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Irish Girls Get Spanked, Sinn Sage Can Drag a Girl for a Spanking, And Irelynn Logeen Gets Her First Spanking. That and More on The Spanking Updates of the Week

Once upon a Midnight dreary a woman's scorn hath made me weary
Over a loud and splitting volume soon to make her bottom sore
While I listened to this yapping, I suddenly started slapping
Not so gently slapping, Slapping at her pulled down drawers
"Ow she cried" "stop that Slapping" as she banged her hand against the floor
"only this" I say and nothing more

I gave her butt a beating although the pain was fleeting
and upon each strike red her bottom wore.
Eagerly I spanked her rear and from her eyes produced a tear
her voice was full of fear – fear from which she implored
"don't spank me sir" cried the radiant Lenore
"You shall learn your lesson" I shouted "Evermore!"

yelling and screaming she kicked and sputtered over my knee her hands a fluttered
with spank and paddle she jumped and swore
not in the least did learn she, but her bottom would not leave be
but my arm came tired and sore
and I forgot what the beating was for
So I asked "Do you want more?" Quoth the spankee "Nevermore"

Happy Halloween everyone!


If Poe was a spanko rather then a manic depressives oh the possibilities!  Ok enough with my prose lets get on with the Spankings of the week!  Lets begin this week with our spanking stalwart Karl from Spanking Server.  If there was ever such a thing as a Eastern European Ivory Girl then Charlie is it.  She is quite simply flawless! Her skin, her bottom (well at least before Karl smacks her with the cane), just absolutely flawless.  Your humble narrator will just sit here for the next 20 minutes with his mouth agape and a bit of drool running down my shirt.
   snapshot20081031161908 snapshot20081031161934 snapshot20081031161953 snapshot20081031162023 snapshot20081031162043

What would a Update be if the beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford wasn’t getting a paddling on her very interesting shorts.  She fills those thing out nicely and as an added bonus she fills those things out very nicely.  Also stay tuned.  In my re-review of Firm hand Spanking I lamented about the lack of non-spanking stars as spankee’s as Firm Hand was once famous for.  Well Dear Reader I would never presume that they went out and got a new crop of spankee’s due to what Yours Truly wrote.  But perhaps the Spanking Gods have heard me,  Next month they will be rolling out 6 brand new girls (don’t worry I’ll have a preview for you next week). who could very well be the next spanking superstars.  For now Dear Reader you will just have to wait with baited breath and enjoy Amelia get the wooden paddle to her perfect bottom.  From Firm Hand Spanking
arc_ae003 arc_ae014 arc_ae015 arc_ae007 arc_ae023

I will add yet another addition to my long list of Hang-ups.  As you assuredly already know I have quite the thing for Redheads.  Now being of Italian decent there was no better glee making fun of your Irish Friends who’s culture consisted of swinging from the trees and painting themselves green when your ancestors happened upon them. But despite the good natured fun and the fact I hate potato’s Irish Girls have always been my weakness.  You show me a Irish girl with skin so white it is if it has never been exposed to the sun.  Add in red hair and a couple of freckles for good measure You will indeed have your Humble Narrator Swooning.  Apparently Lucy and Paul know this.  Since today they bring us 18 year old Irelynn Logeen.  And what is she dressed in for her first spanking?  (no not a potato and a six of Bud).  A Leprechaun! From Northern Spanking
NSI080-IV001 NSI080-IV011 NSI080-IV029 NSI080-IV048 NSI080-IV058

Your Humble Narrator has to do two things in his life.  First Go to Budapest. Second,  learn how to speak…. Ok Your Humble Narrator needs to do 3 things in his life.  First Go to Budapest, Second learn what they speak in Budapest and third learn language that they speak in Budapest.  I say this Dear Reader since I suspect from the spanked girls in  Budapest it is a city teaming with women who could be supermodels and available for good spankings.  This is 23 year old Tina.  She Happened across Mood’s advertisement in the newspaper.  But yet she has never been spanked before! But was she mistaken Dear Reader.  After the third smack with the cane Tina would have nothing to do with it.  The girl didn’t even want to get paid!  She just ran.  From Mood Castings.
tina_008 tina_015  tina_031 tina_026 tina_032

Now here is something you don’t see every day.  Sinn must work out.  That’s really the only explanation for her being to carry an unfortunate girl to a bed and spank her soundly.  More impressive Sinn seems to have no trouble whatsoever holder her shoulder height.  Charlotte Stokely the carried yet soon to be spanked girl is quite attractive and is not a small girl.  I might give a second though or two before putting Sinn over my knee for fear of ruining my perfect smile.  From Spank Sinn
ss002s003 s009s003a 010

Bookworms and Braniac Girls can get quite annoying.  Particularly when they charm the geek male teacher.  But after years of this reinforced behavior they become quite demanding.  So much so if they ever have the unfortunate experience of having a female teacher that can look right though the nerd appeal.  Well more then likely they are gonna get a spanking.  Mrs. Law of course fits this description and puts this girl over her knee for arguing with her about her test grade.  From Bad Tushy
IMG_4613 IMG_4623 IMG_4652 IMG_4673 IMG_4695

You know at first I wasn’t really a fan of this bleach blonde.  No curves to her you see.  But after watching her get her ass spanked,  She is not out of shape Dear Reader.  In fact she is in quite good shape.  I guess some of us are just not blessed with a perfect body physique no matter how much we work out.  So Dear Reader, Your Humble Narrator has indeed changed his mind.  I would indeed spank this girl proudly.  From Spanking Digital or Spank Pass (4 sights) or the 14 site spanking special
RL_03 RL_07 RL_10 RL_15 RL_16

Do not get me wrong Dear Reader,  I Like Spanking Bare Butts.  But I have a couple of problems with it over the past few months.  First since its run my a husband and wife team our poor husband is kept from spanking any females other then Bryanna.  For a southern belle she rules her roost.  Now take this update for instance.  Erin,  the one with the amazing eyes should be over some guys lap getting a good hard spanking.  I know Bryanna tried a week or two ago.  but quite frankly she doesn’t spank with zeal.  Though I did find it amusing that Erin here though the spanking hurt.  I hope indeed they decide to bring in another spanker or allow Bryanna’s poor husband spank other women. He does a pretty good job on her.  From Spanking Bare Butts
sbb1 sbb8 sbb15 sbb28 sbb30

This girl Hardy has really grown on me.  Not the typical 19 year old who needs to eat a sandwich but somehow I seem smitten with her.  Here she gets a spanking in her cell for yet another infraction at the women’s correctional institute of Scotland or better known as Bars and Stripes
honey_hardyfoiled_139 honey_hardyfoiled_153 honey_hardyfoiled_168 honey_hardyfoiled_183 honey_hardyfoiled_225

My favorite Firecrotch finds herself on the couch with nothing but a baby blue bra and a thong.  Too bad neither of those things actually provide any protection.  This of course does not get lost on her significant other who uses a belt do put some fall color on her ass.  From Spank Amber
Picture 129 Picture 130 Picture 134 Picture 138 Picture 163

Madison Martin is just not having a good day.  Lina the landlord is slightly pissed that she has not turned in the rent on time.  Regardless of the rent I would love to see this Lina over someone’s knee.  But alas this is about poor Madison.  From My Spanking Roommate.
r15e03 r15e07 r15e13 r15e19 r15e23

And Finally for tonight we will show you hot oiled up girls spanking each other in yet a era of days past.  From Good Spanking Classics
c001 c003 c008 c009 007 


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