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Kelly Morgan gets a Naked Spanking

Your Humble Narrator managed to have 5 hours of his precious time wasted at the 7th circle of hell that is the DMV yesterday when I could have been writing for you Dear Reader about spanking.  Now for those of you outside the US,  the DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles and is about as universally hated as the TSA. 

While it differs from state to state,  generally a typical visit begins with you standing on line to figure out what line you need to stand on next.  All the time being served by infuriatingly slow people who you swear must have a pulse rate of about 20.  Of course since in the US we have these pesky things as “rights” which means our government cannot make us do certain things.  Some genius decided that driving is not indeed a right but a privilege.  Since cars are the one thing most of us need they figured they could compel us to do unrelated things since we have to register our vehicles. 

Thus whenever one makes a visit to the dreaded visit to the DMV its generally a day of running around of waiting and indeed running around God’s green earth gathering up all sorts of meaningless bits of paper to prove to the incredibly slow people you have done whatever the state wants you to do. 

But I am indeed back behind my desk Dear Reader recovering from my unwanted brush with bureaucracy.  Just in time to give you the Spanking Updates of the Week. 

Now the DMV Dear Reader is usually the first exposure one has in his or her life to government workers.  At the tender age of 16 you too can stand in line for hours at a time for a chance to prove to the state that you are not a complete menace behind the wheel of a couple of tons of steel moving at high speed.  Of course for us American’s this also the beginning of our dislike for the institution.  This is also the first time one realized that government employees are indeed not like those of our service corporations.  While private business employee’s likelihood of giving a shit generally declines with the amount paid one realizes that no matter how much the government counterparts get paid giving a shit is simply not something that occurs to them.  In addition unlike businesses where you can berate someone giving you poor service to do this with a government worker is simply a waste of time and will generally get you sent to jail since they have not yet realized that actually giving a shit results in less unhappy people and instead simply demand people pass laws against being nasty to them.  Fortunately for us our beloved spanking industry is indeed not run by them.  If it indeed was it might take a week or more to get a naughty girl spanked after one submits a form in triplicate and waits for her number to be called.  From Spanked Callgirls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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One of the problems Dear Reader of getting caught in the showers doing whatever you weren’t supposed to be doing is that it will more than likely getting you spanked in the buff.  Well it indeed might be a problem for the girl getting spanked but not for me of course.  The girl in question this week is the incredibly cute Kelly Morgan getting her tight little behind spanked in her birthday suit for the very first time.  Kyle Johnson does a pretty good job of giving her a hard and painful Firm Hand Spanking.
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One of the problems with traffic laws in this country stems from the recent insistence of our helicopter parents that children stay safe.  While this in and of itself is not a problem,  an issue arises when they define “Children” to mean their offspring no matter how old they are.  Inevitably some 18 year old will smash his or her car and in the process making themselves deceased.  While rather sad,  the mother will inevitably decide we need more laws to protect this from ever happening again thus outlawing whatever idiotic thing they were doing to make themselves dead in the first place.  I tend to think of it as a form of natural selection.  While I am indeed sad that their precious snowflake hit a tree while they were texting.  Personally I think our gene pool is stronger in the long run.  Besides Veronica here demonstrates the proper way to dissuade a teen from improper behavior.  With a hard and painful hairbrush spanking on Piper Hills bare bottom.  From Punished Brats.
IMG_2075 IMG_2080 IMG_2092 IMG_2109 IMG_2114 IMG_2125

You know,  I prefer to see a girl spanked with her panties pulled down but still around her ankles.  I have no idea why,  perhaps its more realistic.  But you know I wonder if there is some sort of panty stretching factor that occurs as the the spanked girl kicks her legs as many of them do as a involuntary response to a painful punishment.  Perhaps indeed my preference leads to ruined and stretched out panties!  Well then again they are relatively inexpensive unlike the pretty pajama’s Danielle Hunt is getting spanked in.  From English Spankers.
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Harlan as we know from her debut on Real Spanking really really likes to get spanked.  The problem is Dear Reader our girls are not actually supposed to like them.  What good is a punishment that they like!  Now the thing about Spanking is that if they are enjoying themselves you have simply not spanked them hard enough.  Which Michael Masterson attempts to do on her bare bottom.  Also Available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
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Now if you are going to be drinking,  not driving is of course the responsible thing to do.  At least until they make riding a bike under the influence illegal.  Oh wait.  They already have.  Thanks MADD.  But of course our Nanny state has not yet reached the domicile of our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.  Where adorable little Sammie manage to ride hers right off into a canal.  Thankfully our friend Triple A is there to make sure she never does this again.  From Real Life Spanking.
sammie_cycling_into_canal_P1010073 sammie_cycling_into_canal_P1010076 sammie_cycling_into_canal_P1010082 sammie_cycling_into_canal_P1010086  sammie_cycling_into_canal_P1010096 sammie_cycling_into_canal_P1010091

While ultimately Caroline Grey’s  pants indeed should be pulled down.  I will forgive our friend Thomas Cameron as she indeed is in a sailor suit.  What could possible be better than that.  From Dreams of Spanking
Dreams-of-Spanking_smugglers_stills01 Dreams-of-Spanking_smugglers_stills06 Dreams-of-Spanking_smugglers_stills08 Dreams-of-Spanking_smugglers_014

Finally for today,  there is nothing more annoying than door to door sales people.  Except perhaps those who go door to door insisting that you come to their church.  Which I have found a hose as an excellent way to disperse them.  Or indeed you can try what this woman does.  With a good hard HandSpanking
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  • Clare Fonda certainly administers an admirable spanking in the first set here. Being spanked in the nude is very humiliating, but it's also highly effective.

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