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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Good Spanking Classics

Good Spanking Classics

As hard as it is to imagine Dear Reader,  there was a time before the Internet.  There was a time where information (and spanking) for that matter was locked in meat space never to effortlessly fly around the globe informing everyone except our many United Jeanie getting a spanking States Politicians who think the Internet is a series of tubes.  What is more interesting Dear Reader,  a medium that I (and many of you) have come to depend on,  never again to live without is indeed still only in its infancy. But Dear Reader there was surely spanking going on during the pre-Internet days.  Will the fine spankings of yesteryear be lost to antiquity since they lack translation into modern media? 

Well Dear Reader thanks to the beautiful Chelsea Pfeiffer she and her team have remastered some of her fine work.  Much of which was released on 8-mm film (remember that?) and while there are some issues with the translation between old an new mediums the effort is true and the only issues are technical ones that cannot be overcome due to the age and the quality of the masters.  Today Dear Reader I present to you the review of Good Spanking Classics

Girl spanking girlNow my Dear Chelsea can correct me on the exact age of this wonderful spanking material.  But imagine Dear Reader you are back in the late 80's.  Women with 2 foot teased hair and leggings paraded around, Boy George confused sexuality for most of us, and Dubya was still snorting coke and having his daddy bail him out of multiple DUI's.  As for your Humble Narrator my hair had not abandoned me  I was concentrating on having sex and eventually spanking just about every college freshman I could get my hands on before they gained their "freshman 15".  Ah Dear Reader it was a magical but lonely time,  one in which I thought I was the only one with such a fetish yet a surprisingly number of said dumb freshmen would agree to go over Yours Truly's knee.  Perhaps that should have been an indicator about the pervasiveness of our little hobby yet being young and naive I chalked it  up to the alcohol with which they were plied for the first time in their lives. 

But apparently there was a whole subculture who found each other,  of which I was blissfully unaware.  Lead by the venerable Ed Lee and the then and always Chelsea Pfeiffer there was spanking to be had in little out of the way shops with construction paper blocking the outside view and usually a neon sign stating "girls, girls girls, girls girls". 

Now being somewhat of a late bloomer I didn't realize there was a community until the early 90's when I first hooked up to the internet and discovered or something to that effect on the Usenet. Wulfram at the time was indeed my hero, scanning and posting the spankings of the now yesteryear for us burgeoning spanko's waiting impatiently as our 2600 baud modem took 15 minutes to download these unbelievable pictures.  That Dear Reader is when I discovered the jaw dropping spankings from the now famous Chelsea Pfeiffer.  Dear Reader,  my life has never been the same.

Site offerings and Costnaked girls spanking each other
Good Spanking Classics is what I would characterize as a 50/50 site offering pictures and movies.  Now normally I would have a problem with this in this age of High Definition Spanking available from a considerable number of sites.  But what she is trying to do is both noble and difficult.  So much so I am not sure I would even attempt it.  For those of you who are new to the scene back then the spanking movies were short and quite expensive.  To try to convert these things into digital is a feat all by itself.  But happily we see the movies that are available to date are converted with both pride and loving care as we can expect from our  Dear Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Be forewarned Dear Reader this is a young site started only since the beginning of June so the cost/enjoyment factor will probably be abysmal until Good Spanking Classics reaches critical mass.  Happily they are doing it quickly.  At the time of this writing I counted 49 "clips" running roughly 3 minutes apiece.  comprising of about 30 "scenes"  Each clip runs about 3 minutes which would give you an enjoyment ratio of roughly two and a half hours or so of wayback spanking goodness.  Chelsea doesn't typically release 1 clip per update but rather at least 4 which I think is quite fair as she builds up her backlist and attempts to entice customers. 

Updates at this point  consist of at least 4 "scenes" and either 1 or two movies depending on the scene  and about 20-30 pictures of each "scene".  No waiting here Dear Reader to download the whole scene.  Chelsea tries to give you all of them in one update. 

