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Holly Stevens Gets a Naked Spanking

Yesterday was of course Friday the 13.  The fact that you are reading this Dear Reader means that you successfully avoided being killed in the most horrible and grotesque manner by a large man with a hockey mask.  This of course would is a good thing Dear Reader!  Now this brings me to my second point,  Jason would of course not be as maniacal murderous if he only took the time to perhaps Spank a few of the women instead of sending them to their gruesome deaths.  He might even become a fan of The Spanking Updates of the week!

Now Jason only dispatched anyone who had sex, leaving the virgins to plan and execute his demise over and over again.  There is obviously no determination on Young Elizabeth's virginal state, but regardless she is young and innocent enough to fool even the hardest of maniac killers.  Unfortunately for her this is exactly the kind of girl we delight in seeing her wonderful bottom Spanked,  which I might add our portly punisher does quite well on Sound Punishment
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While up in my adopted New England, I noticed today some of the trees are starting to display subdued colors foretelling the oncoming fall.  It was fitting since I also saw some of the hated Canadian Geese in familiar arrow formation heading south.  And while we still have a few more weeks of this sweltering summer it is indeed time to prepare for the colder months.  Nothing is more appealing of course than giving a rather naked girl a Spanking in front of a roaring fireplace.  Now in this case the Fireplace is not roaring,  but Holly Stevens is indeed quite delightfully naked as Sophie Nova looks waits her turn on Spanked Callgirls or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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Girls Boarding School once again graces us with an update.  This time with the young Vanessa getting a very hard strapping on her soon to be sore fanny.  Dear Reader you really have to see this Spanking for yourself since this is either fantastic acting or Spanking hurts a little more than Vanessa expected it.  A blow or two literally taking her breath away. Who knew the diaphragm was connected to the buttocks! 
vlcsnap-2010-08-12-15h46m26s181 vlcsnap-2010-08-12-15h47m35s94 vlcsnap-2010-08-12-15h48m08s171 vlcsnap-2010-08-12-15h47m56s63 vlcsnap-2010-08-12-15h48m33s175 vlcsnap-2010-08-12-15h49m02s205

Chelsea Pfeiffer guest stars on Sarah Gregory's Spanking Site, Stopping by to remind us that our quintessential girl next door need a good bare bottom beating from time to time like any other naughty girl. Now other than getting that wonderful bottom spanked I swear Sarah must spend the rest of her time picking out panties she has such a delightful selection!  Too bad they don’t stay on longer. 
0016_sarah_therapy_gal1-001 0016_sarah_therapy_gal1-007 0016_sarah_therapy_gal1-009 0016_sarah_therapy_gal1-014 0016_sarah_therapy_gal1-019 0016_sarah_therapy_gal1-021

You know since Kailee made her triumphant (and painful) return to Real Spanking Institute I have not seen her get a an OTK Spanking!  Of course with a girl that has received some of the hardest Spanking we have seen on film such an endeavor would probably not be as effective as other methods.  But damnit it looks good.  But for now we will have to settle for this very hard strapping on her bare ass which of course leaves an impression. Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9661_002 9661_005 9661_006 9661_016 9661_017 9661_022

I will have to say this for the unfortunate girl named Crash.  The girl is tough.  Dallas swings his mighty implements of Spanking Pain with abandon resulting in one of the harder Spankings he has given.  Despite her bruised and almost broken bottom ablaze in different colors of shining red the girl grits her teeth and takes it.  I would doubt many a tough male could take a Spanking such as this without blubbering like a little girl, and of course they would not nearly be as attractive.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
vlcsnap-2010-08-13-20h51m21s85 vlcsnap-2010-08-13-20h51m33s211 vlcsnap-2010-08-13-20h51m58s202 vlcsnap-2010-08-13-20h52m22s180 vlcsnap-2010-08-13-20h53m03s91 vlcsnap-2010-08-13-20h53m17s227

Now even Jason would stop to admire the posh posterior of the beautiful Sasha Harvey.  He might even take off his mask!  hell I would, if only to admire a bottom that was simply designed to be Spanked.  Now I am sure the rest of her is somewhat unhappy with complete strangers being overcome with the desire to whack her bottom.  But as disabilities go I suppose things could be alot worse.  From Bars and Stripes
sascha_intake_108 sascha_intake_125 sascha_intake_140 sascha_intake_149 sascha_intake_152 sascha_intake_158

And Finally for this week the tall lanky Nally Bony finds herself over Heidi’s knee getting Spanked over a remarkably short pair of shorts.  As refreshing as it may be particularly to show off her long legs.  A Spanking should indeed be given on the bare bottom and this update from Spanking Server does indeed not disappoint. 
snapshot20100813210018 snapshot20100813210038 snapshot20100813210114 snapshot20100813210134 snapshot20100813210217 snapshot20100813210236


2 comments to Holly Stevens Gets a Naked Spanking

  • iwasrobert

    Not that it is particularly relevant, but the origins of the "Friday the 13th" superstition is said to date back to 1307, when Phillip IV of France decided to suppress the Knights Templar, rather than making good on the debts he owed them. On Friday October 13 Phillip's soldiers arrested the last Templar Grand Master and many French members of the Order.

  • Friday the 13th passed fairly uneventfully for me, though there were several zombies seen milling about my neighborhood.

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