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Happy Spanking Thanksgiving!

Ah Thanksgiving the most American of holidays where we seek out a majestic native bird and eat it, around a table of arguing relatives while celebrating the kindness the natives showed the first settlers of this fine country until of course we tried to wipe them off the face of the earth.


But take my cynicism with a grain of salt Dear Reader for nothing Your Humble Narrator says upon these pages should of course be taken seriously.  I too will be eating dead bird flesh with all the fixings tomorrow and irritating my relatives with my commie liberal ways instead of writing about Spanking.  So lets start the Spanking updates of the week a little early shall we?


Let us begin this week with a site that has not graced these pages in a couple of weeks.  Our beloved Able Amsterdam Authoritarian from Real Life Spanking is back with a new pretty little 18 year old who has been quite naughty.  Destiny who informed triple A that she missed a job interview because of a party she threw the previous night is in quite a need of a spanking in these uncertain economic times.  Well our AAA makes sure that she will be standing on the unemployment line with a stinging red bottom. 
destiny_spanked_interview_P1010057 Teen Gets a Spanking destiny_spanked_interview_P1010064 Bare Bottom Spanking Otk Spanking


Our Dear Clare Fonda has convinced another adult star to get a spanking rather than the more pleasurable things that she is used to.  Heidi Mayne known for her delicious bubble butt gets her first spanking on Spanked Callgirls.  If there is an upside to this horrible recession that we are amidst is that more adult actresses seem to be considering getting spanked as work in the adult industry becomes scarce.  And That is always a good thing Dear Reader
Heidi Mayne Spanked  008 Spanked over the bed Clare Fonda Spankes Heidi Mayne


This whole anti obesity thing is starting to get out of hand Dear Reader.  A college in Pennsylvania has made it a requirement to take exercise classes if you are overweight and you want to graduate.   At what point does a college degree require one to be healthy?  Some of the greatest thinkers in our time were about as unhealthy as one can be!  Instead our friend Peter Schoober shows us the right way to encourage our ladies to stay fit on Spanking Server
snapshot20091125125508 snapshot20091125125527 Painful Spanking Girl Strapped on the bare ass


Cherry Torn finds herself over our Dear Chelsea’s knee rather than under some grunting stud this week on Good Spanking.  She of course has a wonderful bottom for spanking. This indeed could be a new career for her! 
Cherry Torn Spanked Cherry Torn gets an OTK Spanking Bare Ass Spanking 004a 005


Justine is once again in trouble this time with a gentleman named Arnold for doing unspeakable things to herself instead of studying for a test.  No word of course if it was a fitness test.  I would think not since Justine’s bare bottom looks quite in shape to Yours Truly.  From Spanked at Home
mov096_still14  Spanked over her Panties mov096_still25 mov096_pic14 Spanked Girl


Janelle gets her very tiny bottom spanked by the retired Coach this week on Real Spanking.  Janelle is indeed a very good candidate for Best Facial Expression during a spanking in 2009.  Yes again I realize that this was probably filmed some time ago but as I laid out in the rules to qualify the spanking must be released in 2009.  Now whenever Janelle get her OTK Spanking I can almost guarantee her ass is still stinging from the bottom burning the Coach gave her.  Also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
5882_004  Black Girl gets a spanking Bare ass over the knee spanking Teen gets paddled on her bare behind


Being a person who desperately wants a cigarette I can understand this girl’s chain smoking while does her interview and waits to get caned on the bare bottom.  Thankfully on Rough Man Spank they let the girls smoke right there at work,  if they didn’t somehow I think filming would take twice as long. 
38022 Bare bottom caning Caned on a bench 38090


I have loved Xerotics since I started this Blog oh so many years ago.  It saddens me that I have to do this but you Dear Reader deserve the truth.  There has been some information posted on various boards and confirmed by a number of unnamed people but it seems that our friends at Xerotics are in bad financial shape.  Now what form this will take (I have been told they are under receivership already) I have no idea.  But they are still posting and have even redesigned one of their sites!  Now typically if I thought you were going to lose your money they would not be promoted here but I have hopes they will emerge from this crisis stronger and better than ever.  But no doubt about it, it is indeed a risk Dear Reader.  My guess is if they have been operating this long they can continue to operate for some time and hopefully pull it all together.  I would however rethink any long term commitment at least temporarily.  For now however a month to month membership should be more or less safe.  From Spanking Mags
vlcsnap-6300292 F/f Spanking Girl spanks girl vlcsnap-6301307


