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Leia Ann Woods Spanked on her Bare Bottom and A Trip out to the Woodshed

I would hope Dear Reader that a wise spanker with a penchant for hairbrushes would more often then not spank better than a spanker who uses cane’s.  There Your Humble Narrator said it.  Should the unlikely event that I ever become a nominee of the supreme court of spankers I will indeed be accused of bias.  At which point my detractors can make a dog and pony show of my comments that I said over 5 years ago.  But that indeed is the price we pay for being hairbrush spankers Dear Reader

Ok enough of my silliness.  It is of course Thursday which means its time for The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Lets begin this week with the spanking of Your Humble Narrator’s muse.  The wonderful, gorgeous and incredibly beautiful Leia Ann Woods getting spanked by the one and only Danny Chrighton on Spanked Call Girls this week.  Chrighton plays Dino, Clare Fonda’s rival pimp in the Call Girls Universe just trying to make a living and keeping his girls in line.  An accomplished spanker himself I can only sit and watch in envy as he spanks my Muse’s incredible bottom clad only in a G-string.  This of course is also available though the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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It looks like our Chelsea Pfeiffer is healing up that gorgeous ass of hers from the spanking she got last week by continuing spanking the very au-natural Lynn Love.  Her bottom now glowing bright red and clad in her birthday suit this is indeed one of the best naked spankings I have seen Chelsea Give.  From Good Spanking
004 g007 g011 g014 g015 g001

Spanking Server has quite the potpourri of spanking this week and I aim to give you a little sampling of it today.  First we have the very attractive pigtailed schoolgirl who goes by the name Elenna getting a hard over the desk school spanking by our hero Peter Schoober.  Then his incredibly attractive assistant Heidi (at least I think that’s her name). Giving a prison caning to the bare bottom of Michelle and finally Peter once again brings out his new spanking contraption to try out on the super model like spankee Sandra Sanchez
snapshot20090715123821 snapshot20090715123830 snapshot20090715123856 snapshot20090715123939 snapshot20090715124036 snapshot20090715124116

The wonderful thing about spanking a young woman new to our little hobby is the smile they have when they go across your knee.  This of course becomes a frown and soon an expression of anguish when they realize that spankings indeed are painful.  Cassidy here learns this the hard way when she is spanked by Ms Baker for blowing off school.  From Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
7553_001 7553_005 7553_013 7553_015 7553_018 7553_060

Ah the days of old Dear Reader.  When a naughty girl is brought behind the woodshed for a spanking rather than subject the rest of the family to her punishment.  But woodsheds are indeed scarce nowadays so what is a determined spanker to do?  Well if your property is indeed large enough then taking a walk to the end of it and delivering a good paddling behind a tree is more than acceptable.  Though I wonder what our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian’s neighbors thought about WHAP of the paddle on Julies bare bottom.  From Real Life Spanking
julie_wooden_paddle_outdoors_P1010557 julie_wooden_paddle_outdoors_P1010560 julie_wooden_paddle_outdoors_P1010565 julie_wooden_paddle_outdoors_P1010572 julie_wooden_paddle_outdoors_P1010574 julie_wooden_paddle_outdoors_P1010579

Believe it or not Dear Reader but your Humble Narrator is quite the ping pong player.  I even have a deep scar on the back of my head to prove it.  Years ago I used to play in tournaments,  the game was 19-20 with my opponents lead.  The next point was indeed mine! frustrating my opponent so much he actually threw the paddle.  Well there is indeed a rather unknown fact about ping pong paddles.  They tend to boomerang as I found out when I came to with a huge gash in the back of my head.  Now there are much safer ways to use such paddles,  well safer for you at least,  and not for our young Clovers butt.  From Sound Punishments
P2236700 P2236710 P2236732 P2236733 P2236751 P2236763

Now imagine Dear Reader that you are indeed a schoolgirl in trouble and laid out in front of you are a myriad of implements very effective at causing your bare ass pain.  Knowing, mind you after the very hard OTK hand spanking that you are indeed going to become quite familiar with all of said implements.  I would have to say Dear Reader it is indeed enough to make sure that the schoolgirl never acts up again.  From Regulation Knickers
vlcsnap-387332 vlcsnap-388040 vlcsnap-388115 vlcsnap-388394 vlcsnap-388880 vlcsnap-389270

Sarah is back on English Spankers this week getting the cane in her birthday suit. 
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Even in spanking we can appreciate an old friend.  The beautiful Bryanna’s Aunt came for a visit.  Now back in the day she had a paddle made to encourage the young girl to do better in school.  After many a spanking her grades of course rose making the lovingly crafted spanking implement quite obsolete.  Now her aunt thinking that it would be an amusing item to reminisce over brought it with her on her trip only to find out that Bryanna is slacking off in her household chores.  Isn’t she pleased she brought such a useful thing with her!  From Spanking Bare Butts
 6 1845 25 38  32

Getting suspended from school is a spankable offence in any country but for the education driven Japanese its a particular heinous act.  What indeed does a poor mother have to do to ensure that her young daughter succeeds.  Well for one she can give her the hardest spanking of her life.  From Hand Spanking
t6-03 t6-05 t6-08 t6-14 t6-21 t6-24

Oh I almost forgot,  If you wish to see some more spanking why don’t you come check out my new Spanking Site Spanked and Fucked?


4 comments to Leia Ann Woods Spanked on her Bare Bottom and A Trip out to the Woodshed

  • bodack

    I don't normally respond to political commentary on spanking sites but you pushed me over the edged. Sotamayor has repeatedly made the racist statement that she is smarter than other people because of her race and her gender. She is a member of the racist political group La Reza. The Hispanic version of the KKK.

    I grew up in a small southern town that had colored water fountains, people sitting in the back of the bus, blacks only in the balconies at the movies etc. My Parents were very liberal in race issues at the time and it cost my Father his job.

    The KKK had power in the south not because so many people agreed with them, but because they would block vote on matters of race. It disgusted me to watch politicians bow down to bigots to get the block voters. The people like yourself who are supporting Sotomayor because she is a wise Latina are putting race relations back a good sixty years.

  • Actually it was a parody, Just because I say it, doesn't mean I believe it :)

  • Jeremy

    I think it's La Raza and turn off Rush. Bad info all around. He's back on the juice again, delusional and dissheveled.

    Back to spanking. I see ping pong is back in style. Two sites featuring the beloved paddle. Clover must be channeling GBS's Sophie. I really love her plump rump.

  • Hi, i wonder if you like exchange links with my spanking blog.

    Let me know what you think.

    Best Regards

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