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Lila Night Gets a Bare Bottom OTK Spanking and a College Cheerleader Spanked to Tears

Your Humble Narrator cannot in any shape way or form be mistaken for one of the beautiful people.  That indeed may seem harsh Dear Reader but pity me not for I have had plenty of time getting used to it.  Sure when I was younger perhaps I was somewhat acceptable but as age has put on the pounds and my hair follicles have decided that they no longer enjoy being attached to my head.  I have developed a strong desire to live under a bridge.

Now I mention this because not to brag but my significant other perhaps can be considered one of the beautiful people.  Being 10 years my junior I often get the looks from other guys wondering what in the world that girl is doing with him.  A question I ask my self from time to time as well.  More so when we were unpacking during our move and I came across what can only described as a “boyfriend box”.  This is of course the box where unwanted pictures or trinkets of previous relationships go and are forgotten.  Thus I was quite amused upon finding this gem and as I went though it teasing my fair maiden, I noticed something.  Every one of these ex’s can only be described as “pretty boys”.

Now while perhaps your Humble Narrator suspected.  Suddenly confirming that you are the ugliest guy that a female has dated is indeed as I would imagine realizing you are the dumbest person in the room.  (something that has never ever happened to me, at least in my own mind).  But rather than destroying one’s fragile ego it rather boosts it.  Particularly if as I, you are comfortable in your own skin.  Delighted,  at my epiphany I of course decided to give her a couple of smacks on her youthful bottom for each Pretty boy that evening.

Now if you will excuse me I need to make up some riddles for travelers wanting to cross my bridge and finish up the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin with someone who indeed can be considered one of the beautiful people Spanking a Real Life College Cheerleader to tears!  Yes of course I am talking about my friend Dallas who has the pretty Raven over his knee for her first ever Spanking.  Her nervous laughter quickly turns to tears during this 5 minute butt searing Spanking leaving her bottom red and stinging this week on Dallas Spanks Hard.
raven_cheer_03 raven_cheer_07 raven_cheer_08 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-10h27m43s20 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-10h28m58s242 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-10h31m10s50

Our Strangely named Ten this week has taken a visit to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls along with her friend the lovely Alicia Panettiere.  While Alicia patiently awaits in the corner for her time over Clare’s knee she is treated to Ten’s cries of pain while her supple bottom is smacked for their misdeeds in her house of ill repute.  After all Clare needs to keep her clients happy!  Also available though the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
027 025 012 021 006 007

Now while my eyes should be firmly planted in Annabelle Vanderwood’s tight ass,  you might be surprised to find out after years of writing about Spanking one’s eyes tend to wander during even the most intense Spanking scenes desperately looking for something to write about.  This time I have found it,  for I want that picture.  Not the blob of colors displayed above the bed but the portrait of Clint seen in the first panel.  That’s awesome.  Not only is it Clint but it is Classic kill everyone Clint rather than the namby pamby Bridges of Madison County Clint! A person who would undoubtedly agree with the Spanking Annabelle is getting.  From Firm Hand Spanking
avc_f001 avc_f004 avc_f011 avc_f015 avc_f017 avc_f024

Jacqueline after getting her well deserved Spanking last week is back on top punishing this African beauty’s bare bottom this week on Bad Tushy.  Her short Jean Skirt is quickly lifted up for a punishing bare bottom Spanking while our girl protests vigorously.  After all Spanking hurt!
0002 0007 0020 0040 0075 0077

I always thought that Eliza Doolittle, the main character in My Fair Lady should have gotten a number of Spankings for her behavior.  And while the Rain in Spain falls Gently on the Plain.  A hand Falls not so gently on these girls bottoms in Lupus Spanking new film Unfair Lady.
lp05201p002 lp05201p008 lp05201p012 lp05201p014 lp05201p021 lp05201p026

Sexting is of course the scourge of our modern society.  Our over zealous prosecutors must remove dangerous 14 year olds from our society by charging them with the creation of kiddy porn thus ruining their lives forever.  But indeed how did we keep girls from writing dirty things before the days of cell phones.  With a good hard bare bottom Spanking that’s how!  Lila Night finds this out when Mr King finds a dirty note she wrote to her boyfriend.  Rather than incarceration, he chooses a more effective and old fashion deterrent on Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Our quintessential girl next door Sarah Gregory has managed to offend yet another into Spanking Her.  Thankfully it is the incredibly beautiful Savannah Sly.  Unfortunately she is a professional Dom which means we won’t be seeing anyone spanking her anytime soon as desirably as that may be.  But we can revel in her hotness and plying her trade on Sarah’s already sore bottom.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking.
0040_the_school_nurse_and _naughty_school_girl_gal1-008 0040_the_school_nurse_and _naughty_school_girl_gal1-012 0040_the_school_nurse_and _naughty_school_girl_gal1-013 0040_the_school_nurse_and _naughty_school_girl_gal1-018 0040_the_school_nurse_and _naughty_school_girl_gal1-026 0040_the_school_nurse_and _naughty_school_girl_gal1-033

The nice thing about Spanking a girl on a red couch is trying to get her bottom to match such a wonderful color.  Which might I add Peter Schoober does a pretty god job with this pretty blond over his knee.  Smacking her bottom with a heavy leather paddle she yelps at each stroke.  Lets just hope for whatever she was getting punished for she has learned her lesson.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20110402113612 snapshot20110402113647 snapshot20110402113657 snapshot20110402113713 snapshot20110402113738 snapshot20110402113817

What is this!  These pretty catholic Schoolgirls have hidden the hairbrush they are to be Spanked with!  This cannot be!  These girls need to learn a lesson when they hide my favorite spanking device.  And while the hairbrush is indeed a painful Spanking Implement the cane I think is considerably more painful.  I am wondering if these girls are regretting it right now.  From Regulation Knickers
vlcsnap-2011-04-02-11h43m08s212 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-11h43m55s155 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-11h44m07s30 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-11h44m36s76 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-11h45m01s67 vlcsnap-2011-04-02-11h45m17s227

And Finally for this week, what our lovely Sinn Sage thought was a playful little Spanking she would be getting from Dia Zerva turns out to be a quite hard and painful one leaving her bottom red and tender.  Payback is indeed a bitch!  From Spank Sinn
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