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Well Dear Reader if you woke up this morning like me and realized you are indeed not $550 Million dollars richer since you failed to select the right 7 numbers painted on bouncing balls then I indeed sympathize with you.  For I am too, $10 poorer which I bet on the infinitesimal chance that I would be among the lucky ones.  In fact I had plans for that money which after present value and taxes nets you about $250 million.  I was indeed going to buy back my repossessed Yacht since my offers of favoritism for this years Spanking Awards have seem to fell on deaf ears by our fine spanking houses.  Well the recession has hit all of us hard, except of course rich people. 

I am indeed amused with our mainstream media parading experts stating what one should do in the unlikely event that you do of course strike it rich.  Hire a lawyer, financial consultant etc.  I have a better idea.  Throw away your cell phone and jump in the car and disappear since there will inevitably be the gaggle of dead beat cousins, aunts and uncles coming out of the wood work with their hand open and ranting about welfare.  I might even stay a while out of amusement with the offer to spank a few not unattractive very distant and deadbeat relatives (Hey this isn’t Kentucky) for a nominal sum.

But alas fortune has not smiled upon your Humble Narrator so instead of celebrating my new found wealth with hookers and blow,  it is of course time to continue the Spanking Updates of the Week!

One of the things that I learned when I got divorced is that many younger woman have a certain… shall we say….  “attraction” to older men with money whether or not one resembles a troll.  While you hear stories Dear Reader I was quite pleasantly surprised for while I was pretty secure financially never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be enough to overcome my odd interest in living under bridges and eating people who come to close.  But I was wrong!  I would hazard a guess that with the kind of money from last nights lottery I could land a girl as stunning as Roxy Valentynne and of course put her over my knee.  (under the bridge of course).  From Northern Spanking
NSI106-SSR008 NSI106-SSR013 NSI106-SSR017 NSI106-SSR025 NSI106-SSR034 NSI106-SSR036

There comes a time in every dog owners life where one must make the stark realization that you own a really stupid animal.  Something cat owners never have to deal with.  Are there stupid cats?  Of course but even the dumbest one can find its way home and somehow figures out not to eat its own shit.  It seems however Stevie Rose has a quite remarkable canine which she can let roam around the neighborhood and deposit its waste on unsuspecting lawns and still manages to make its way home.  Except today,  where of course she goes looking for it in a pair of tight jeans.  Considering Chelsea was the lucky recipient of her dog,  her bottom looks so constrained in those little jeans.  Perhaps it is time to free it!  From Good Spanking
012 019 012a 015 018 011

So Dixie Comet seems to be having trouble once again on Spanked Sweeties.  Apparently she didn’t learn her lesson from her first spanking!  Well good for us and bad for her.  Actually very painful for her.  Also Available though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
048 050 058 070 078 080

So the internet is outraged that the UN wants to take over the internet.  I honestly don’t see what the issue is Dear Reader.  Of course our more dictatorial countries want people outside their borders to stop insulting them and Great Britain wants to take away your kids if you are a member of the wrong party.  What indeed is wrong with that!  Of course the United States would simply refuse and recieve a strongly worded letter from the UN which we could collectively laugh at.  After all where indeed would we get all of our spanking porn.  Like the type that our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is dishing out on the lovely Foxxy Angel’s bare bottom.  From Spanked In Uniform
ep53_2 episode53_4 ep53_9 episode53_5 episode53_8 episode53_9

After the year of being blissfully unemployed Dear Reader, starting my new job has reminded me just how much I hate corporate life.  Not that it is a particularly bad company from what I can tell.  But once again having to get dressed and not wander around in my underwear all day (my neighbors hated that) is trying.  One of the many things I have always hated about starting a new job is meeting my underlings who are quite understandably nervous, want to make a good impression and of course tell me what is indeed wrong with all their co-workers.  Thus I went to HR with a proposal which would allow me to spank any pretty (there are quite a few of them) who of course inevitably throw their colleagues under the proverbial bus.  Most distressingly they turned me down and were quite perturbed about my proposal.  I mean it worked for Thomas Cameron with Pandora,  why won’t it work for me!  From Dreams of Spanking
Dreams-of-Spanking_secretaryII_002 Dreams-of-Spanking_secretaryII_008 Dreams-of-Spanking_secretaryII_017 Dreams-of-Spanking_secretaryII_023 Dreams-of-Spanking_secretaryII_033 Dreams-of-Spanking_secretaryII_038

A judge this week ordered the makers of my beloved cancer sticks to admit that they lied that smoking is not good for you.  Oh,  thank you,  That was a huge help.  Now give me another cigarette before my nicotine fits cause me get a chainsaw and chop you up into little itty bitty bits which I will then attempt to smoke trying to extract the last bit of nicotine deposited on you by my second hand smoke.  Of course the best way to quit is to never start in the first place.  Or in Teen Jessica and Brandi’s case to be painfully discouraged.  Also Available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
1888_002 1888_009 1888_012 1888_043 1888_082 1888_154

I must indeed tell the truth Dear Reader.  While I try to,  I don’t usually have the time to watch all of the lovely spanking video’s that I feature here during the spanking updates of the week.  Some I watch after, some I don’t watch at all but on occasion there is something so intriguing that I must stop my brilliant prose and watch immediately.  This is one of those video’s.  You see Adrienne Black has never really been spanked as hard as I would have liked. Meanwhile Kyle Johnson who while he might be a somewhat polarizing figure in the spanking community no one can deny he can dish out some excruciating spanking.  I think of him of the heir apparent to the Dallas throne when in a couple of years his lovely wife gets sick of him driving in the left lane at 30 miles an hour, shouting at clouds and sticks him in a home for old folks.  So I was quite intrigued at the pairing of these two.  While it isn’t the hardest spanking I have seen him give it is probably harder than the incredible 6’”1’ catwalk model has ever felt.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
highfliers_a002 highfliers_a010 highfliers_a015 highfliers_a017 highfliers_a019 highfliers_a023

Finally for tonight our favorite Dirty Old Man did recruiting drive at the local trailer parks to find yet another naughty lady and kinda cutie Sadie was turned in by her guardian.  While she thought a spanking at her age would be a cake walk, her face tells a very different story when the wooden paddle smacks her bare bottom.  From Spanked Coeds
vlcsnap-2012-11-29-21h26m27s139 vlcsnap-2012-11-29-21h27m31s10 vlcsnap-2012-11-29-21h27m39s99 vlcsnap-2012-11-29-21h27m48s183 vlcsnap-2012-11-29-21h28m16s211 vlcsnap-2012-11-29-21h28m29s85

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