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Girls Spanked Over One Knee and a Bikini Bottom Beating

Well Dear Reader Texas is busy rewriting their school text books, which of course affects the rest of the country since they are indeed the biggest bulk buyer of textbooks.  You see for those of you not in the US.  Texas is the only state that demands that all schools use a state approved textbook.  For the rest of us the textbooks are selected at the local schools.  This wouldn’t be all that much of a problem Dear Reader except that all the textbook publishers have to “adjust” their text to whatever Texas decides in order to make any money.  The problem of course illustrated by our last president is that Texas is indeed full of complete idiots. 


The board responsible for this is of course stacked with religious nuts who insist that the world is 6000 years old and that every scientist is lying to us just to get us in bed with the devil.  They are now insisting that our founding fathers didn’t really mean that whole religious freedom thing and Joseph McCarthy wasn’t all that bad of a guy. 


So I propose this Dear Reader,  Since Texas is attempting to rewrite history why not do a little bit of revision of our own.  We can suggest that George Washington enjoyed putting Martha over his knee and that Ronald Regan was not above a bit of bondage with Nancy.


But Enough Dear Reader, for regardless of the outcome I am sure that the children will grow up and unlearn such nonsense much as we did.  So enough my soliloquy and lets get finish the Spanking Updates of the Week!


Let us begin with Northern Spanking This week and memories of happier seasons since Jolly old England has managed to turn into a snowy tundra.  Besides we did not get to see enough bikini spankings over the summer we might as well enjoy Lottie Kinsade’s bikini clad bottom getting a few smacks in the great outdoors. 
NSI092-XPL009 NSI092-XPL013 NSI092-XPL015 NSI092-XPL016 NSI092-XPL027 NSI092-XPL028 NSI092-XPL037 NSI092-XPL039


Clare is of course still smarting from the spanking she got yesterday which of course is quite unfortunate for the adorable Ashli Orion.  Getting a good hard OTK hairbrush spanking with Paige Richards taunting you is indeed a definition of a bad day.  From Spanked Callgirls or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
001 009 015 017 028 032


This week on the super new spanking site Spanked In Uniform, Jolie our runner up for New Spankee of the Year gets her bottom beaten along with her friend Susan.  Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian makes good use of the paddle and the birch on the naught nurses. 
vlcsnap-3677170 vlcsnap-3677800 vlcsnap-3677892 vlcsnap-3678316 vlcsnap-3678681 vlcsnap-3687895


Now here is indeed a good question Dear Reader.  Do you enjoy spanking your ladies with their shoe’s on or off?  Somehow having their shoes on seems a little more realistic to your Humble Narrator since you are indeed punishing her.  However considering all the kicking spanked girls do I would say it could be quite dangerous particularly with the heeled boots our red bottomed Bronte has on.  From Punished Brats.
IMG_8385 IMG_8367IMG_8351 IMG_8328


This week John Ryan executes the difficult but rather effective over one knee spanking on Susan Gilbert.  While dangerous for obvious reasons it gives the spanker considerably more leverage in which to punish a bare bottom.  Leverage I would assume the Susan wishes he didn’t have.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
sgc_c007 sgc_c014 sgc_c021 sgc_c023


Keagan is back in trouble this week getting a over the Jeans OTK spanking and for a finishing touch paddled with a wooden board on her bare ass.  Honestly Dear Reader I do think she is one of the best over the knee spankee’s that there are, small enough that one again can spank her over one knee.  Considering how hard the spankings that we have seen her given that extra leverage is a must.  From Girls Boarding School.
prod0579_pic007 prod0579_pic009 prod0579_pic016 prod0579_pic034


It seems that Lila is not that much of a student!  Perhaps indeed she went to school in Texas.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9302_001 9302_005 9302_006 9302_007 9302_010 9302_020


The one thing I don’t get about Bad Tushy recent updates, is that if I walked into a room with three gorgeous women I simply would not spank only one of them.  Because if there is one truth in this world if there is one woman group in need of a spanking they all need a spanking. 
0044 0080 00990110  0120 0138


One of the things I will never understand with females is there fascination with keeping a diary.  The diary is probably responsible for more spanked girls than any other object on earth.  Falling into the wrong hands it will not only get you spanked for your transgressions now but your transgressions years past.  On other things I don’t think I have seen this pretty schoolgirl before and she is indeed quite upset her at her bare bottom spanking.  From Spanking Online or though the better priced Spank Pass
vlcsnap-3697143 vlcsnap-3698211 vlcsnap-3698309 vlcsnap-3698528


It looks like Dallas is having fun with spanking and light!  His new fangled “light Saber” is indeed quite good at caning bad girls and puts on a pretty good light show.  Where in the world did he get that!  From Dallas Spanks Hard
EDEN3_06  EDEN3_02 EDEN3_16 vlcsnap-3661530 vlcsnap-3661169


I never knew that Rosaleen Young and Nikki Flynn did a spanking video together!  What I would indeed give to have been in that room.  From OTK Spank
Image4 Image8 Image40 Image22 Image52 Image57


And Finally for this week on the lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer’s retro spanking site Good Spanking Classics we have a younger but no less beautiful Chelsea Spanking the one and only Eve Ellis.
002 003 009a 012



2 comments to Girls Spanked Over One Knee and a Bikini Bottom Beating

  • Spankfun

    I admire the teddybear in Bad Tushy's video. How did he find his way back from the girl's arms (first photo) back to the waiting place (second photo) ? LOL

  • The light saber cane. Just another innovation from the immensely talented Caneiac from

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