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You know Dear Reader,  sometimes I mourn our youngest generation.  I mention this because I came across two articles today that just proves the sissification of our youth.  The first was brought to my attention from one of my offspring teachers who emailed to mention they were discussing bullying.  A noble discussion for being bullied quite a bit as a kid I can sympathize that it is not all that pleasant.  Of course at the time the solution was to beat the ever living shit out of ones bully but in these times,  the school would probably call the police and have the victim charged with terrorism.  But I digress.  One of the thing mentioned in the email is that they discussed an incident last weekend in Texas.  Now Texas takes its High School Football seriously.  This is because its, after all Texas and any state that insists that creationism be in their textbook,  academics is not their strong spot.  Thus football is the way out for many Texans.  In any case, the Aledo High School football team destroyed its opponent West Hills Football team 91-0.  Now for those of you who think football is kicking around a round ball by sissy men this is well,  about as lopsided victory in American football as there can be.  A parent from the losing team instead of putting his hand on his precious 17 year old snowflake to tell him that he was proud of him and he did his best.  Instead decided to make an official complaint that the winning coach was guilty of “bullying”.  Presumably because well…..  hell if I know. 

Now one can argue that the score was run up just to humiliate the other team.  A charge that both winning and losing coaches deny since the winners pulled their starters only after 21 plays.  The winners also ran back 2 back to back punts which is kinda hard to do and insisted the clock run continuously though the 2nd half.  Of course due to our stupid laws,  the school system must now spend time and money to investigate this because one parent was butt hurt because his kid sucked at a game.  This Dear Reader is what happens when an entire generation is given awards for participation and never ever felt the firm hand placed upon their backside.  Unlike our girls on the Spanking Spot’s Updates of the week!

We begin this week with the celebration of my most hated holiday.  This of course is Halloween.  Now do I believe that evil spirits will come and invade my home like the Christian Crazies?  Absolutely not.  I just don’t want to deal the throngs of small children ringing my doorbell every 7 minutes to yell “TRICK OR TREAT”.  Now of course those like minded who fantasies about cyanide in candy and razorblades in apples need only to turn on their sprinkler system or better yet get a fire hose for the little bastards.  Unless of course its a bunch of spankable females dressed as cheerleaders like poor hot Missy Rhodes on My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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I mentioned 2 stories Dear Reader and while you peruse the hottest bottom in spanking the one of course that belongs to the stunning Leandra James. On Triple A Spanking.   I shall tell you about the second.  I woke up this morning to an video that was forwarded by an acquaintance bearing the title “I towed Joey Graceffa’s Car”.  Now knowing neither who or what Joey Graceffa is why his car might be towed, or even why this was sent to me in the first place.  I of course watched it.  What I found was a rather amusing video of a gentleman claiming to have had Joey’s car towed rightly so because it completely blocked his driveway.  Now Joey as I came to find out is a YouTube “celebrity” who films himself talking about basically nothing,  except in this case having his car towed.  Joey is also rather fabulous and has managed to attract 2 million subscribers,  mostly of tween girls who of course have not come to the realization that Joey is indeed a flaming homosexual.  Now, being that this is the internet,  I should have been unsurprised and gone off and looked at cat videos (or better spanking videos).  But Joey’s army of tweens were both ruthless and immediate,  insulting violently anyone who dare disagree with their beloved Joey.  Now tweens are stupid,  You and I Dear Reader were tweens once and we were equally stupid.  But thankfully we did not have the internet back then thus our stupidity was not broadcast for all to see and confined to our parents and friends at the time,  never of course to be spoken of again.  But than again I would hazard a guess that none of us were particularly interested in a homosexual named Joey who discusses the totality of nothing. 