The young innocent Livia gets a hard naked caning on the gonzo spanking site Spanking Castings this week.  With red hair and young incredible body she feels the sting of the cane on that very white bottom of hers. 
CAS-054_1 CAS-054_6 Naked Caning Naked Spanking


This Brat Rachel really needs a visit to Dallas,  then again I am not sure that even he could tame this girls mouth since the spanking she is getting for a note home from school is quite hard and she still insists on mouthing off.  Perhaps they should try a nice wooden hairbrush next time.  From English Spankers

Girl gets spanked by her father  Panty Spanking Girl bent over and spanked npp1022049


A very pretty Cheryl gets a spanking on Spanking University
Cheryl_spanking 006  Cheryl_spanking 023 Hard Spanking Cheryl_spanking 080 Cheryl_spanking 047 Cheryl_spanking 049


And Finally for Today once again entering the surreal world of Japanese relationships the girl who got spanked by her mother for losing a chess game instead wins this round allowing her to spank her own mother.  From Handspanking
t11-02 Japanese Spanking t11-13 Japanese woman gets spanked



7 comments to Happy Spanking Thanksgiving!

  • Happy Spanksgiving Mr. Brushtrokes!

    I want Peter Schoober's job and the Triple AAA's job, God love 'em. OK I'm drunk. Thank you for your time.

    Dave. :-))

  • iwasrobert

    I'm not surprised that Xerotics are on the skids, as the company has been very foolish in the past 12 months or so.

    Xerotics have diluted their previously strong brands (Spanking Online, Spanked Schoolgirl, Spank My Bottom) by opening a bunch of worthless lookalike sites retreading their existing content (notably Divine Cats, BritSpank, OTK Spank, Strict Spanking and Caned Schoolgirls, but also Spanking Mags, Spanking Tunes and Spanking Archives). This (IMHO) only results in confusion and/or wariness for customers and also necessitates higher administration costs. They have also failed to keep the members areas of their older sites up to par in terms of features such as navigation and search (not talking about content here, that's still pretty good), preferring to work on the backends of the content retread sites. This means that customers have to choose between sites with lousy members areas and lots of content, and sites with good members areas and less content. Catch 22.

    My prescription: Close all of the retread sites, post the "remastered" content into the older, existing sites, and revamp the backend for the remaining sites.

  • Hi Brushstrokes! It's good to be back on our favourite blog. Keep up the good work my friend.

    Mike (AAA)

  • Spankfun

    It's sad news about the Xerotics network (I read about their struggling, too), but Iwasrobert's description of the reasons is correct. First they split up the content to now 17 sites and then they advertised so called "specials" for joining all or some of them – sorry, that's no strategy which will work.
    Their content is still fine and their backlist impressive, but it needs to be offered on much less sites.
    Please update if you have new information on the Xerotics network.

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  • All details incorrect. Xerotics is not in the "skids" and in fact and were our best sellers or november :) Please get your facts straight … as none of the replys to this post (which i have no problem with ) have any idea what is going on lol which actually is just an expansion of the Xerotics network. 4 new sites this year and 2 further sites for launch in Jan 2010. We will never stop openeing sites … ever. Oh and we just finished a weeks shoot -and are shooting again Jan 2010 over 4 days with 6 girls , 3 of which are new! Its a great job getting to work with so many models – ) trust this clears up all the bullshit that has been written.

  • p.s we have around 7 or 8 never before published videos which we will be launching jan 010 with former mega star Rosaleen Young. :) And these are the ruder ones she shot which show all the bits. Happily we have full contracts and copyright on this material and cant wait to make it public. Hardly a network of sites of the down is it now :) Spanks – Xerotics

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