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Happy Spanking Halloween

Yes indeed Dear Reader it is time for that most scary of holidays Halloween.  Of course this is indeed not until tomorrow but since many of you will be reading this on Saturday why not kick it off early.  Besides who has time for spanking when one has to get up ever 3 minutes to hand out Candy.  But what may I ask do Spanko’s dress up as on Halloween.  For those who recieve spankings a schoolgirl or a naughty nurse will always do the trick.  For those of us (particularly men) its a little more difficult.  I would indeed find it hard to come up with a costume that conveys the thought of a Hairbrush.  But alas it is not dressing up we enjoy,  but spanking those who need to be spanked in those costumes.

So without further ado lets finish up the Spanking Updates Of the Week.  But first some Halloween Music. Hit it!

Lets start off with something that has nothing to do with Halloween Dear Reader!  Tina Tink getting a good bare bottom OTK Spanking in a Bikini from our Friend David Pierson on Punished Brats.  Now As I recall snow has already fallen in his area which of course would make the pool hopping that she is being spanked for quite cold.  But since I spent all summer bitching about how there were no bathing suit spankings I guess beggars cannot be choosers.  Let us just be thankful that it is not David in the Bikini for Halloween.
IMG_6553 IMG_6560 IMG_6537 IMG_6549 IMG_6533 IMG_6527

Now here is a novel Idea, A chain reaction spanking.  I spank you, you spank someone else etc,  Though I question how much leverage Snow can get on Dee Dee’s rear when she herself is over the knee getting spanked I will have to say it is indeed a novel idea. Particularly if you made a circle out of it thus creating a never ending spanking loop.  Though it might be problematic since the harder you spank the person in front of you the harder she might spank the next one, etc all the way around back to you.  Is this Game Theory for Spankos? From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r37a15b r37a18b r37a20b r37a25b r37a27b r37a29b

So a while back Your Humble narrator brought to you the review of The Time has Come finishing the epic mystery of where Dallas’s beloved Spanking timer went.  Audrey Knight of course stole it and subsequently destroyed it after she was a little ticked off at the spanking she got during Rawhide.  (she couldn’t sit down for a week).  Dallas of course was lost with his timepiece.  But he finally got himself together to take revenge for his little friend.  Well on Dallas Spanks Hard he is releasing the whole move in all its glory to show us what perhaps is the hardest spanking scene of the year.
timer2_02 timer2_16 timer2_17 timer2_18 timer2_19 timer2_09

I usually don’t show a update until I see some spanking going on,  But this is Irelynn Logeen Debut on Girls Boarding school.  As you have probably heard me say before she is incredibly cute and indeed a redhead (I am such a sucker for spanked fire crotches).  What does indeed bother me however what in the world would make a spanking site think its ok to post pictures of post spanking before they actually show the spanking!  Well it is GBS so I am sure we will see her wonderful bottom spanked before too long
pros0572_pic25 pros0572_pic03 pros0572_pic09 pros0572_pic11 pros0572_pic38 pros0572_pic19

Your Humble Narrator dressed up as a female once in his younger days and sorry to brag but I was HOT.  err let me rephrase that…. No,  I was hot.  In fact I would have spanked myself!  I even got hit on by a guy or two!  Unfortunately after a long hard night of drinking I had to attend an alcohol class the following day for getting caught for the heinous offence of “underage drinking” which is responsible for my dislike of all things Pennsylvanian (I don’t think it was even a crime in my beloved city).  Waking up of course late and hung-over I raced down to be tortured by 6 hours of DUI footage quite still in my makeup.  But I digress.  No matter Dear Reader,  I was indeed never approached the beauty of Abigail Whittaker or the Jacqueline Dubois whom she is being spanked by.  Jacqueline as you might remember won a Golden Buttocks award of Best Facial Expression during a spanking two years ago under (I think) the name Kristen Gold.  From Firm Hand Spanking
sisterly_a002 sisterly_a004 sisterly_a007 sisterly_a016 sisterly_a017 sisterly_a018

Speaking of things from the Keystone State,  It is the World Series!  Now typically Your Humble Narrator would suggest that the Bronx Bombers would indeed vanquish such an inferior team even though they were beaten like a redheaded stepchild the other night.  But the truth is I HATE baseball.  My father used to drag me to Yankee’s games throughout my childhood and I couldn’t stand it!  I finally had to tell him well into my teens rather gently as to minimize the hurt feelings  that I detest the sport.  This of course has nothing to do with the Scene at Spanking Online, since it indeed does take place across the pond where they have a yet similar silly game named after a bug.  Hey, come to think of it,  why don’t we see any spankings with a cricket bat, its flat,  made of wood,  Come on people! Also available though the better valued Spankpass
vlcsnap-12351543 vlcsnap-12351908 vlcsnap-12352149 vlcsnap-12352422

