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Meet Krystal for her very first spanking

In addition to being under piles of snow our friends in the UK got an interesting proposal this week from their government.  It seems that they are to be “allowed” to vote on their continued membership in the EU within the next 5 years.  How good of them!  After all I would think that turning over your sovereignty to a bunch of people you have fought numerous wars with in the past 1000 years might just warrant a vote from us little people rather than being dictated by the bankers who of course know better than the rest of us.

Somehow some people in the UK have a problem with this!  You know Dear Reader,  one can tell when the rich are simply have become so detached from reality that they start speaking what they really believe.  Now the likes of Rockefeller, Carnegie and the other robber barons might not have been stand up guys but they were keenly aware that one should not tell the masses “let them eat cake” for it generally turns out rather poorly, usually for them.

But it seems our rich have forgotten this lesson, after all what could be more horrible than letting the unwashed masses vote on the future of their country!  Don’t they know that money is to be made!  Unless of course it interferes with our spanking of our naughty ladies on the Spanking Updates of the week!

Since we are once again talking about our cousin’s across the pond let us start with a new naughty British girl who indeed needs a spanking.  Dear Reader meet Krystal who is quite attractive in her own sort of British way.  I would have preferred if she took a couple of hands to her very fine bottom in that little plaid dress she has but our friends at Spanking Sara decided to strip her down to her birthday suit to deal with the wayward girl.
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So my new company wants me to take a “bio Metric’s” exam which I absolutely told them to go to hell.  No offense my my health is none of my employer’s business.  In fact the only person that should have any interest in my health is me.  Oddly it seems that many of my younger co-workers are not so fierce advocate of their own privacy and are lured by shiny trinkets and a few dollars off on their insurance.  God help all of us.  In any case while they are quite insistent that I be profiled they have not moved to the level of Asphyxia Noir’s medical practice who spanks poor Veronica Ricci into submission and even breaks a paddle over her fine ass.  From Spanked Call Girls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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So Israel held an election this yesterday.  While Bibi didn’t get voted out his party barely made the majority.  From what the many of the voters who voted against him said, they were more concerned about paying for the now 50% of the population who doesn’t work and is on their version of welfare to study the Torah, grow copious amounts of body hair, and spit on people they disagree with, rather than with blowing up the nearest brown person.   And we talk about entitlements!  But of course we should not judge by the color of one’s skin after all the incredible Scarlett of Real Life Spanking is rather brown.  Though I have noticed her incredible skin tone is slightly less so now that winter is upon us.  But we can indeed enjoy her lovely ass getting spanked.
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There are certain universal truths in this world Dear Reader.  Things like don’t start a ground war in Asia, talking about rape generally doesn’t get you voted for by 50% percent of the population and of course there is no such thing as too many bikini spankings.  Particularly when it is Joelle Barros occupying the bikini even for the briefest period.  From Punished Brats.
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Now from the survey’s I have done in the past there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that points to our spanking obsession.  Its almost like we like to see girls spanked simply because we do.  But I have noticed in my purveying of many a blog that while it might not be universal a good number of us have seen another spanked.  It might be a sibling, a neighbor, friend or a complete stranger but the fact remains we remember it.  Now it surely could be argued that we remember it because we are spanko’s or seeing it made us the way we are.  Regardless of the outcome of such an un-provable argument one must admit spanked in front of a shocked audience is indeed in more than its fair share of spanking fantasies.  Which of course brings me to young Syrena who gets it in front of her friends much to her mortification.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

One of the things our girls don’t take well to is responsibility.  For years feminist have been screaming that women are not allowed to take combat roles in the US military.  A valid point as personally I think since females are inherently evil they probably would have less of a problem pulling a trigger than a male would.  None the less such things come with responsibility and eventually in our far future when a female 5 star general gets bamboozled by a half wit to argue for a war with a country who doesn’t have weapons and mass destruction and of course have nothing to do with a couple of towers that got smashed.  I can hear the howl of the feminists now!  Much like I would imagine the fate of the ridiculously cute Kelly Morgan would garner if our feminist knew her fate with the cruel wooden board applied against her jean clad bottom and brings tears to her eyes.  But after all she wanted to be cheerleading captain!  From Firm Hand Spanking.
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Xela Chaste is in big trouble.  Not only did she dye her beautiful blonde locks with black but she has also been incarcerated for selling footlong Subway sandwiches that are only 11 inches.  Fortunately the all women’s prison at Bars and Stripes have a remedy for such deception.
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Finally for today,  we have all heard of wicked stepmothers.  but in all the fairy tales it never once told you what exactly would happen if the fair maiden refused her evil stepmother’s wishes.  But tonight we know.  From Handspanking.
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  • I do like Syrena's spanker, but some of the onlookers look remarkably unconcerned. The young woman on the couch with Syrena looks positively bored with proceedings.

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