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I arrived home Friday night looking forward to sitting down and finishing the spanking updates of the week.  I was greeted however with water flowing though the ceiling through two floors caused by an oblivious short person and a clogged toilet.  Now Dear Reader,  one of the less endearing quirks of my significant other is the fact that due to a genetic quirk, anyone in her immediate family seems completely incapable of utilizing the porcelain throne without using enough bath tissue to cover an entire neighborhood during Halloween. 

Now I have been called a thrifty person (or a cheap bastard) by more than one person.  But there are certain things I will not skimp on.  Toilet Paper is one of them.  I will not purchase the flimsy uncomfortable cheap brand simply because I believe my heiny is deserving of better stuff.  And of course its rather sensitive.  But theoretically if you use higher quality stuff you should use less.  Something that seems to be lost on my Significant Other’s kin.  This of course leads to a bathroom clog at least once a week. 

To make matters worse,  After chastising the oblivious culprit,  cleaning up the mess,  getting my significant other out the door (she was going away) and deodorizing my office to keep it from smelling like the bathroom two floors above.  I was greeted with a message from my internet provider that they had pulled The Spanking Spot off the internet due to a wayward wordpress plugin that threatened the stability of their server.  Some days are just not meant to be.  So I apologize about my silence last week.  But this!  This is a new week.  So its time to see what the other non-water damaged bloggers have to say out there.  (Incidentally if anyone has any tips about cleaning and deodorizing a toilet stained patch of sheet rock I am all ears.).  But before we do I want to remind you that we have the lovely Lottie Kinsade’s profile up over at the Spanking Model Database. 

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