Well one thing that we have in common with our friends over in England is the almost desperate attempt to get out of Gym Class back when we were in school.  Of course now days this is almost a capital offence to combat “childhood obesity” which is a result of our fear of sending children out to play lest they get kidnapped or molested.  In fact I was reading an article how the writers friend proudly announced that is 15 year old son took is first bike ride to the park alone.  I think at 15 Dear Reader I was hitting the club scene.  And we wonder why our kids are fat.  Well this young girl attempted to escape such school silliness and gets a hard spanking from her father for it on 1st Choice Spanking
vlcsnap-12355329 vlcsnap-12355922 vlcsnap-12356005 vlcsnap-12356085 vlcsnap-12356199 vlcsnap-12356256

Who knew that my Muse Leia Ann Woods and my dear friends at Northern Spanking Lucy and Tony were into Modern Art!  Now back to Yours Truly distaste from all things Pennsylvanian, I once got thrown out of the Philadelphia museum of art! Quite by mistake of course Dear Reader, since I did not know that every piece of crap one saw was indeed “art” and they took unkindly to one of my friends spinning a bicycle wheel bolted to a stool which was apparently priceless “art” by someone who raided a junkyard.  Well if indeed I ever see a metal ball in the middle of the living room I will now know its is indeed for spanking.  From Northern Spanking
NSI084C-LV006 NSI084C-LV010 NSI084C-LV012 NSI084C-LV018 NSI084C-LV024 NSI084C-LV030

I really don’t mean to be culturally insensitive but if you have ever conversed with someone of Asian decent that does not have a firm grasp of the English Language,  this is exactly how I would imagine spanking them would occur!  Lilly the Chinese Exchange student is not quite up to how discipline occurs for naughty schoolgirls.  And indeed I am not sure she grasp the idea of spanking until she found herself over the knee with her panties down.  From Sound Punishment
vlcsnap-12368991 vlcsnap-12369147 vlcsnap-12369305 vlcsnap-12369746 vlcsnap-12369660 vlcsnap-12369925

My Muse, Leia Ann Woods and Rachel Lloyd getting another spanking in the Scottish Women's Prison at Bars and Stripes
rachel_leia_thewaitingroom_020 rachel_leia_thewaitingroom_027 rachel_leia_thewaitingroom_031 rachel_leia_thewaitingroom_038 rachel_leia_thewaitingroom_062 rachel_leia_thewaitingroom_085

I guess the advantage of having a daughter in a private girls school is that they tend to have hot friends.  Particularly if they are into spanking! From Perfect Spanking
vlcsnap-12401341 vlcsnap-12401785 vlcsnap-12401914 vlcsnap-12402621 vlcsnap-12402843 vlcsnap-12402939

Well Your Humble Narrator is quite confused concerning the rules of the game since the winner usually spanks the loser.  But I guess when dealing with ladies of the caliber like Veronica Ford and Elise di Medici it would be quite advantageous to us spanking fans that after getting spanked the loser spanks the winner!  From Chelsea Pfeiffer’s retro spanking site Good Spanking Classics
001 004 010 013 020 022


4 comments to Happy Spanking Halloween

  • Lucy McLean

    We're having a HUGE kinky Hallowe'en party tomorrow in Scotland, so I shall answer your question and let you know what everyone was wearing on Sunday :D

  • The six pictures of David Pierson spanking Tina Tink are so good, they almost defy description. I've seen LOTS of spanking pics, but this series of six OTK shots of Dave vs. Tina are as classy as they come.

    In fact, this is the ONLY gallery of a single spank session that I have ever downloaded in its entirety. The positioning is great, Hal's technique is superb as always; but it is Tina's marvelous ACTING that sells this set.

    I've been on spank shoots myself, and I know that sometimes the director will tell the spanker to simply POSE and pretend that he is smacking the little dear's bottom. If that happened here, Tina Tink deserves an Oscar for her realistic expressions of dismay and pain. A real artwork for sure.

    Dan N.

  • Amy

    Who on Earth is "Tony" at Northern Spanking?!

  • Brushstrokes

    He is my drunken spelling of Paul!

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