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You know Dear Reader that one really must question our legal system when a person like Bradley Manning gets 35 years in a PMITA Prison for releasing “classified” information of people doing illegal things in Iraq when the drooling idiot who got us into the mess in the first place is finger painting in Texas and his evil minions are writing fiction about themselves. Then again from recent revelations he might indeed enjoy the PMITA part.  While this is a travesty in and of itself the only solace is that various experts say he is unlikely to spend more than 9 years behind bars with parole and time served.  So perhaps he will get to live his life as Chelsea after all!  and since he will then be a she Spankings like the girls in today’s Spanking Updates of the Week are needed

We begin fittingly with a military spanking over at Spanked in Uniform which is considerably more entertaining then locking someone up for years in a prison.  Now driving home the other day I was listening to NPR about the prison sentence because that what Champaign Socialists like myself do.  One call in began lambasting the radio host for referring to Private Manning as a “he” when I guess he would prefer otherwise.  Yes another preferred pronoun pinhead.  How about a simple test on what you should be called.  Do you need a spanking?  Then obviously you are a she. 

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Harvard has approved its first student BDSM club.  I would have to assume that it would include us spankers as well.  So I guess spanking on campus is more than just the girls at the sorority house at Spanking Sorority Girls or of course though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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So School is starting here in New England next week.  This of course when all of our lovely girls make sure their uniform fits after a summer of fun and woefully go back to school knowing that spankings shall begin shortly after they start misbehaving.  Rarely however do any of them look as hot in a school uniform than the oddly hued Bow Jangles.  From Spanking Sarah
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I am not entirely sure what the urge our females have to immediately take a naked picture of themselves and send it to someone who inevitably show the entire school.  I mean,  I have a camera on my phone and it simply never occurred to me that I should take a picture of any part of my body.  Even if I wasn’t funny looking!  Well apparently lovely Ten Amorette never got the memo and got caught taking a selfie in her birthday suit.  Which was good since she was perfectly dressed for a bare bottom spanking.  From Good Spanking
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In fact I would hazard a guess that the cell phone,  only really becoming common in the last 10 years is the biggest reason for our girls getting spanked.  Spanked hard enough in this case for my friend CakeBoy to break a wooden Paddle over Danielle Huts exposed ass.  From Triple A Spanking
broken_paddle002 broken_paddle023 broken_paddle027 broken_paddle051 broken_paddle071 brokenpaddle049

Baroness Pandora runs a tight ship.  Us 99% are just little people.  But of course we are useful serving her.  However when Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey don’t measure up they get a good bare bottom strapping.  From Dreams of Spanking

Finally for today You know if it wasn’t for my fear of Erica Scott’s ability to dish out a fearsome tongue lashing when people write her to tell her they would like to spank her.  I would say with such a perk bottom I really like to put her over my knee.  But I am not going to say it.  I don’t want to be sarcastically eviscerated.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0130_the_rude_inn_keeper_gal1-001 0130_the_rude_inn_keeper_gal1-010 0130_the_rude_inn_keeper_gal1-015 0130_the_rude_inn_keeper_gal2-003 0130_the_rude_inn_keeper_gal2-019 0130_the_rude_inn_keeper_gal2-028


4 comments to Military Spanking

  • Awwww, come on. You know I don't sarcastically eviscerate well-meaning blogger friends! I don't tell off people who write that they want to spank me — just the ones who are crass and rude about it. ;-)

    Anyway, it's nice to know this is out — thanks!

  • Franklin

    Erica, saying this in my least crass and most pleasant possible tone, I would like to spank you.

  • jeremy

    Harvard always had a BDSM club. You just needed to know where to look.

  • BlueMark

    Brush, please don't leave out the drooling idiot CURRENTLY occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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