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I have a confession to make Dear Reader,  I have a thing for indian girls.  Not mind you of the common term for Native Americans.  (though quite a few of them are very attractive).  No,  I mean the girls we talk to whenever we need to make a call to whatever multinational corporation and they patch us though to “Amy” who can hardly speak English.  I find them almost porcelain like in their beauty.  Couple this with the fact that I love indian food then you have a woman that I want!  Unfortunately until today I cannot recall one that has subjected herself to a spanking.  I mean its not like indian women are never naughty right?  Well Happily our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian corrects this this week with the introduction of young Emily,  which from the looks of it her ass burns hotter than a big bowl of Vindaloo.  From Real Life Spanking
emily_first_spanking_P1010233 emily_first_spanking_P1010236 emily_first_spanking_P1010244 emily_first_spanking_P1010247 emily_first_spanking_P1010238emily_first_spanking_P1010248

Unsurprisingly,  in a move even more unpopular than shutting down the government or letting our nation default on the debt.  A document came out from the conservative Republicans that outlined how they want to ban porn from the internet.  Presumably including spanking sites like Punished brats, because they show Joelle Barros writhing in pain and of course her naughty bits.  It says that our first amendment rights do not include the right to spanking women online!  Of course they also want us to shun women 3 days after they had their menstrual cycle and burn people at the stake that might be witches.  Unless of course they are running for the governorship of Delaware.  From Punished Brats.
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So I hate doing laundry.  My position is that someone somewhere should figure out how to do laundry itself.  I am sure my outlook would change if I had a house full of attractive girls that I could give a spanking to if they didn’t do it.  As Mr M does when he bends poor Abigail over his one knee and goes to town on her sensitive bottom.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 Site Real Spanking Pass
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Now there is no question in this country that African American’s spank way more often than their white counterparts.  Before I am called out being a racist please look up “White People why don’t you beat your kids?”  None the less its a fact that African Americans spank at a way higher level than the rest of the country.  This I surmise is why we see so few girls of color over the knee of our favorite spanking houses.  After all they remember that spankings hurt like hell!  Not apparently in England since unless you are Arab and into that whole sharia law thing,  even thinking about spanking anyone is illegal.   Thankfully there are those that disregard such a ultimatum and spank who they please.  Like Thomas Cameroon on Dreams Of Spanking.
Dreams-of-Spanking_teacher014 Dreams-of-Spanking_teacher026 Dreams-of-Spanking_teacher031 Dreams-of-Spanking_teacher042 Dreams-of-Spanking_teacher044 Dreams-of-Spanking_teacher046

While all spankings should be ideally on the bare bottom sometimes a ladies modesty should be respected.  As should be for Amelia Jane Rutherford who gets the crop while wearing very very little.  From Firm Hand Spanking
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Finally for tonight,  The Japanese government is trying to figure out how to get more people to have sex.  Yes this is apparently a problem in Japan.  The land of tentacle sex and purchasing of schoolgirls panties.  The reason being there are not a whole lot of little Japanese kids running around.  Now being from America where Republicans tell you constantly that sex is evil,  this is kind of a shocker.  Doesn’t everyone want to have sex?  Apparently not.  So my first suggestion to our friends of the rising sun is to quit letting older women spank young ladies and do it yourself.  Its most enjoyable and might of course result in what the government so desperately wants.  From Handspanking
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1 comment to Indian Spanking

  • How I wish I could find and contact a strict, mature woman in my hometown of Madison, WI, to give me a beautiful sound, cathartic otk bare-bottom spanking, as is so handsomely illustrated in this web-site!

    It would make feel so good and regenerated…and help me to be a better person as a grown-up adult, just as it was when I was a younger child, in constant need of social correction by my elders. For then, a well-deserved…and unavoidable!…spanking was a standard ritual of discipline in my family (and always applied by a strong female in my family, such as my mom, aunt, or grandmother, usually with a razor strap for really bad behavior).

    And, believe me, it was really an emotional and ethical "high" for me in those halcyon days of innocence and honest moral self-criticism! For if I really needed a hard otk bare-bottomed spanking then to correct my overbearing selfish attitudes or socially misguided behavior, I could always expect–and would be sure to receive!–the strict corporal discipline that was certain to be administered by one of the strong females in my family, whenever I misbehaved in this misguided way. And, when administered, it always did seem to help inspire me to improve my social deportment and humility in a more socially acceptable manner.

    That's why I loved this realistic and beautiful web-site "The Spanking Spot" so much! As it brought back such pleasant and bittersweet memories from the days of yore of my youth, which I somehow wish could be renewed for me even today!!!

    And how envious I am of that lucky bare-bottomed mischievous lass in the bottom of this website…and just wish I could somehow find my own personal disciplinarian: like the strong, uncompromising lady in the blue dress giving the young lady the warm, intense corrective workout on her bare bottom that will surely do her the most good in the long-run!


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