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Today’s tale of woe from our tea party twits comes from Rep. John Fleming, crying why indeed he cannot afford a tax increase on his measly salary.  You See Dear Reader Jumping John, raked in almost 6.3 million last year from his various businesses.  Well I say good for him,  I am always for making money the honest way which he appears to be doing.  But when confronted with this fact during his diatribe on why the poor and middle class should pay more taxes than he.  He defended himself that the 6.3 million was a gross number.  After paying his employees, rent and everything else associated in running a business he “only” nets about $600,000 per year and after feeding his family he might have $400,000 left over.  I do indeed feel sorry for him since he must be purchasing really really expensive groceries! 

Now I am not a rich person but I am indeed well off by most standards.  I try to keep my grocery bill (not including alcohol) to about $200 to $250 bucks a week, not including the occasional restaurant (perhaps once a month).  Yes I realize that is a bit on the high side but my significant other refuses to eat anything but good old fashion meat.  Which means I grill steak at least twice a week.  In any case at maximum that would put my outlay of groceries about $13,000 a year,  and we eat pretty damn well.  I would indeed like to know what the hell he is buying with the other $187,000,  is he feeding his family gold?

On top of which,  what many people fail to realize,  when one runs his own business.  Deductions that employed people don’t have usually become available.  For example I am indeed sure all his cars are held and paid for by his company.  If he takes a vacation,  he needs to only discuss business and that suddenly becomes a write off.  Out to dinner,  discuss some business and that too becomes a write off.  Pretty much everything other than your mortgage and groceries can and many times does end up as a write off for a “small business owner”.  Thus the $600,000 is more or less disposable where you and I have a litany of expenses that must be paid out of our take home pay.

Ah but despite this idiot’s assertion I must say that I Brushstrokes has the best tax deduction ever.  You see as I have said time and time again,  I do make a small amount from this site.  Which of course allows me to deduct (quite legally) all of my subscriptions to the spanking sites that you see here on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

While the conversation might be amusing if I ever have the unfortunate luck to be audited I can believe that our friends at Firm Hand Spanking might have an even more amusing one.  I might have the luck to write about spanking but they indeed are the ones doing it!  But I doubt they would have much trouble,  Just show the IRS Agent the lanky Adrienne Black firmly held across a mans knee getting her fantastic Bare Bottom Spanked.  I am sure indeed they can come to an arrangement. 
secretary_b002 secretary_b005 secretary_b010 secretary_b012 secretary_b013 secretary_b022 

As we all know Our girls can be quite catty at times, particularly when it comes to clothes.  I never quite understood the whole concept of borrowing each others outerwear.  Personally I don’t think anyone has ever asked to borrow any article of clothing I own.  Then again I am not exactly a fashionista.  Any girl in overalls or tight little shorts like Kat St James is wearing is ok in my book.  But it is not Kat that gets spanked this week but former penthouse pet Veronica Ricci that gets her butt bared.  I am sure Clare Fonda will be getting around to pulling Kats little shorts down next week.  From Spanked Sweeties or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
031 034 038 041 045 (1) 045

As with many things us Americans have a very immature attitude towards alcohol.  It is deep rooted in our Puritan Past.  It still boggles my mind that a legal adult can be banned from drinking.  In some states its illegal to give your own children one sip of wine with dinner!  We rank up there with Pakistan when it comes to the drinking age.  Congratulations America. None the less silly laws are indeed silly laws.  Thus when Pixie decided to have some fun and spike the punch at her party.  Well lets just say even being a bit buzzed didn’t allow her to ignore the painful spanking she is given.  From Punished Brats
IMG_1571 IMG_1586 IMG_1611 IMG_1616 IMG_1619 IMG_1624

Our young Clover Rock finds herself in a familiar position on English Spankers this week.  Namely over someone’s knee!  Which of course she is used to since she tends to be as naughty as she is cute.  From English Spankers
npp3011004 npp3011013 npp3011017 npp3011041 npp3011047 npp3011050

Yet another OTK Spanking from our friends at Real Spanking!  Ohh Dear Reader how nice.  Particularly when it is the lovely Lila Night with her Jeans and Panties down getting an over the knee spanking for skipping school.  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Well our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is indeed back from his vacation.  As we all know the first week back from any holiday is quite busy since one must catch up on all the work he or she missed.  In Triple A’s case he missed quite a bit and his hand will be quite sore for some time.  It seems hot little Brittany and her friend went out to the pub and got rip roaring drunk!  It ended up with them on tables dancing topless.  (where do I find the pubs they go to!).  Thus earning a hard and painful spanking from our friend.  From Real Life Spanking
drunk_and_topless1_P1010280 drunk_and_topless1_P1010294 drunk_and_topless1_P1010297 drunk_and_topless1_P1010299 drunk_and_topless1_P1010300 drunk_and_topless1_P1010298 

Finally for today I am happy to report that our friends in Japan have the same problem with their maids as we do.  Namely goofing off on the job.  See we are not so different after all (excluding tentacle rape of course).  They also deal with it much in the same manner we do.  A good old fashion Spanking.  From Handspanking
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5 comments to Girls Spanked Over the Knee

  • jeremy

    Quite hilarious! Tax deductions for subscriptions to Spanking Sites. I for one prefer that to oil company subsidies. Consider me a happy customer and thanks as always for the interesting site. Now how many uber-religious, ultra-conservative, right-wing, closet spanko Congressmen will be looking for the same tax breaks?

  • Over the knee, exactly where every naughty girl belongs!

  • iwasrobert

    Excellent point Jeremy! Eliminating tax "loopholes" is a cardinal sin. But then, porn is too, no matter what Todd Palin might have said about it.

    I have it! Ranger Rick can shoot Brushstrokes (sorry my friend) while Mitt holds his nose and passes the "Romney Values Act" which retrospectively declares that the tax loophole never existed to begin with (kind of like he wishes about his dog) – at least in Massachusetts. Then the two can shout at each other until mid next year about who compromised their principles.

  • Brushstrokes

    I don't know Robert, I always kinda wanted Dick Cheney to shoot me in the face

  • George

    I believe SPREview is a dead link.

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