Spanked at workBeing a new site,  Chelsea always the smart business women who is a fanatic when it comes to keeping her customers happy is offering membership at $19.99 which is one of the best prices on the Spanking Internet today.  Given the price and the cost one would be talking about a little under 8 bucks of spanking goodness for your money.  Agreed Dear Reader not the cheapest on the internet,  but a fair price since the site has just started. 

Once you get past the backlog and assuming the updates keep static.  You can look forward to 4 new spanking scenes per week.  At the present update that would generally give one over 1.5 Hours of classic spanking per Month which would run you about 20 cents per minute or about 12 bucks per hour.  So far this is probably the best deal on the internet for a new site.

The Girls
When these wonderful movies were filmed Samantha Woodley was in diapers,  Amber Pixie Wells probably still sucked her thumb, Amy Hunter was really too young to wear those schoolgirl dresses and Kami Robertson more then likely wasn't even an itch in her daddy's pants.  These Dear Readers were some of the ground breakers of The Spanking World to which we all owe homage.  Some of these beautiful women have met a tragic end to those in the Spanking world who cared about them.  Some have gone one with their lives hopefully productive and happy (and a red bottom) But regardless their path,  They were indeed beautiful when they made this movies and for that I am truly grateful.
Jeanie getting a spanking lesbian spanking Naked girl about to get a spanking pull her pants down for a spanking  spanked on her bare ass Over the Jeans spanking

Tennis Spanking Film Quality, Outfits and of course The Spankings
Well Dear Reader I can tell you right now some of the film quality has something to be desired.  But rather than someone's greed or ambivalence toward classic spanking one must remember they are working with an very old medium.  Normally I would probably slam a site like this but because My Dear Chelsea is trying to preserve antiquity I will say that she is doing the best that she can.  Which Dear Reader with the reputation that Chelsea Pfeiffer has around the globe and with Yours Truly her word is better then gold.

Outfits tend to be domestic,  Lots of bare bottom beatings in Underwear or rather sexy negligee's.  but the focus is F/f Spankng. 

The Spankings are a bit light,  but considering again this is the beginning of yours and mine's hobby I again will be willing to give them a pass.  Some,  mind you Dear Reader are quite hard.  Others however boarder on Paddycake spanking. 

So Dear Reader did I like it.  Nor the nostalgic aspect of this site I find Good Spanking Classics are second to none.  In comparison to the present world,  well its expectedly somewhat lacking.  I personally enjoyed the site since its run by someone I can trust inherently with my readers and who has a probably the best customer service on the internet today;.

Spanked girl Who will NOT like this site
If your just starting your Spanking Collection I would opt for other sites with a bigger backlist.  That being said.  if you are new in search of some classic spanking movies well you have come to the right place

Who will Love this site
Collectors Beware!  you will be sucked into this site like no tomorrow.  These are the Classic Spanking movies of yesteryear.  Probably some that you have seen the pictures but yet to have seen the movie of these lovely lades spanking each others perfect rears.  Another thin to consider is back in the day not every meathead could pick up a camera.  these girls went to print and its obvious!

You can find it here at Good Spanking Classics



3 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Good Spanking Classics

  • Great post!

    I remember getting Chelsea's deliciously hot "Good Spanking" magazine(!) in a discreet brown paper package, via ShadowLane, so seeing this site brings back memories of my burgeoning interest in this little kink.


  • Mike

    Speaking about classic, older websites … any idea where we might find video clips (possibly the whole collection) from the now defunct Reiko Reiko Asian spanking website? Last time I saw these guys in business was in 2001, and they had some great movies that I never was able to get a hold of!

    Love your blog and your reviews!

  • jeremy

    Ditto! The world seemed a lot less complicated when these gorgeous women went through their daily lives finding the tiniest reason to bend each other over their knees and give them what they deserved. There was a hairbrush or paddle on every table, just waiting to be used. Those were the days. Eve Ellis and her glorious behind will always have a place in my heart. "Spanke Shoppe, The Office Visit" is still my favorite spank video.

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