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Give a Spanking on Valentine’s day

Yes Dear Reader tomorrow is indeed Valentine’s day.  Now if you are indeed like me, you are no longer reading this since you are running out the door in a panic to scour the local pharmacy for the last remaining Valentine’s day card that might have slipped behind the display.  But worry not Dear Reader for I will be here when you get back. 

Now Valentine’s day like Father and Mother’s day is a made up holiday designed to make you spend more money.  While I cannot stand this, the tenets of our society makes us comply.  But why not give something meaningful rather than an overpriced card or a box of cheap chocolates to your lovely lady?  Like a Spanking of course!  We can even rename it Spanking Day and instead of a red heart, we of course can symbolize this day with a nice red bottom.  I would indeed save us from forgetting such a day would it not?  And if given hard enough our girls may not be so demanding on our memories if this day slips our minds. 

Regardless I am sure there will be plenty of red bottoms out there this evening and if not,  well you can always stay here with me Dear Reader while I finish up the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Our newly married Dallas and Sabrina are already facing a hurdle in running Dallas’s Business.  You see while the Newlywed’s were enjoying their Hawaiian Honeymoon they left the lovely Sophie Nova in charge.  Now while she is indeed gorgeous her business acumen is somewhat lacking. It seems that in addition to goofing off (and unwisely twittering about it) she shipped a number of Dallas’s customers the wrong DVD which as it just so happens with her DVD instead. What a coincidence!  Well while coming to pick up her paycheck she indeed did not know she was to get a Spanking she sure dressed the part.  Wearing an adorable chiffon dress and her red hair in pigtails it would take the typical red blooded male every effort of self restraint not to put this girl over his knee.  Amusingly he makes her (and Spanks Her) apologize to every person who’s order she messed up.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
Elegant Sophie Nova sophiecharge1_02 sophiecharge1_04 Dallas Gives Sophie Nova a hard spanking sophiecharge1_07 Girls need an over the knee Spanking Redhead in pigtails

Apparently Earl Grey feels that Adrienne Black’s outfit is inappropriate.  But I indeed think it is a perception issue since he stands just slightly below the hem of her very cute and short skirt.  Now I too am vertically challenged but I think I would rather like the view.  But being Earl is a strict authoritarian a Spanking is in order, particularly when she gives him backtalk.  When indeed will this girl learn!  From Firm Hand Spanking
Adrienne Black in a school unifom Adrienne Black gets the Spanking she desrves College girl bent over a chare and paddled on her bare bottom college_bb014 college_bb018 college_bb024

Well Nikki Rouge’s time has come Dear Reader.  While waiting patently for her Spanking from our lovely Clare Fonda and watching her friend Nena get her very first Spanking.  It is indeed her turn to get her beautiful bottom reddened.  Clare does all she can to get her rear the same color as her hot red panties including the use of the hairbrush on poor Nikki.  From Spanked Callgirls or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
Nikki Rouge Spanked in red panties 037 046 The only way to give a Girl a Spanking is with a hairbush on the bare butt 053 Nikki Rouge rubs her bottom after being Spanked

You know I was just thinking the other day That I would really like to see Betty Blaze get a good old fashion OTK Spanking.  Apparently Real Spanking Institute read my mind!  Now the last proper one she got that I can tell was in 2009 by Kailee Robertson though there was an artsy one filmed back in august which I am not counting.  Danny Chrighton should Spank her more like that since she fits over the knee so well.  Perhaps a taller chair so her feet can’t tough the floor would give her legs reason to thrash a bit.  That would make this almost the perfect bare bottomed OTK Spanking!  Also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
10048_002 Betty Blaze Spanked over her white panties 10048_007 10048_008 Girl gets a Spanking at the gym 10048_011

Well Lupus Spanking is experimenting with yet another Spanking and Sex crossover.  It seems the last one they made was quite a hit.  Perhaps I should bring back Spanked and Fucked.  But that remains to be seen. Meanwhile enjoy this tale of this girl in a brothel who refuses to give her client a blowjob.  This of course results in a rather hard Spanking and her doing the deed with a rather red and stinging bottom. 
vlcsnap-2011-02-11-10h49m18s136 vlcsnap-2011-02-11-10h50m14s230 vlcsnap-2011-02-11-10h50m08s141 Woman Spanked for not pleasing her man vlcsnap-2011-02-11-10h51m41s71 Girl given a hard Spanking on the bed

Yes Dear Reader Kyle’s Spanking Therapy seems all the rage on our left coast.  This week Marie comes to him with relationship problems.  It seems that she does not have the best pick in men despite being rather pretty. She blames herself for allowing herself to be used.  Kyle of course takes care of this by Spanking her allowing her to let all the guilt go.  From Marked Butts
340_0006 340_0018 Spanking Therapy 340_0024 340_0025 340_0026

Will schoolgirls ever learn?  Apparently not Peter Schoober’s.  Not only are they failing anatomy but they are also (at least from their drawing of him) failing art!  Perhaps indeed a hard caning will solve at least one of these problems.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20110211111541 Schoolgirl Caned for being naughty snapshot20110211111700 snapshot20110211111725 Caned on the bare ass in front of the class snapshot20110211111946

Finally for today Cheyenne Jewel is simply not going to take a Spanking from young Sinn Sage without giving one as well in this delightful Lesbian Spanking Scene From Spank Sinn.
014 016 017 Naked Spanking for Sinn Sage 020 021


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