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Kailee Robinson is Spanked by the hand and the Board, Sarah Bergman gets a Naked Strapping and Madison Martin's Hardest Spanking Ever. That and More on The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week!

Ah the weekend is upon us Dear Reader.  And it is indeed time to talk about Spanking once again.  But first yet another prominent "family values" republican who is obsessed with the scourge of homosexuality and made prosecution of a law outlawing  "sex toys" in Alabama his number one priority has again been caught with his pants down.  Yes Dear Reader yet another anti-gay crusader has proven himself to be well,  gay  (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  Troy King the Alabama Attorney General was reportedly caught in bed with a man of course.  By of all people his wife! Awkward to say the least.

Normally I try not take gee in someone else's misfortune.  But for those of you outside of the US our political system runs rampant with these hypocritical "family values" or "Christian values" types.  So quick to condemn another persons lifestyle when they are secretly engaging in the same behavior.  Perhaps Dear Reader that is where the hate comes from. 

Ah but enough of current events.  Lets get on with The Spanking Updates of the Week!

This week must be Kailee week because she is featured in a couple of prominent updates.  Not that I am complaining of course,  since she is perhaps one of first females that comes to mind should I be stuck on a desert island and could only choose one naughty female to accompany me.  I wonder if I could fashion a good paddle out of a coconut.  From Kara Prepare Yourself.
Kailee about to get spanked Over the skirt spanking Panties come down for a spanking Hard Spanking Clare Fonda Spanks Kailee Robinson

I am going to continue to mention that Spanking Server is running a deal throughout the summer.  Not only do you get 7 updates a week but you also can download the first two full length pain4fem movies.  Its not that I want to sell you something Dear Reader but it is indeed because I think its a good deal.  And in this economy I completely understand wanting to get the most out of our spanking dollars.  That being said our friend Karl makes short work of these two girls lovely bottoms with the strap and the cane.  both draped and restrained over his wonderful spanking furniture.
Schoolgirl gets the cane schoolgirl gets the strap Painful Spanking pants down spanking Painful thrashing

Looks like Girls Boarding School is taking another foray into the Girl Spanks Girl Genre.  Has Poor Tom hung up his cane for the last time perhaps?  This is just my opinion,  but with the site redesign and the new material GBS is putting out.  I enjoyed the older "Tom beating the living daylights out of a "Stupid Girl"" much better then their new theme.  But hey times change, Abigail Whittaker and Beverly Bacci having a bit of a spanking contest is never a bad thing. Abigail of course gets a spanking first.
Abigail whittaker and Beverly Bacci Abigail Whittaker Spanked Beverly Bacci Spanking Abigail Whittaker Girl Spanks girl OTK Spanking

Kailee is paddled over some nice colorful blue panties at Firm Hand Spanking with her least favorite instrument.  The wooden paddle!  By the way I just realized her interview got messed up when I moved from the blogger platform.  Its fixed now. 
Kailee Robinson Kailee Robinson getting the paddle Paddled on the Panties Spanking hurts Hard Spanking

The very naked and very attractive Sarah Bergman gets a good strapping in her birthday suit in high definition glory.  If I can ever figure out how to get my computer to stream video to my Xbox 360 (I need to hardwire it) this will be one of the first video's I'll be watching on my 46" set.  From HDSpank
Naked girl wating to get spanked Sarah Bergman Spanked High Definition Spanking Strapped on the bare bottom Spanked Girl

Bad Tushy shows us a nice female on female spanking in such opulence.  Every once and a while a rich girl needs a good spanking when she gets out of line.  Wealth be damned!  Its just too bad this happens few and far between since we would be spared people like Paris Hilton from intruding in our lives with their stupidity. 
Rich girl gets a spanking Bad Tushy Female spanking female bare ass spanking spanked on the bare ass

