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Its My Birthday And No You Can’t Give Me A Spanking

Ah Christmas eve,  Snow gently falling, the soft voice of carolers out your front door, and the looks on the faces of said carolers when they compete with the cries of the lady you happen to be Spanking.  Yes it is indeed one of my favorite times of the year.  It also happens to be Your Humble Narrator’s Birthday!  Now I will answer all your questions about having a birthday at such an inconvenient time of the year.  Yes it sucks,  Yes you get gypped and yes you spend your birthday wrapping presents for other people.  Get the picture?

But my childhood bitterness is long gone Dear Reader.  I have resigned myself that I am simply not as Special as Santa!  The one nice thing about it is that I almost always have by birthday off.  At least until I started writing The Spanking Spot.

So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays and whatever you are supposed to say for Kwanza.  But before you go to sleep with visions of gingerbread cookies dancing in your head.  Why not enjoy some naughty ladies getting their bottoms Spanked with The Spanking Updates of the Week!

What might I ask Dear Reader is a better birthday present than two very pretty girls getting their bare bottoms Spanked?  Particularly when it the lovely Angel and Chervana? It seems these two naughty nurses have forgotten to order the surgical supplies.  Well indeed such an oversight cannot be ignored.  Especially when their bottoms look so damn good in those little nurse dresses.  It seems that our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is giving himself a little Christmas Treat.  From Spanked in Uniform
ep17_3 ep17_9 ep17_15 ep17_16 ep17_19 ep17_21

It must not be easy being a beautiful redhead.  I know I know Your Humble Narrator has no idea what it is like since I neither have hair nor won the genetic lottery.  But I can sympathize.  During the holidays normal people have to resist putting Christmas lights on you and any other time of year guys are always trying to make your bottom the same color as your hair.  Of course Irelynn Logeen doesn’t help matters prancing around in those tight little shorts.  How could you not want to pull them down!  From Northern Spanking
NSI082-IP040 NSI082-IP094 NSI082-IP122 NSI082-IP114 NSI082-IP117 NSI082-IP113 NSI082-IP125 NSI082-IP120 NSI082-IP107

Chelsea Pfeiffer is in the holiday cheer with Kat St James playing the Ghost of the Christmas Pass.  Now why it needs a Spanking is somewhat of a mystery.  But with any girl with a bottom like Kat do you really need an excuse?  From Good Spanking
001 015 004 009 010 013

As we all know Swords are rather dangerous and not something to be played with by children or in this case Hot Schoolgirls.  Thus for their own protection lessons must be taught.  Our little Samantha learns this the hard way and rather than chopping off the heads of a small army of men she instead finds herself over the knee of our Portly Punisher getting that pretty little rear end of hers Spanked.  From Sound Punishments
P9119790 P9119805 P9119835 P9119838 P9119843 P9119845 P9119853

Where were all the bathing suit Spankings when we needed them in the summer!  Well better late then never and although Girls Boarding School’s new Spankee Michaela is not showing off her very nice bottom in a Bikini she still looks lovely getting her shapely bottom Spanked in that one piece.  From the tears in Her eyes I don’t think she is enjoying the Spanking as much as I am.  From Girls Boarding School
pic04 pic16 pic18pic22 pic26 pic28 pic35 pic34

When it comes to Spanking sometimes you just have to go back to basics.  What a good old fashion belting?  Kisa unwisely decided to call into work sick.  Now all of us need a mental health day once and a while.  But staying out late the night before surely is a poor excuse.  Thus it is time to teach this lazy girl a rather painful lesson, and ignore all the pleading not to use the belt on her soon to be very sore ass.  From Marked Butts
131_0004 131_0012131_0017 131_0026 131_0022 131_0024

Well the gym lesson is indeed coming along.  I am not sure these girls will get much exercise but their bottoms will be stinging quite a bit.  From Regulation knickers
vlcsnap-2010-12-23-15h51m24s199 vlcsnap-2010-12-23-15h51m46s171 vlcsnap-2010-12-23-15h52m06s108 vlcsnap-2010-12-23-16h14m45s225

And Finally for today. Before I go and enjoy some Champaign before a crackling fire.  I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  Preferably with someone you very much want to Spank,  But if they are not available then enjoy these two lovely Japanese girls getting a wonderful OTK Spanking.  From Cutie Spankee
sis_o04 sis_o05 sis_o17 sis_o12 sis_o08 sis_o10 sis_o09

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

4 comments to Its My Birthday And No You Can’t Give Me A Spanking

  • I've always felt sorry for the people who get the dreaded combined birthday/Christmas gifts — but it sounds like you've come to terms with it.

    So here's the combined birthday/Christmas sentiment: Happy birthday and Merry Christmas!

  • There is nothing I would like to give a naughty nurse, then tender loving care on her bare bottom, then by spanking her. And my favorite spanking implement for a nurse's voluptous bare bottom, a good caning.

  • Chross

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas :)

  • Missy

    Happy B-day old timer! :-)Truly though, thanks for all the hard work on this blog. I get excited every time I see a new update. BTW, loved the Marked Butts one this week! Soooo realistic! Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful day!

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