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Lindsay Myers gets her First Spanking and Paddled till the Paddle Breaks

Well it is Christmas Season Dear Reader.  Time for that odd but time honored tradition of cutting down a perfectly good tree, tying it onto your shiny new car, drenching with sap stickier than superglue, and placing the soon to be kindling in the middle of your living room.  A significant number of which might I add burst into flame quite spectacularly.  Ah but the smell of fresh pine and the twinkling lights draw us every year, Myself included.  Now that the tendrils of winter are finally wrapping around my beloved city.  Its time to sit under the tree,  warmed by the fireplace and give your significant other a good hard Spanking.

But before you do that it is of course Thursday and that means its time for the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin with Clare Fonda’s Christmas present to us.  The very cute new submissive Lindsay Myers who has come for a rather nice spanking upon her tight bottom.  The Petite Blonde, according to Clare is no stranger to a good Spanking which indeed is good thing!  Getting an OTK Spanking in that little red plaid miniskirt and pretty yellow panties is particularly delightful making her milky white bottom glow such a nice color.  From Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
Lindsay Myers 003 010 Girl Spanked on her yellow panties Bare Bottom Beating 019

The too cute to Spank, Kat St. James makes her debut on Firm Hand Spanking this week getting her little Bare Bottom whacked by the fancy footed Eric Strickman.   With a swashbuckling look and fluid movement he would look just as at home with a sword as Spanking Ms James’s cute rear end.  Thankfully for her its with his hand and not the sword!
ksj_a001 ksj_a007 ksj_a012 ksj_a018 ksj_a020 ksj_a022

You know Dear Reader I have come to an odd realization.  After years I am slowly realizing some of our lovely girls actually may want a Painful Spanking.  Like our adorable Juliet Valentina for example.  Now prancing around in a form fitting exercise outfit. tight little shorts and pigtails.  The chances are with someone somewhere is going to want to give her a Spanking.  I certainly would!  Beverly Bacci does a pretty good job of showing her this,  soon we can examine her handiwork when those little white panties come down.  From Punished Brats
Julia Valentina Spanking Spanked on tight shorts IMG_2652 IMG_2646 IMG_2637 OTK Spanking

I am not sure what has gotten into our friend Greg, our illustrious Mystery Spanker.  He has not one but two Spanking Updates.  This one is probably one of the hardest I have seen him give, The recipient of which is the unfortunate Rachelle.  Not following his typical path of Spanking a stuck up model offended at the thought of filming in the bowels of New Jersey.  This one is a Raw Hard Spanking,  with Rachelle struggling vigorously against the sting of his mighty hand.  This girl was indeed a handful, but What to expect when someone gets Spanked as hard as she did, which she aptly admits after getting up from over his knee and declared “I have never been Spanked That Hard Before!”  From Bun Beating Fun
vlcsnap-2010-12-08-11h36m02s57 Naked Spanking Painful  OTK Spanking vlcsnap-2010-12-08-11h34m51s124 vlcsnap-2010-12-08-11h34m03s154 vlcsnap-2010-12-08-11h34m35s214

Our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is strap happy.  And indeed who wouldn’t be Dear Reader with the lovely Angel’s rear bent over.  In her hot pink track suit it seems that she just returned from the Gym where she refused her instructors instructions.  How indeed will she keep her hot little form if she doesn’t work out.  Thankfully a good Spanking burns calories as much for the Spanker as the Spankee.  From Real Life Spanking
angel_belting_coach_P1010054 angel_belting_coach_P1010037 Spanked with a Belt angel_belting_coach_P1010057 angel Spanked angel_belting_coach_P1010029

“If he keeps on Spanking paddle going to break.  If he keeps on Spanking Paddle going to break.  If the Paddle breaks you got nothing to Spank.”  Well other than my fondness for obscure Led Zeppelin songs.  My other fondness is for Hard Spanking which of course our young Riley gets.  As illustrated from the rather study Paddle that breaks over her tight Jeand ass.  From Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9839_005 Over the Jeans Paddling Riley paddled on her bottom 9839_019 9839_027 9839_024 9839_031

Spanking Castings has a new girl who seems quite intent on ignoring the fact her pretty rear is getting Spanked with a variety of implements.  Instead concerning herself with posing in rather provocative manners.  I would have to say from the lack of reaction she will need further (and harder) Spankings in the future.  From Spanking Casting
CAS-117_5 Diaper Position CAS-117_36 CAS-117_64

Finally for today I am indeed not sure what it is Dear Reader, But I have always had a thing for girls getting Spanked in Bathing suits.  Now naturally anyone could appreciate a hot girl getting Spanked in a teeny Bikini but even I question my enjoyment of a girl getting Spanked in a one piece.  Then again as you know I am not the most sane individual.  From Handspanking
k16-09 Japanese Teen Spanked Spanked in a bathing Suit k16-22 k16-19 k16-21 k16-23 k16-26


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  • Spankfun

    Juliet is back and Spanking Casting seems to have a new nice girl. Seems to be a good week for improving the spanking industry.

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