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Lottie Kinsade’s Backyard Spanking and Kat St James Hates the Hairbrush

There has been a revolt in this country Dear Readers, over red light camera’s .  You see unlike our friends across the pond it seems that American’s don’t like when our politicians decide to automate their revenue generating traffic citations for our “safety”.   In fact this past election there were a number of proposals on the ballet trying to ban the things.  All of which passed.  This of course prompted the companies who make them to sue to try to keep the people from voting on them!  Ah our democracy at work. 

But if they were really concerned about our “safety” and not lining their pockets with fine’s they would give traffic enforcement to us Spankers.  I am sure many of us would happily work for free.  Just give us a light and the authority to perform a roadside Spanking.  Of course charges of profiling would occur since most of us would be pulling over hot 20 something’s rather than the 82 year old who mistook the farmers market for a highway.  But no system is perfect!

But enough of my musings Dear Reader.  Its Friday,  and I am sure you are looking forward to the weekend.  Just as much,  I am sure,  that you are looking forward to the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin with the lovely little Lottie Kinsade getting a outdoor Spanking by the quite able Lucy Mclean on one of the rare days where it is not pouring rain in the UK.  It is such a shame Dear Reader that our friends across the pond have such horrible weather when indeed there are girls like Lottie who look so wonderful in those tight little shorts.  Its almost a shame when she has to remove them.  From Northern Spanking
NSI092-LL002 Outdoor Spanking Lottie Kinsad SPANked NSI092-LL040 NSI092-LL071 Outdoor Caning NSI092-LL078 NSI092-LL084

The blonde beautiful Kelly is back on Sound Punishments this week.  Take one look at this girl in that little outfit of hers and you will indeed know why she is getting a Spanking.  Could you Resist!  Well Neither can our Portly Punisher when she drunkenly wanders in at 6am.  Well its not only going to be her head that is hurting later. 
vlcsnap-2010-12-02-16h53m40s151 vlcsnap-2010-12-02-16h55m41s68 Drunk Girl Spanked by her father vlcsnap-2010-12-02-16h57m27s129 vlcsnap-2010-12-02-16h58m38s78 Kelly Spanked

Well it seems our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is on Your Humble Narrator’s page.  The young Monique was caught drinking in public.  Now why indeed is there cause to gum up the courts when such a small offence can be dealt with, with a Spanking!  Of course what is good for the goose is good for the gander as Ellen May Davis has forgotten to read the Miranda Rights (is there such a thing in Holland?).  Since the punishment was already carried out it is only fair she get Spanked for her offence.  From Spanked in Uniform
ep13_3 ep13_6 Spanked at the Police Station ep13_12 Ellen May Davis Spanking ep13_16

Well I might think Kat St James is too Cute to Spank,  but thankfully Chelsea Pfeiffer doesn’t agree with Yours Truly.  Besides how indeed would she ever learn her lesson!  Judging from the giant wooden implements Chelsea is using on Kat’s Bare Bottom it is a hard lesson indeed.  Particularly since we know from the interview I did with Kat and Kyle, that she HATES being Spanked with Wood.  From Good Spanking
002 Spanked on the bare bottom with a hairbrush Kat St James Spanked 005 011 015

Going out Clubbing when you should be at home studying is never a good idea Dear Reader.  Particularly when you have a life coach with a hard paddle to motivate you.  Though I have a feeling that Annabelle Vanderwood is not the only one motivated by this Spanking.  If I were her life coach I would be motivated as hell to Spank a perfect ass like hers.  From Firm Hand Spanking
Annabelle Vanderwood avc_d011 Black Girl Spanked on the bare ass avc_d014 Bare Bottom Paddling avc_d021

What do you know,  Teen Jessica is in trouble again.  Rather than drying off from her dip in the pool she drips water all around the House.  Now a girl that has been Spanked as often as her should know that getting a Spanking with a wet bottom is perhaps the worst.  Hell the Coach doesn’t even have to pull her tiny Bikini Bottom down to properly Spank her.  From Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
755_016 755_028 755_033 Teen Jessica Spanked Bikini Spanking 755_038 755_085

Well then again Getting Spanked all the time makes Jessica a Dull girl.  At least until she gets to Spank her friend on Spanking Teen Brandi or if you wish to see them both Spanked plus more then of course you should use the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9886_001 9886_013 9886_015 Teen Brandi Spanking 9886_027 9886_034 9886_046

And finally for today I suppose in Japan, things are no different Dear Reader.  Girls tend to get themselves in trouble quite a bit more with a friend rather than alone.  And like here they deal with such behavior with a painful bottom Spanking.  Perhaps the mother has a preferred Spanking implement for each girl.  From Cutie Spankee
sis_l02 sis_l15 Japanese Girl Caned on the bare ass sis_l20 sis_l25 sis_l40 sis_l44 Painful Spanking Spanked and made to stand in the corner


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