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Irelynn Logeen Spanked in Tight Shorts and a Pretty Schoolgirls OTK Spanking

You know Dear Reader, The Spanking Spot has never really gotten alot of comments in spite of its large readership.  I always thought this was due to a number of factors.  Mainly Your Humble Narrators lack of comments here and on other blogs.  Although I do read each and every comment, unfortunately if I spent all that time responding,  I would never have time to write this blog!  But I realized something the other day Dear Reader.  One (up until now) could not make a comment anonymously,  You always had to provide an email address!  Now I Brushstrokes, Defender of free speech, Warrior of the First Amendment, Legend in my own mind has a blog that one cannot comment anonymously?  How Moronic Dear Reader!  So I have now changed that with the hopes that leaving a nameless comment without having to enter your email address will encourage more of you to call Your Humble Narrator Derogatory names or at the very least nominate someone for the 2010 Spanking Awards which you can find two posts down from this one. Mind you it will still ask for it,  but you don’t have to enter it. 

Now off to another great Spanking Updates of the Week!

What better way to kick off a Spanking Update than with the ravishing redhead Irelynn Logeen getting her bottom Spanked in thin and very short shorts.  Even though those little shorts don’t get pulled down this week one can indeed be assured that they will soon be greeted by her fantastic bare bottom as our friend Paul does his best to make sure her bottom is the same color as her hair.  From Northern Spanking
Irelynn Logeen NSI082-IP013 Irelynn Logeen Spanked in tight pants NSI082-IP035 NSI082-IP030 Girl Spanked over Short Shorts NSI082-IP032

Well it seems our Portly Punisher is back from Holiday this week.  Damn English always taking holiday’s its like they have 6 weeks vacation or something!  They have to be more like Americans.  Work yourself to death then get denied health care because you are too sick to work!  yea.. yea… that the American Way!  But I am indeed happy he is returned and refreshed particularly with the incredible Kelly getting yet another hot OTK Spanking in that incredible schoolgirl outfit.  I must be honest Dear Reader I struggled for at least 30 minutes trying to decide to put red bottomed Kelly or Irelynn first today. From Sound Punishment
P6108927 P6108931 Schoolgirl Spanked on her panties Panties down Spanking Kelly gets a Spanking OTK Spanking P6108965

Our Lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer was also on vacation last week.  No doubt preparing her compound for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse the new show The Walking Dead predicts.  Now normally I would suggest that her very lucky husband should give her a Spanking for not updating.  But then she returns with our little Amy Hunter who is not only Spanked on her nice bare bottom but made to go fetch a new implement for Chelsea to use on her already red bottom.  From Good Spanking
002 Amy Hunter Spanked on the Bare Bottom 015 Chelsea Pfeiffer Paddles Amy Hunter Spanked on the bare 018

Regulation Knickers this week has the beginnings of what looks to be a wonderful movie.  Entitled The Gym Lesson starring the hard hitting Ms Gillian Lancer and a fearsome woman only billed as the Matron (shown here) details the punishment of 4 pretty girls in everyone’s least favorite Class.  Only one gets Spanked on the Bare bottom but this indeed is just a Warmup!
vlcsnap-2010-11-10-18h29m32s219 vlcsnap-2010-11-10-18h30m47s195 vlcsnap-2010-11-10-18h31m08s153 vlcsnap-2010-11-10-18h31m27s91 vlcsnap-2010-11-10-18h31m41s230 Schoolgirls spanked in Gym

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian has someone new starting at St Elizabeth Hospital at Spanked in Uniform.  How delightful I recognize here from being Spanked by our friends at Xerotics.  Though I don’t think she was Spanked by a man there.  Well my friend Triple A indeed sees to it that she feels the sting of a M/f Spanking on her very nice bottom.  Previously unnamed we find she goes by the name Ellen May Davis and she has another pale bottom that would look nicely matched with her fiery red hair.
ep15_1 Nurse Spanking Ellen May Davis gets a painful Spanking ep15_15 ep15_17 ep15_20

Bailey seems to get in quite a bit of trouble.  Hell getting Spanked by Kailee? Isn’t that the fire calling the kettle black.  But I suppose even the naughtiest girls have well behaved streaks.  Unfortunately for our young Bailey here this is not one of hers.  From Spanking Bailey or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
2663_001 2663_002 2663_016 2663_042 Kailee Spanks Bailey 2663_054 Teen Strapped on the bare butt

Well it seems that Girls Boarding School is reaching back into their archives and discovering some new found material of everyone’s favorite Spankee Linda.  This week our Long Lost Linda gets Spanked with the Wooden Board and the Cane while dressed only in her delightful birthday suit. 
04 09 Linda Spanked 17 25 29

And Finally For tonight we have two very attractive Japanese Secretaries being Spanked by their boss this week on Cutie Spankee.  Now work would be considerably more fun (and productive) if we could spank our under performing ladies.  In fact I would highly doubt that anyone from Marketing could ever sit down! 
ol2_a05 ol2_a23 Japanese Secretaries Spanked ol2_a26 ol2_a27 ol2_a28


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  • iwasrobert

    I always put a placeholder in when I don't want to give my address out. Something like "" or "". Hmmmm… thinking about this a bit… let's hope some poor underage Hotmail user isn't getting hit up with spanking porn…

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