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So Dear Reader,  Your Humble Narrator went on his first job interview in probably close to 10 years which reminded me that I hate interviews almost as much as I hate giving them.  I was reminded how idiotic some of the interview traditions that we demand from our prospective employees.  Let us indeed start with the Job Application.  Now the interview I went on was with a firm that dealt in retail so as you can imagine most of the hiring they do is pretty low level.  So I do indeed understand having an idiotically long application since I am sure a good number of people they hire don’t even have a resume.  But when you indeed have a applicant applying for a pretty high paying job that does actually have one,  is it really necessary to insist that you rewrite all the information you are providing on a resume into small boxes on the application? Is it indeed useful to ask me as a salaried professional the hours I am available for work?

Now it is no secret that most people while perhaps very capable in their jobs completely suck at interviewing people.  They might read something in a magazine and deem themselves knowledgeable about the interview process only to sit there and stammer out idiotic questions for the prospective employee who is left wondering is he or she really interviewing for the advertized position or an $8 an hour dock worker. 

There is also of course the companies that as a prospective employee you really really don’t want to work for.  When you are faced with statements like “The boss doesn’t allow us to use email”.  (Which didn’t happen on this occasion) its usually an indication you should get up and inform the person that this job is really not for you (or anyone for that matter). 

Of course inversely if you are faced with a question of if you have any objections to spanking the naughty girls around the office,  that indeed would be a pretty good indication that this would be a perfect job.  One where they would inevitably let you surf the Spanking Updates of the week!

We kick things off this week with our friend the Big C hitting the ground running as caretaker of Clare Fonda’s former empire.  Making her debut is the 24 year old adult crossover star Sharon Lee who indeed has a disagreement with our own Veronica Ricci (who incidentally has her own IMDB page).  This of course results on two very fine bottoms slathered in oil and getting spanked.  From Spanked Callgirls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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One of the best ways to get a job Dear Reader is though your contacts.  Apparently this is also the best way to find girls who need spankings!  who knew!  Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian was quite surprised when the lovely little Angel brought along a friend.  Now while I am sure Triple A is considerable more professional I still can help thinking of this conversation much like in Oh Brother Where Art Now.  “Hey Mr.  we heard you pay good money to sing into a can”.  Of course the only singing Angel and her 22 year old friend Betty will be doing is to the tune of painful smacks upon their bare bottoms.  From Real Life Spanking.
bettys_first_spanking_P1010197 bettys_first_spanking_P1010203 bettys_first_spanking_P1010207 bettys_first_spanking_P1010221 bettys_first_spanking_P1010228 bettys_first_spanking_P1010229

I have of course called for more girls to be spanked in their lovely little swim suits.  However it seems that little Lila Night forgot on very important piece.  Her top!  This of course can indeed lead to a sunburn in sensitive areas and a bottom that burns as well.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

Much as I had suspected last week Pandora would indeed be the one getting a spanking this week for smacking the bottom of Jenna Jay.  Of course Aunt Katie spanks a hell of alot harder so its only fair that Jenna get it as well.  From English Spankers.
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So in a quest to fuck up the internet further and make it the domain of corporate giants ICANN is letting anyone with $185,000 claim their .something.  Personally I would like to register .shithead then register all of our politicians names.  Of course it would be a tough decision between .shithead and .spanking but I suppose we can all live with .com for a little longer.  Meanwhile Taylor Rayne is getting the belting of a lifetime on Punished Brats
IMG_7516 IMG_7518 IMG_7523 IMG_7567IMG_7525 IMG_7570

In 2009 our friends across the pond made it illegal to possess “extreme porn” thus leaving it all to the Germans.  Of course we know how well this worked out and has banned porn across the internet.  Now I did quite respect Pandora before,  but my opinion of her has gone up considerably after she displayed this protest sign at one of the rallies protesting such a silly law.  Even more so that today she gets a spanking for going to it at all!  From Dreams of Spanking.
Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash010 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash017 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash034 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash037 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash045 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash046

While I would never complain about Allison Miller getting spanked.  I do indeed think they should get a male in there to lift the skirt of Allura Shane and give her a taste of her own medicine.  With such a smart mouth there are more than enough reasons to spank her.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
bclub_h001 bclub_h007 bclub_h012 bclub_h016 bclub_h017 bclub_h019

Finally for today it is indeed acceptable to spank players when they perform poorly during a athletic event.  Particularly since they have those little shorts on.  But of course the coach bares some responsibility as well.  After the girls get fed up with her,  she indeed is the one that is getting spanked.  From Handspanking
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  • Soankings on oiled bottoms always sting so much more, and they do look lovely glistening and red. They're ever better if you can use a strap or a paddle, though.

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