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Painful Audition



Title: Painful Audition

Starring: Unknown

Produced By: 6666 Production

Distributed by: Video Spanking (formerly VOD Spanking)

Runtime: 57.05

Price: $5.95 for a 7 day rental Protected WMV Format




Its time once again for yet another movie review Dear Reader.  This week I decided to take a risk and review a spanking movie from a vlcsnap-14857462 production company that Your Humble Narrator never heard of.  6666 productions.  Now this little ditty aptly named Painful Auditions and promises to offer some wild spanking of one young English Model. 

Now if your familiar with the term gonzo porn (or porn with little or no story to it).  This became all the rage in the early 90’s since few if any purveyors of the genre were sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see the plot thicken.  Well Painful Auditions is somewhat of a Gonzo Spanking movie.  We begin with one young and very attractive model meeting with two older men for a photo shoot.  The first 6 minutes or so is the model posing for various revealing photo’s.  Finally the two older men bring up the idea for a spanking!

vlcsnap-14861756 This concept doesn’t seem to bother our soon to be red bottomed model so after a quick costume change she happily goes over the first gentleman's knee.  Now if two old men pawing at you isn’t bad enough the two take to smacking each cheek once the panties come quickly down.  The spanking at least for now is moderately hard and our poor model does complain the spanking indeed stings. 

As the spanking continues it gets progressively harder.  In your Humble Narrator’s opinion the second gentleman is way too close for my comfort.  Creepily so.  Call me a prude Dear Reader but a spanking really needs to between two people at a time.  Not three.  Meanwhile against the insistence of these gentlemen that she is indeed enjoying her spanking our model meekly disagrees.  Yet she is held tighter and spanked some more. 

vlcsnap-14865046 vlcsnap-14867144 vlcsnap-14867226

They move on to putting her kneeling on the bed for the next spanking with the second spanker taking over.  She asks if he would be “gentle” (which is indeed an oxymoron while being spanked) and of course he is indeed not.  But our model with her head buried in the bed grits her teeth though the ordeal.  vlcsnap-14871781

Once again the spankers switch and continue with this girl bare bottom spanking.  Her very nice ass now glowing quite brightly.  Pausing for a bottom rub and a few pictures.  Next up is a bizarre kind of diaper / fuck me spanking position with her legs wide apart.  Both spanking each cheek for a brief time followed by a more conventional position on the bed. 

The model incredulous that this is just an audition is then made to suffer a weighted strap on her very (by now) sore bottom.  With yet again each spanker taking turns punishing her poor bottom.  quite repetitive if you ask me.   The other thing to note,  I am not a particular stickler for hairless girls,  I don’t demand a Brazilian every time their panties come down.  but this girl is au-natural.  I mean not even neatly trimmed.  Actually it doesn’t bother me Dear Reader more than say,  nipple rings (ugg) but it is vlcsnap-14875865 indeed worth noting. 

Once again put over the knee with her crotch resting on a spankers leg and hers spread apart just so slightly (despite the movie a favorite of mine) They pull out both a heavy leather strap and of course your namesake to spank her with!  Now visibly in pain its quite evident that our poor model is indeed not enjoying this

They decide next to go to the crop.  our model now crying out after each stroke.  And while no one is forcing her to be where she is,  she indeed is willing to withstand such a bottom beating to get the part.  Finishing up they cane her reasonably hard.  Hard enough for welts to rise on her fine bottom.  She is not so much crying rather then whining which to tell you the truth makes one want to cane her harder. 

vlcsnap-14880848 vlcsnap-14877739 vlcsnap-14884999

vlcsnap-14886950 The movie then switches to its next spanking scene.  A girl trying to convince yet another older gentleman to let her stay out late.  Firmly he sets her curfew at 12:30.  Not only does she indeed come home late but she was drinking!  So she is given a choice,  take a spanking or her mother is told which inevitably will lead to yet another spanking. 

Faced with such a dilemma our young girl decides to take the spanking,  yet since she has never been spanked before she is indeed surprised how much hit hurts.  Over the knee with her skirt pulled up the Spanking begins over her nice white panties.  She gives a little jolt every time his hand makes contact with her bum.  The Spanking seems a little harder than the first girl indeed. 

Providing us a with good hard spanking for this attractive girl she decides to struggle a bit and mouth off, earning her yet a harder spanking!  A truly unwise move for a brat.  Unlike the other spanking with no breaks she receives a relentless hand spanking for at least 8 minutes and with her bottom glowing red she is sent upstairs to get her nighty on. 

vlcsnap-14893543 vlcsnap-14894492 vlcsnap-14897003

Upon returning she is indeed in for a surprise.  The dreaded cane!  While she protests the unfairness of what is about to happen to her, the uncle will have none of it.  She receives 6 of the best on her tightly pulled nightgown then another 12 on the bare and is finally sent up to bed to rub her stinging bottom.  vlcsnap-14900411

Now I was going to say I hated the movie until I saw the second scene. Taken together though its a mediocre spanking movie.  While there is nothing wrong with it in the sense they are not trying to rip you off or anything.  It really wasn’t my cup of tea though this was definitely a spanking movie written and starred in by amateurs.  .  (particularly the first scene).  Some of you might like it however.  And there is indeed nothing wrong with that.  So if you enjoyed what I described here you can find it here at VOD Spanking.


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