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You know Dear Reader if there is one thing that enrages me more than Republican’s it is animal rights activists.  Now don’t get me wrong Dear Reader,  I have loved and cherished each and every pet I have ever owned and mourned their loss when they met their maker.  I feel that anyone who would abuse an innocent animal should be treated likewise only because we as the higher life forms should know better than to treat another life form as such.  But the thing is one must realize they are after all animals and not human beings nor despite our ridiculous insistence do they act as such. 

I mention this because two things came to my attention this week.  First a video that went viral showing a dog in Afghanistan attempting to bury a dead puppy.  The Interwebs lit up with sharing this video with comments like “how heart breaking”  or “this will bring tears to your eyes” at least until all the dog whisperer’s decided to rain on everyone’s stupid party and remind everyone that if you have ever observed a canine one will know that they have a instinct to bury dead things for later consumption, including apparently dead puppies. 

The second thing that I found rather annoying is that realizing that Peta isn’t as crazy as they would like.  A group in Israel called 269Life decided it would be a good idea to brand themselves publically to protest our treatment of animals.  Now again I have to interject Dear Reader.  I am not particularly a fan of factory farming.  I for one would rather pay a few dollars more for a steak if it meant they were grass fed and relatively happy before they were turned into delicious hamburger.  But it seems to me that in a country who’s government keeps millions living like animals all because a 2000 year old book willed them the land without consulting the present inhabitants there are surely enough problems that branding cows (which we have been doing for 100’s of years) probably should be on the back burner. 

Incidentally a couple of the branded were women who hopefully got branded on their ass unless of course they chose to appear on the next installment of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

You know Dear Reader, ever since Boogie Nights I have been completely enamored with Heather Graham.  I mention this because this new girl getting her bottom spanked reminds me a bit of her.  Dear Reader meet 26 Year old Ela Darling who is a bit hard to describe.  Kinda a fetish alternative model from the LA area (hey they are all weird on the left coast).  Well this week she tries her hand at getting spanked and while she may not be in hot pants and roller skates she is in a schoolgirl uniform.  From Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
IMG_9341l IMG_9345l IMG_9348l IMG_9356l IMG_9360l IMG_9361l

When it came out that the main “logic” that our corporate overlords decided that austerity was the only way to line their pockets while the rest of Europe suffers was due to a spreadsheet error.  One would think a decent person would admit their error and attempt to fix the wrong that one wrote on society.  But we are dealing with bankers here,  who much like every corporate overlord refuses to admit a mistake.  Particularly when the little people’s money are lining their pockets so lucratively.  What should have happened is exactly what is happening to Aleesha Fox for her excel error along with a really long prison sentence.  From Northern Spanking
NSI098-AJ013 NSI098-AJ021 NSI098-AJ025 NSI098-AJ026 NSI098-AJ045 NSI098-AJ046

It is no secret Dear Reader that our ludicrous prohibition on the whacky weed is one of the stupidest things on the face of the earth.  Much like the city that our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian lives in I look forward to the day I can walk down to the corner store or better yet,  walk into my back yard, cut down an huge weed and get high as a kite.  But our prohibitionists warn of dark days ahead.  Namely there has been a spike in the number of infants “overdosing” on the lucrative Mary Jane in states where its legal since apparently it contains parents to stupid to put away their goddamn pot.  Of course these “overdoses” have resulted in zero deaths,  and zero long term effects and at worse a shortage of breast milk to overcome the newborn munchies.  Which mind you kinda proves the whole point about the stupidity about our prudishness of a plant.  After all give a newborn a 5th of whisky and see how he or she lives without life support.  But I suppose there are some situations that should be illegal for being stoned.  One of course should not drive lest be distracted by the really cool lights.  And of course in the grueling sport of Badmitten which one could seriously put out an eye with the birdie.  From Spanked In Uniform
episode2_3 episode2_7 episode2_9 episode2_17 episode2_21 episode2_24

So on my long commute one of the things that helps me pass the time is books on tape,  or rather books on my cell phone.  I am presently immersed in the Zombie Fallout series which rather oddly mixes zombies, a germaphobic Marine, A pissed off vampire and lots of fart jokes.  Needless to say its not bad.  Now I am sure that our favorite Zombie Survivalist Chelsea Pfeiffer has read this classic.  While it makes no mention of spanking women,  perhaps she read something into it.  From Good Spanking.
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You know my friend Cake Boy has never been known for his hard spankings.  Entertaining,  yes.  But hard well… no.  But I am dually impressed by this strapping and caning that is applied to the lovely Jenna Jay.  She must have done something to piss him off awfully.  From Triple A Spanking. 
002a 004 009 010 011 012

You know it is indeed important that when you book a spanking model they don’t show up with marks on their bottom.  Yes I know,  it kinda sucks but that is what you get when you do the kind of things spanking models do.  Now being that English Spankers is a spanking site,  well what do you think that happens to the lovely Sophie Parker. 
npp5020046 npp5020050 npp5020051 npp5020058 npp5020073 npp5020078

You know Dear Reader on occasion I have some very interesting conversations with out spanking houses.  For example take our favorite Dirty old man.  Much of what many of you have observed is correct.  The girls he spanks well..  are in trouble with the law quite often.  Much like we all know that Jail does not keep a girl on the straight and narrow.  Spankings however do. When the previously incarcerated Sophie returns home there is only a long and painful punishment for her.  Perhaps asking herself why she didn’t remain incarcerated.  From Spanking Coeds
vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h36m10s62 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h36m20s176 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h36m38s97 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h37m06s122 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h37m16s229 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h37m34s143


2 comments to PETA Spanking

  • Rock

    You are smart assed little cookie aren't you. The gall of your fear of Republicans is only out done by your bigoted announcement that good people,guilty of being Southerners, like Paula Deen, are most likely inbreds.
    Of course you would never say that about the southerners who are Black.Because your not only a good little liberal but your a coward when it's all boiled down..

    Like every other "I know better than you do" piss pot liberal progressive monkey see monkey doer you show your narrow minded light weight brain. Stick to what you do best. Putting your ass in air and getting spanked.Then writing about it ad nauseum.
    If you have time, of course, left in your day after your persecution of the Christians.(whom you seem to take great pleasure in mocking). Then writing about it ad nauseum.
    Leave politics to those who are interested in saving this country ,and in turn ,your spoiled hide.
    Or are you to busy following one who fancies himself as the second coming of Karl Marx.(a wonderful self hating Jew)

    The earth will heal and the seas will recede.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
    Right on Mr. Presidente. Keep your snoot high in the air.

  • iwasrobert

    OK then. Rock's little rant almost makes me miss the Indeed Nazi.

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