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Pigtailed Erin gets an OTK Spanking as School

This is an outrage Dear Reader, A liberal activist federal judge in my beloved city has ruled that cheerleading is not a sport!  As a result the school which was being sued plans on replacing it with Women’s Rugby.  Now I don’t know about you Dear Reader but I don’t see a whole lot of enthusiasm for Spanking Woman’s Rugby Players.  In fact it might be down right dangerous considering Rugby is little more than a glorified game of Kill the Guy with the Ball (one of my favorites).  This indeed should be an outrage to both naughty cheerleaders and Spankers alike!  Unless of course they can get the rugby players to wear little skirts. 

But enough Dear Reader for it is the weekend and time to finish up the Spanking Updates of the week!

Nothing says Summer is here than a hot girl in way to short of shorts.  Particularly when that girl is Brynn Tyler and she finds herself getting an OTK Spanking on that tight little butt by Clare Fonda.  Clare of course is the queen of Mother Spanking Daughter scenes that many a teen girl has experience all over the world.  Beautiful Brynn is no exception.  Imagine the Spanking she would get from her mother if she found out all the naughty video’s she has made.  From Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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Our oddly named Spanking Model Crash is back on Dallas Spanks Hard.  As an aftermath of the bucket spanking she took some weeks ago you would think this iron bottomed girl would have had enough.  But apparently no enough for Dallas.  So he finished up her punishment with one of his famous and incredibly hard OTK spanking making use of his hand and of course your humble narrators namesake.  A wooden one at that!  crash2_10 crash2_11 crash2_12 crash2_14 crash2_15 crash2_17

Bad Tushy is back from vacation (hey even Ms Law’s hard hand needs a break) with yet another Spanking of a young female in front of her friends.  Now if I were this pretty young thing I do not know what I would be more afraid of.  The Painful Spanking with a hard wooden paddle she gets or the humiliation of a Bare Bottom Spanking in front of her peers!
0028 0045 0136 0167 0250 0263

Sarah Gregory has become a equal opportunity naughty girl.  Not content on only getting F/f Spankings she is of course branching out to feel the hard hand of a male upon her pretty little bare bottom.  Much to the delight of Yours Truly!  Now You might have seen these pics before.  But it is indeed an update since she is finally posting the full movie so one can drool over Sarah’s delightful Bare Bottom Spanking.  From Sarah Gregory  Spanking
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I suppose they will someday rule that schoolgirls outfits are somehow discriminatory or perhaps they are not real outfits! Where would we be then!  How will we know who to Spank!  The Horror!   Well until then we of course can dress up very hot girls in such outfits for a good hard Spanking.  Erin from Real Spanking Institute looks absolutely adorable in her plaid skirt, pigtails and hot red painful bottom.  Also available though the better values 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9638_005 9638_016 9638_031 9638_035 9638_020 9638_036 

It looks like the folks over at Spanking Server are breaking in a new girl.  Daniela, a hard bodied girl finds herself over the infamous horse getting an un-characterizingly light paddling from the normally Hard Spanker, Peter Shoober.  But I guess all girls need to start somewhere and Spanking them so Hard that they run screaming from your abode is indeed will never teach them anything.
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Our Young Vicky is in trouble again.  Unfortunately for her she has a Spanking Family!  Because as we know there is nothing that gets a naughty girl in line than a good crack from the cane on her naked bottom.  Spanked in the rather difficult and humiliating Diaper Position
FAM0061-004 FAM0061-014 FAM0061-019 FAM0061-028 FAM0061-029 FAM0061-045

And Finally for this week Another Crossover from the Hardcore Porn world Tara Lynn Foxx come to see the lovely Sinn Sage.  The skills she learned might come in handy before during and after Sinn gives her hard tight bottom a Spanking since Sinn of course enjoys a bit of “intimacy” with other lovely Ladies.  From Spank Sinn
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1 comment to Pigtailed Erin gets an OTK Spanking as School

  • iwasrobert

    Regarding the cheerleading thing, it's not quite as bad as all that: the judge essentially said that cheerleading wasn't a real sport *yet* because it wasn't well organised. Well obviously it's cheaper (that was the point of the switch from volleyball in the first place) so this ruling will probably encourage universities to get together and develop state and national varsity competitions – resulting in MORE cheerleading, not less!

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