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Girls Spanked to Tears and a Cheerleader gets a Hard OTK Spanking

The summit on the environment seems to be getting interesting Dear Reader.  Unsurprising they have agreed on almost nothing while they enjoy caviar of endangered species and their travel to Copenhagen on 147 gas guzzling private jets.  Perhaps it was the poor choice of cities to have this summit it is after all named after chewing tobacco!


They have agreed on two rather important things.  The protesters outside who’s planet it is are quite bothersome and that spanking is indeed a cause for global warming!  You see Dear Reader when a female is over ones knee and you are striking her bottom there are a number of notably environmentally unfriendly things that goes on.  For starters her respiration rate goes way up due to the pain and shame of the spanking thus producing more co2.    Second imagine how much heat the girls spanked by Dallas alone releases into the atmosphere!


But thankfully they are at an impasse so our Hard Working Spanking Houses will not have to purchase carbon credits to offset their girls hot bottoms.  So let us get on to the Spanking Updates of the week!


Lets begin this week with a new girl that has come to visit our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian at Real Life Spanking this week. Dear Readers meet 28 Year Old Loni who kind of reminds me of the very spankable Brittney Murphy pre nose-job of course.  She has been quite wild in Holland (who wouldn’t be) since she moved from Spain 2 years ago an of course is need of her very first spanking which she receives on her delightful bare bottom. 
loni_first_spanking_P1010396 loni_first_spanking_P1010402 loni_first_spanking_P1010403 loni_first_spanking_P1010409 loni_first_spanking_P1010414 loni_first_spanking_P1010419


It seems that our indecisive heads of state are not the only ones that are traveling this week.  Though I highly doubt Clare sent a private jet for the incredibly cute Lilly Anna.  No she had to travel coach, which I can imagine is quite uncomfortable with a sore bottom.  Meanwhile Snow Mercy makes a surprisingly good disciplinarian reducing both girls to tears!  From Girl Spanks Girl or the 4 site special Clare Fonda Pass
DSC_0072l Lilly Allen gets an OTK Spanking Girl spanks GIrl Spanked to tears


How come I can’t find a maid that looks like this.  All the maids I hire are middle aged ladies named Gracia and they certainly won’t wear the uniform.  I have tried once or twice but they usually utter something like bastardo enfermo which I assume means no thank you, you wonderful man.  Now that being said our friend Peter Schoober is fortunate enough to have such a maid though she doesn’t do all that well on the cleaning part which of course means a good hard spanking with a cane which strangely he keeps handy in the kitchen.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20091216190221 Maid caned Painful Caning snapshot20091216190447


I hate school fundraisers.  Somehow schools seems to forget that most parents actually have to work past 3pm on most days and don’t have oodles of time to bake for fundraisers.  Some of us even have to run Spanking Blogs!  But it is indeed “for the children” which is synonymous with guilt tripping one into doing something that we really don’t have the time.  Well our pair of MILF’s  on Good Spanking,  Stacy Burke and Jewell Marceau have a disagreement who must do the baking this year but why not decide with a spanking!
Milf Spanking Spanked over the knee Spanked in stockings OTK Spanking


If there is ever a type of girl in need of a spanking it is indeed the Cheerleader.  Like Yours Truly I would assume that many of you daydreamed away high school dreaming of putting at least one of the stuck of girls on the squad over your knee.  Unless of course you actually did, in which I hate you with all my being.  Now for those of us not so fortunate Real Spanking once again has the very cute Clare as a rather naughty cheerleader getting a brutally hard spanking from the one and only Coach.  Incidentally you can see Clare in a hardcore and spanking scene on Spanked and Fucked.  Also available though the better valued Real Spanking Pass
7998_003 Cheerleader spanked in her panties Teen gets a spanking from her father Father Spanking Teen Bare Bottom Spanking 7998_058 7998_066


Justine is indeed in trouble this week for spending quite a bit of money, which of course women tend to do.  This indeed puzzles Your Humble Narrator.  I tried for years to get my ex-wife to cut down her spending but to no avail.  I even took her credit card away resulting in bounced checks all over the place.  Even a spanking didn’t work Dear Reader, which considering how often Justine is spanked this one will not have the desired effect.  But it makes for considerably great viewing.  From Spanked at Home
mov098_pic20 mov098_pic28 Justine spanked with a hairbrush Belt Spanking mov098_still53


I have always thought that English Girls with their hair in a bob were incredibly hot.  This girl is indeed no exception and a testament to how strange my taste is in women.  The fact that she is in a schoolgirl uniform and has a jolly good bottom to spank makes it all the better.  From Spank my Bottom and the Better Valued Spankpass.
Image5 Schoolgirl OTK Spanking Schoolgirl gets spanked with a hairbush Red spanked bottom


Speaking of English Schoolgirls the rather cheeky Rachel is getting yet another spanking!  This time she is to feel the sting of a rather large cane.  Considering how she mouthed off during her other spankings this indeed silenced her.  From English Spankers
NPP_3208 NPP_3213 Spanking Hurts Girl Caned on the bare ass


As you all know by now I find redheads incredibly cute.  Including our Livia here getting a naked caning on a spanking bench.  Yes I know she is a bit plain looking but then again so indeed am I. (well plain would be a complement,  since my proper place is to live under a bridge and scare people but I digress).  Here our Young lass quite stoic about the spanking she is receiving but that indeed does not mean that it doesn’t hurt.  From Spanking Casting
CAS-058_49 CAS-058_54 CAS-058_68 CAS-058_74


Ok, let me put this kindly to our hard working spanking site owners.  If you have a model willing to be spanked yet not show her face,  then my suggestion is not to hire her.  Particularly if you are going to put a KKK hood on her.  Spanking is not about the bottom being struck Dear Reader (well maybe a little bit),  but the whole experience in watching (or spanking) a pretty girl spanked.  Its kind of like the Gin without the tonic. If it were just about smacking a bare bottom one could cut a whole in a wall and stick random girls bottoms in there to be whacked.  But if your into this kind of thing then my hats off to you,  from Rough Man Spank
41023 41062 41075 41085


Like your Humble Narrator tends to do, Angelina has stayed in her pajama’s all day.  Which of course is quite unfortunate for her since they offer little protection from a spanking and are quite easy to remove for a bare bottom beating.  From Britspank
Image2 Image17 Image25 Image30 Image43 Image54


And finally for tonight.  Handspanking has a Christmas spanking that only a spanko could love.  I think I will enjoy being Santa this year. 
k4-v7 Japanese girl spanked on the panties Panty spanking Santa spanks a girl on the bare bottom




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