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So this week it has come apparent to those of us naive enough that our government is tracking our every move that we are indeed wrong and that the NSA appears to be watching you masturbate.  You see the news hit last week that the shadow government is collecting every phone call, duration, and perhaps internet activity for every one of us.  How nice!  I really really enjoy the thought of a government security officer crunching though my internet usage to determine if I am going to blow something up. 

They of course do this for our “safety” which being a bit of a Data Jockey myself, If it wasn’t for one our bumbling bureaucrats inevitably abusing such things like phone calls to the NRA to identify gun owners I actually wouldn’t have much of a problem with what they are doing.  Crunching that kind of data and looking for connections actually would be quite useful in the hunt for our next terrorist.  Of course any terrorist with half a brain would know to use a throwaway cell which obviously our big brother government doesn’t track.  Thus they are left with Billions of records of women gossiping to one another and men grunting at each other to determine what time tee time is this weekend. 

But you know Dear Reader that got me thinking Dear Reader.  I think The Spanking Spot is such a good website that I think the employee’s of the NSA would really enjoy girls getting spanked as much as you and I.  Thus today I shall do everything I can to make sure that it comes up on their radar for the beginning of this weeks Spanking Updates.  After all they are American Infidels who need to be destroyed in the name of Allah!

We shall begin today with a aptly named “Yasmine’s Spanking Attack” which incidentally should not be confused with a terrorist attack as typically the attacker in the latter is usually wearing a Thwab and the latter in at least this case is wearing a much more revealing schoolgirl outfit designed by the second most uptight religion.  Much the same incidentally as her bared bottom victim Veronica Ricci on Spanking Sorority Girls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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There is nothing better Dear Reader than a good old fashion over the knee hand Jihad.  Wait?  Did I say Jihad?  I meant spanking.  Well maybe a Jihad against girls who do not get spanked.  Or whatever….. But few do this as good as our favorite Mr M.  For an added bonus it seems that Riley’s friends happen to be in the vicinity and get to witness the all of the pain, embarrassment and tears that comes along with this well deserved punishment.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
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Mia Mara despite being one of the cutest spankee’s to hit the scene as of late has a problem.  It seems that she is getting spanked for her rather detailed instruction on how to build a pressure cooker bomb and making terroristic threats over Facebook to tall people.  Well not really,  Besides if some FBI guy shows up at her door all she has to do is show her the damage the wooden hairbrush did to her bare bottom.  From Punished Brats
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You know,  when I first got into this business, it was a rarity to see a female of color getting spanked.  Particularly as one as lovely and naughty as Lola Marie.  Now I often wondered about this.  Do those of color have a genetic variance making them not enjoy spanking their ebony princesses?  Well after doing this for quite some time,  and reading almost everything about spanking that there is.  I came to the conclusion of two things.  At least in the US,  African Americans are asking the rest of us,  why in the hell don’t you beat your kids?  Of course they don’t actually beat them, not in the classic sense anyway.  But ask anyone who grew up in a household of color and most likely they can tell you about the ass whooping’s that they got as a child.  It seems that the typical African American mother does not hold her precious little snowflakes in the obscene esteem that the rest of us, wrap your child in bubble wrap, that the rest of us seem to do.  The second reason,  and I actually didn’t know this until recently is that the American wooden paddle that we enjoy seeing used on schoolgirls in our southern states was actually a tool used by slave owners to well….  punish their slaves.  If you think about it,  It such an implement when applied properly can cause extreme pain yet not severely injure the recipient unless used to excess.  Thankfully times of late such stereotypes are breaking down which brings us to the use of such a implement on Lola’s fine ass.  From Spanking Sarah.
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Schoolgirls,  Geez,  When will they ever stop plotting against the good old USA.  I heard a rumor that there was a sleeper cell in my beloved city comprised completely of schoolgirls.  In fact Mayor Bloomberg took time out from complaining that people are exercising their 2nd amendment rights without his express permission to instruct his Stazi to stop, hold and frisk minorities to focus on school girls.  Of course being a clueless billionaire us little people know that a good hard spanking with a heavy wooden object is the best defense from any English Schoolgirl suicide bomber.  From Firm Hand Spanking
detention_ce001 detention_ce003 detention_ce008 detention_ce013 detention_ce017 detention_ce020 

I have a confession to make, Dear Reader.  I am of course a mole in the US government who passes secrets to our favorite Able Amsterdam Authoritarian who in turn sells them to to Canada so they can continue to plot their domination over the world because where they live is obscenely cold.  They would like nothing more than to annex Maine and be just a wee bit warmer and have someplace to vacation in the summer that is not covered with permafrost.  From Real Life Spanking.
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Finally for tonight.  We have the most dangerous of all terrorists.  The Japanese Schoolgirl who nefariously will destroy our freedom loving country with attacks of their used panties that their countryman love so much. I have heard it will be worse than Pearl Harbor.  From Hand Spanking
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