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Pandora Blake’s Perfect OTK Spanking

You know Dear Reader we Americans can be a myopic bunch.  One of the many things that we cannot really comprehend is the rest of the worlds view on speech.  Now I am not talking about Muslims in third world countries blowing shit up every time someone calls the prophet Muhammad a poopy head. I am talking about our own brothers and sisters in Industrialized nations like the UK!

I mention this since I came across an article of a man jailed in the UK for 12 weeks for posting rather offensive comments concerning a missing girl on Facebook.  This is indeed not to say he is not indeed an asshole, but at least in this country being an asshole is not in fact illegal.  The more interesting thing was since I picked it up from a popular news aggregator I like to frequent were the comments from us Americans and the English trying to educate us at our abhorrence of throwing an asshole in jail for being well…. an asshole!

Now in between various people comparing each other to various historical despots one UK poster actually posted something that made me stop and think.  He stated that although we Americans can simply not comprehend not being able to say whatever the fuck we want, it is the exception rather than the rule!  In fact as far as he knew we are the only country that lacks control on our speech!

He was in fact right,  with about 7 billion people in this world we Americans make up roughly 4.5% of the worlds population and we are truly mystified when the rest of 95.5% of the population tells us that we should not in fact be allowed to say whatever the fuck we want. 

But being a myopic American I believe being the minority does not make us any less right.  Of course there are things one ought not to say but we should all have the right to say them.  The reason is of course who is to say what we should not utter and when does it move from trolling facebook to disagreeing with the government! 

Thus before we go on the The Spanking Updates of the week let me say this.  Muhammad is indeed a poopy head.  Queen Elizabeth likes it up the butt from Charles, All blue people should be rounded up and shot and all girls should indeed be spanked. 

The University I went to did not allow Fraternities or Sororities which was of course fine by me since I never quite understood why they existed in the first place.  After all one can get blind drunk with lots of people without them and indeed being the individualist I am, Your Humble Narrator never was comfortable with the idea that I should submit myself to being “Accepted”.  But indeed had I known that the sister sorority had a policy of spanking one another I might have indeed changed my opinion.  For Pi Beta Spanking over at Spanking Sorority Girls have exactly that policy which too cute to spank Kat St James and Karina are subject to this week. Also available though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass 
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Cheerleading is a most American invention because who indeed could imagine girls jumping up and down at a Soccer match.  Invented in Princeton in in 1877 it was originally a all male thing which of course wasn’t exactly inspiring.  But indeed our lovely ladies got involved around 1907 though admittedly lacking the rather spankable outfits they have today.  While watching hot girls jump up and down in skimpy outfits is a rather worthwhile pastime they do indeed tend to be a rather self absorbed bunch.  So self absorbed that I would dare suggest they should be subject to regular spankings which of course Jessica Jensen is getting today on Triple A Spanking.
cheer087 cheer101 cheer114 cheer158 cheer197 cheer210

You know Dear Reader I am having trouble finding words to describe this next scene from our own Pandora Blake on Dreams of Spanking.  I want to call it realistic but that is not the right word.  It is more along the lines of authentic.  Indeed probably one of the most authentic OTK Spanking scenes I have ever seen.  Pandora who strikes another student is of course spanked.  The OTK Spanking that Thomas Cameroon gives her is almost as perfect as one can give.  It is hard and it is painful and her reaction to it is exactly how one would imagine a girl in that situation would react.  It is a very very fine piece.  One they should be supremely proud of. 
Dreams-of-Spanking_hand05 Dreams-of-Spanking_hand11 Dreams-of-Spanking_hand19 Dreams-of-Spanking_hand32 Dreams-of-Spanking_hand38 Dreams-of-Spanking_hand41

Ah another brave soul in the battle for freedom of the press.  Amelia Jane Rutherford who’s subversive military blog rankles the power that be.  Of course they do everything they can to shut her down.  While the law will not help with that, nothing in it says they cannot simply cane her into submission.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
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So apparently there is nothing more manly for the Taliban than to shoot 14 year old girls in the face.  Yes indeed Malala Yousafzai who at the tender age of 10 started blogging for the BBC documenting what life was like under Taliban rule.  This of course upset a bunch of people because after all she is a female,  she shouldn’t be able to read let alone write!  This of course begs the question that if your world view is so tenacious that the musings of a schoolgirl are so dangerous you feel the need to pull a Dick Cheney on her,  perhaps it is indeed time for a new worldview.  There are indeed other ways to deal with naughty schoolgirls.  Like spanking them.  From English Spankers
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Gianna love who I think has done a bit of porn as well is in trouble again Dear Reader on Punished Brats.  This time her bare bottom is subject to the strap with delightful results.
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Finally for today, Honestly Dear Reader,  when you spank a girl in the kitchen one should indeed consider all of the wonderful implements that are simply a arm length away.  No need to go up stairs and get the strap to use on their bare bottoms.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

3 comments to Pandora Blake’s Perfect OTK Spanking

  • Nice to see girls being spanked side by side in Sorority Girls Spanking.

  • iwasrobert

    If you're not careful, James Cameron will be shouting in your ear regarding the blue people comment! :-P

  • I see that the hate cleric Abu "hook" Hamza, who has finally been extradited after many years of his lawyers milking our system and the ridiculous European Human Rights laws which overrides many of our law court decisions on appeal has finally been given the respect he deserves. Ol' Hook has lost his metal hooks for "fear he could injure himself or others" why couldn't our useless system have thought of that… oh they did… only he appealed to the European Courts it was against his rights as a human being… well, I understand he is already starting to cost the American tax payer money with new prostetic hands which will cost $12,000 or so…I look forward to his trial – at last!

    Oh, and the red people should be spanked… not the blue!

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