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Little Hottie from Amateurbound getting her ass beat

These guys probably have the most under-rated spanking content on the web. Wish they would start a spanking only site

Here is the site

2 comments to Little Hottie from Amateurbound getting her ass beat

  • brian

    Found your blog from Auntie Agony via My Bottom Smarts.

    Very nice collection of pics and videos.

  • Tiggr

    Nice Blog!! I, too, found your site through Aunty… love the pictures. A picture tells a thousand words… how very true for spanking, eh?

    My hubby and I are professional photographers (he works professionally in the vanilla world) and his way of "seeing" every moment of a spanking session between us mamazes me still, even after many years.

    I love seeing myself as he sees me at those times… that may be the most erotic thing of all, even when (especially when) the spanking being given is not at all erotic.

    I'm adding you to my blogroll now and will definitely be back often!!

    Big hugs!
    A Spanking Good Time

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