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Missy Rhodes Goes over Clare Fonda’s Knee and Spanking Fairy Tales

Well Dear Reader.  Today is yet another case of writers block for Your Humble Narrator.  This of course is where I surf around for hours looking in vain for something to begin my intro with.  Other than Lindsay Lohan agreeing to pose for playboy I have indeed found nothing and to tell you the truth I am only mildly interested in her new business deal unless it includes some guy beating her bare ass.  So I guess without further ado lets get started on the Spanking Updates of the week!

We begin today with our Dear Friend Clare Fonda introducing us to yet another naughty girl on Spanked Sweeties.  Dear Reader please meet the incredibly attractive Missy Rhodes.  Now Missy is no stranger to the spanking world and has been working with Clare on her Clips for sale store.  But this indeed is the first time we see her on a subscription site!  Might I add that she looks fantastic over Clare’s knee in that tight little dress.  I look forward to seeing much more of her bare bottom. Also available though  the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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Ah it seems that it is new Spankee day on The Spanking Spot.  Bars and Stripes debuts a new inmate as well at their prison for wayward women.  It seems that Jenna Jay with a thriving business as a personal trainer got into a tiff with her adored husband for straying and pushed him down the stairs ending up in the dark and hopeless place.  That promises that this will not be the only spanking she endures
jenna_intake - 001 jenna_intake - 031 jenna_intake - 059 jenna_intake - 085 jenna_intake - 104 jenna_intake - 151

It seems that in the version of Little Red Riding hood on Punished Brats.  The Wolf indeed does not wish to eat her and her grandmother but rather to spank them.  Considering its Pixie Amber Wells bare bottom underneath those little red riding hood panties its a much more satisfying activity. 
IMG_4922 IMG_4919 IMG_4895 IMG_4897 IMG_4913 IMG_4917

To continue with our parade of new punished girls Real Spanking debuts Summer who is strangely not covered head to toe with tattoo’s!  Mr Masterson must have stopped recruiting at the tattoo parlor.  A rather wholesome blonde she gets her first ever spanking by our lovely Betty Blaze in her amazing birthday suit that wipes that pretty little smile off her face.  Available also in the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

It seems that Paris and Scarlett have taken this whole spanking business quite seriously.  Leave two hot naked women in a room with a tawse and let nature take its course.  From English Spankers
npp3037027 npp3037028 npp3037007 npp3037011 npp3037035 npp3037037 npp3037040

As we all know our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is in the end stages of remodeling his house.  As anyone that has done it knows it is a long and exhausting ordeal.  So it is understandable that he requested some help.  Angel being quite the interior decorator said she would assist with painting.  Unfortunately our little Angel decided to go drinking the night before leaving our friend without the needed help.  Fortunately for us she showed up to his house the next day in quite the dress to be spanked in.  From Real Life Spanking
angel_not_showing_up_P1010057 angel_not_showing_up_P1010042 angel_not_showing_up_P1010043 angel_not_showing_up_P1010061 angel_not_showing_up_P1010062 angel_not_showing_up_P1010074

Finally for today we have a Halloween themed Spanking.  I never thought that the use of magic could be so beneficial to getting a naughty girl into position.  I wonder indeed if they teach that at Hogwarts!  I would indeed love to have Hermione over my knee.  From Handspanking
 v9-45 v9-50 v9-53 v9-58 v9-61 v9-63


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