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Leia Ann Woods Spanked in a Pretty Blue Dress, Kordelia Devonshire gets a Hard Spanking from Dallas and A Hot Naked Spanking by Chelsea Pfeiffer. That and More on The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week!

Well Dear Reader, In Celebration of our friend Max Mosley winning his lawsuit as I reported on this morning.  and the fact it is again Thursday.  Why not kick back,  have a nice glass of wine  and enjoy some of our favorite Spanking Models getting their exquisite bottoms beaten.  If of course I had any official capacity Your Humble Narrator would indeed declare July 24th Max Mosley Day in celebration of his fight (not just for him), but for all of our privacy and right to engage in whatever behavior consenting adults choose to engage in to tickle their fancy.  But Dear Reader sadly I have no such capacity other then the writer of my blog.  So again he will have to do with my heart felt thanks on behalf of my blog and all you readers. 

Ok, Lets get to some old fashion ass spanking for tonight I am sure Dear Reader you will be pleased with this week updates.

So with the first site I check I find that I am not entirely sure I can even finish this post with what I have seen there.  The stunning Leia Ann Woods.  A girl whom I am convinced is trying to give Yours Truly a heart attack one day dressed in a baby blue Gown only to be turned over the bed and have that wonderful ass of hers strapped with authority.  Lucky English Spankers hasn't posted a movie of her latest spanking or else I would probably just sit up all night and watch it rather then write this post for you Dear Reader. 
Leia Ann Woods Leia Ann Woods waits for a spanking Leia gets spanked Painful SpankingLeia Ann Woods strapped on the bare ass   Strapped over the bed Bare ass Spanking

Now here is a girl I haven't seen in a while.  Morgan Mae from Punished Brats.  Hair in Pigtails and her bottom immediately bared Punished Brats new spanker gets right down to business teaching this little brat a lesson for not getting a spanking for so long. 
Morgan Mae Daughter gets a spanking from Dad Father Spanks Daughter Over the Knee Spanking Punished Brats Spanking

Looks like my Dear Clare Fonda is cleaning up some unfinished clips while Your Humble Narrator waits breathlessly for the incredibly cute blonde that she has "coming soon".  So to fill the time she released a new video from the wonderfully cute and precocious Tabatha James getting a spanking from a elder gentleman. From Spanked Sweeties.
Tabatha James Spanked Schoolgirl Father spanks Daughter in her panties Panty Spanking Spanked Bottom

As you might know I tend to prefer M/f Spankings over F/f ones but I have to admit this one is HOT.  Right now this delightful Bikini/underwear spanking is only in picture form but Xerotics usually posts the movies shortly there after.  I for one am looking forward to seeing these two beauties with red asses.  From SpankPass.
SpankPass About to get a spankingBikini Spanking Hot girls spanked Spanked in a thong Bare ass Spanking  Jodie Spanked

I have no idea who Melanie Jane is or where the hell Chelsea Pfeiffer got her but I am simply enthralled.  Add the fact she is over Chelsea Pfeiffer's knee in her birthday suit sans cowboy boots then I sit here mesmerized.  Really hope Melanie does some more spanking sometime soon.  From Good Spanking
Naked Cowgirl Spanking Cowgirl gets a spanking Naked Spanking Paddled on the bare ass Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks

I'll tell your,  Regardless of what you might think of Lupus Spanking movies you have got to admit they are probably some of the most creative movies out there with a focus on the beating of bottoms.  I mean there are only so many scenario's one can think of to spank a girl.  These guys weave a quite long a sorted back story although the reason for the spankings are generally the same. This is their newest update Pater Familias that they are releasing online for the first time.  This movie takes the view of the headmaster rather then the girls and why he felt compelled to give these girls a good punishment with the cane.
Lupus Pictures German SPanking Harsh bare bottom thrashing Lupus Pictures hard caning Hard Caning

Julie and Donna are both up to mischief in spite of getting a over the knee spanking last week.  Well this time they are bent over and get the paddle.  From Real Life Spanking
donna_julie_paddled_out_late_P1010155 donna_julie_paddled_out_late_P1010156 donna_julie_paddled_out_late_P1010161 donna_julie_paddled_out_late_P1010172 donna_julie_paddled_out_late_P1010174

Now this Dear Reader is a mouthful and I am not even sure I can spell it even though I am staring at the name.  Kordelia Devonshire an attractive 26 year old fetish model with a interest in eating until she throws up goes to see my friend Dallas.  The result?  Well what do you expect when you get a spanking from Dallas.  It hurts, her ass is red and she can't sit down for a week!.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.
kordelia_Devonshire kordelia_Devonshire spanked Dallas Spanks a blondejpg Brutal Spanking Spanked Modeljpg

Our Sweet Pandora in a schoolgirl outfit goes over the school mothers knee and when that isn't enough,  well the cane is put to good use on her very white bottom.  I think when I go out to England I am going to bring a couple of these girls a tanning lamp.  When the panties come down its blinding!  From Spanking Mags
SM_Pandora about to get a spanking SM_Pandora spankingSA_Schoolgirl spanking SPanking Mags sm_schoolgirl caned 

And Finally for tonight something I think more of should be going on.  Mahiru, a young Japanese teen gets a tattoo without her mothers permission.  Ladies why mark up your body like that?  Personally I think every female who gets a tattoo should be subjected to a spanking just as an added deterrent.  Well, most anyway,  I find the tramp stamps growing on me.  From
HS_Handspanking HS_Japanese teen spanked HS_Over the skirt SpankingHS_Mother spanks Daughter  HS_Teen spanked for getting a tatoo


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