Your Humble Narrator is aware he has shown this set once before,  But our Dear Clare Fonda has finished her update on the movie and its available for full download.  I had a chance to view it and Dear Reader,  this has GOT to be one of the hardest spankings I have seen this year.  Madison Martin is literally spanked to tears by this gentleman.  In fact I am amazed that she didn't sing her safe word during this punishment.  This guy goes full strength on her poor rear with his hand AND the wooden hairbrush. This is the one to beat this year for the Golden Buttocks award in December. From My Spanking Roommates.
Madision Martin Madison Marting getting a over the skirt spanking Painful bare ass spanking Very Hard Spanking Madison Martin Spanked to Tears

This is Carmen reported to be 19 her dream is to star in one of Mood Pictures full length features.  But to ensure she does not run screaming from a very expensive production set after she feels the searing pain of the rod.  She must try out on Mood Castings!  Good thing she did because of the 50 swats she must endure she got though a total on ONE!  Obviously we won't be seeing her star anytime soon. 
Mood Castings Caned on the bare ass Hard Caning Naked caning welted ass

The beautiful Ameilia Jane Rutherford apparently likes her baths.  This is of course a problem when one has a flat with only one bathroom and one very irritated boyfriend waiting to go.  After his repeated requests are ignored he does what any self respecting male would do when he is denied his morning glory.  He pulls her out of the tub,  Puts her over his knee and spanks the naked, amazingly perfect and very clean bottom of hers.  From Northern Spanking.
Amelia Jane Rutherford taking a bath Naked bather about to get a spanking Northern SPanking Spanked in the bathtub Bathroom Spanking Spanked bottom

The Pictures are a little cruddy but this is quite the artistic spanking here.  From Spanking Bare Butts this clip is entitled Hillbilly Spanking.  Filmed I guess with old time effects (I am no expert here) Bryanna and hubby show us what it was like back in the day down south.  Out to the shed for some bare bottom beatings.  Quite a nice effect.  
Country Girl Spanked Hillbilly Spanking Southern Spanking Hillbilly spanks daughterSpanked out behind the barn

Jasmine Johnson makes her debut with Spanked Schoolgirls.  Looking adorable in the schoolgirl outfit she gets her ass bared for a good school spanking from her female teacher.  I cannot wait to see this girl over a gentleman's knee getting a good OTK. 
Spanked Schoolgirls Bare Bottom spanking jasmine johnson getting a spanking spanked with a slipper red ass spanking sore bottom from a spanking

My Favorite Firecrotch Amber has a bit of fascination with pinup girls of yesteryear.  Oddly enough its really starting to grow on me.  Her partner in crime here is curvy and very beautiful.  Coupled with Amber's incredible body this is one hell of a scene.  From Spank Amber.
Spank Amber Hot Girls Spanking Light bondage Naked pinup girl Spanking and bondage

And finally for tonight a little more spanking from yesteryear of old.  The Classic Spanking site Good Spanking Classic has these two beautiful women way ahead of their times.  Its seems the personal trainer is giving her ward a bit of "incentive" to get into shape.  But once she is wise to the plot the ward turns the tables.
Classic spanking Spanked in the gym Naked spanking eighties spanking Naked girls spanking


5 comments to Kailee Robinson is Spanked by the hand and the Board, Sarah Bergman gets a Naked Strapping and Madison Martin's Hardest Spanking Ever. That and More on The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • FrequentReader

    What are the names of the two women in the 1980s-vintage photos that you found at Spanking Classic? I've seen some of their photos before.

    Also, I just can't manage to get enough of Abigail Whittaker. She seems to be everywhere these days!

  • nice. these jasmine johnson pix are new to me–those white socks just kill me. It also helps that she's hot as all get-out.

    Blog on mate,

  • jeremy

    Abigail Whittaker or Beverly Bacci alone is awesome. Together is extreme. Watch at own risk.

    Great to have Eve Ellis back, even if it is a rerun.

  • Lovely pics, as always. The bath pics of Ameilia Jane Rutherford in the tub are especially nice. Something about a lovely lady getting pulled out of her bath for a spanking just "works." :)

    As for the clown in Alabama… hadn't heard about that. Not just the GOP gets caught with their pants down though. Elliot Spitzer is a good recent example. Anytime any politician makes an issue of what consenting adults do behind their bedroom doors… we'd say they should be spanked. But yea, they obviously would like that… lol.

    Todd & Suzy

  • david


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