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How odd Dear Reader, With the start of another television season I have found two new shows I quite!  This of course means that they will be cancelled in short order since they are not mindless sitcoms or about whining rich people.  One of them I begin with here today.  If you are a fan of science fiction,  you might indeed enjoy The Event.  I would of course describe this show to you if I actually knew what was going on,  but so far I am quite at a loss.  Basically its about a bunch of aliens who look exactly like us,  that is here for some unknown reason and a secret government arm determined to keep their existence secret.  With many twists and turns so far,  I am quite enjoying it. 

Unfortunately there is indeed no Spanking in it,  but there are quite a few things blowing up and some serious mind fucks.  I would definitely recommend it.  But of course I am no TV critic,  I am a Spanking Critic!  Here of course to bring you The Spanking Updates of the Week. 

I used to love the HBO show OZ,  until one day I realized I was watching a soap opera about men in prison.  At that point of course Your Humble Narrator ceased watching it. However I do enjoy yet another prison soap brought to us by the Woman’s Prison at Bars and Stripes.  Thankfully there is not any men love here.  Just the goings on and the punishment of the lovely ladies at incarcerated.  This week we have the ravishing redhead Irelynn Logeen bonding with her pretty new cellmate only to be the subject of a demonstration of what happens when you break the rules. 

irelynn_bonding039 irelynn_bonding058 Irelynn Logeen Paddled on the bare bottom irelynn_bonding102 Girls spanked in prison irelynn_bonding146

 Northern Spanking has a brand Spanking New Spanking this week starring the disobedient Donna Davenport.  Documenting the tribulations of parents with impish teenagers who have tried everything to get their daughter to behave turn to the tried and true method parents have been using for years.  A hard Bare bottom Spanking
NSI081B-JDP047 NSI081B-JDP048 Donna Davenport gets a Spanking NSI081B-JDP056 NSI081B-JDP059 OTK Spanking

With the recession raging on it is good to see that the female pretty panty industry is being solely supported by our Little Amy Hunter.  This week she sports multicolored polka dots.  Now while her fine bare bottom is indeed multicolored after this wonderful Over the Knee Spanking she is getting from Chelsea Pfeiffer it is rather two toned rather than the rainbow of colors her pretty panties displays.  From Good Spanking

001 Amy Hunter gets a Spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer Girl in pretty panties spanked 010 012 014 Bare Ass Spanking

Hospitals is a popular locale for the subject of our favorite pastime.  Mine being the show House.  Now I do wish they would dispense with all the relationship nonsense and return to an hour of him being horribly mean to everyone.  But I suppose in its present form it does have its merits.  Now House seems to be a natural Spanker.  After all he is a healthy pervert and he does carry a cane around with him all the time.  Besides who indeed would not want to see Linda Edelstein’s hot ass Spanked.  From Spanked In Uniform 

ep14_4 ep14_6 ep14_7 Nurse Gets Spanked Painful Spanking ep14_13

Imagine Dear Reader getting Spanked So hard that you are forced to tell your deepest darkest secret though the tears streaming down your face.  This of course what happens to our little Bailey who is being given a torturous Spanking by the hard handed Coach.  I will say Real Spanking indeed has filmed some intense scenes over the years including this one.  Judging from the outcome this indeed is an interrogation technique that even Dick Cheney would be proud of  From Spanking Bailey or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

4607_002 Bailey Spanked on the bare bottom Father spanks his teen daughter Teenager spanked on her bare bottom Brutal Spanking 4607_046 Spanked to tears

My friends Peter Schoober and Crew are well underway updating their new website 2punish.  I just got access to it and it indeed looks promising.  I am however going to wait a while to run the review and let them build up more material.  But I am relatively confident that this will delight any reader who of course enjoys the pictures. 

Velvet1 Bare bottom strapping Velvet1 (3) Caning Velvet1 (8)

While left to their own devices our girls will eventually commit an offence that warrants a Spanking.  But when more than one get together they indeed tend to get themselves into trouble considerably more.  Perhaps why duel Spanking Stories fill our lore and are indeed a favorite of our hard working Spanking Houses.  This week of course is no different with these two girls getting two Bare Ass Spankings each on OTK Spank
Image1 Old Fashion Spanking Image19 Over the knee Spanking Image32 Red bottomed girls

And Finally for today we have yet another incredibly cute Japanese Schoolgirl getting a good Spanking.  This time with a rather interesting looking paddle which from the imprint on its face looks like it was fashioned for exactly what it is being used for.  Making said Schoolgirl very very unhappy.  From Cutie Spankee
ant_v12 Schoolgirl Spanked by her mother ant_v23 ant_v37 Mother Paddles a Japanese Schoolgirl ant_v27 Bent over and Spanked


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