in Japan.  Now apparently this young lady was diving foolishly not taking precautions from the tentacle rape monsters that infest those waters.  Thankfully she was spared and while a bikini tends to confound such monsters it is indeed no match for a spanking.  From Handspanking
Bikini Spanking j12-20 j12-33 Japanese girl Spanked j12-44 Japanese Spanking




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