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Its Love Our Lurker Day and you WILL of course leave a Comment

Yes Dear Reader, we interrupt our Spanking Updates of the week for it is once again Love our Lurker day.  Created by our beloved Bonnie over at the Bottom Smarts to honor our elusive lurkers.  What is a Lurker you say?  It is defined as one who enjoys my meaningless prose and of course never comments!  So today I ask you,  no I implore you,  Nay I demand that you leave me a comment telling me just how fantastic I am.  Of course you could also leave a comment stating what a liberal godless commie socialist I am or even better comment on my troll like physique.  The important thing is that you comment dammit! 

So leave me a message,  it is indeed not hard,  you don’t even have to register and I assure you that your name will not be turned over to the federal government only to be listed on the no fly list.  I shall not mercilessly harass you with spanking porn.  No none of these things will happen other than making a lonely spanking blogger like me very very happy. 


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