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Pixie Amber Wells Paddled and More Girls Spanked

You know Dear Reader the one thing I hate about blogging about our girls getting spanked is writers block.  I awoke this morning looking forward to writing a post that will amuse you.  Upon searching the news however I just couldn’t find something that would be entertaining.  I mean the stock market is still in the shitter on the news that rich people have all the money and are not sharing it.  The current crop of Republicans are still batshit insane and The famine in the horn of Africa continues as its current residence inexplicably refuse to move where there is stuff called food.  Perhaps because it is indeed the weekend. None the less despite my brains refusal to cooperate in the task of spitting out witty prose the Spanking Updates of the week must indeed go on. 

Let us begin today with yet another update from our dear friend Clare Fonda on My Spanking Roommate.  Now the scenario that drove these girls to gang up and spank each other really doesn’t make too much sense but then again do you really need a reason to watch 3 hot girls gang up on each other and spank each others bare bottoms? Also available though the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass 
r86a02 r86a04 r86a07 r86a21 r86a26 r86a33

Who says Amelia Jane Rutherford does not sacrifice for science!  Stripping down to her birthday suit for the famed spanking research scientist Dr Zaegler to study the aerodynamics of a swinging strap and the resistance when it comes into contact with a bare bottom with rather painful results.  From Firm Hand Spanking
tdg_j002 tdg_j005 tdg_j012 tdg_j015 tdg_j017 tdg_j024

Our friend Dallas this week gives us yet another re-mastered spanking of old fondly recounting the day that he strapped the lovely Pixie Amber Wells to tears.  From the looks of it I doubt Pixie remembered it all that fondly.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
vlcsnap-2011-08-19-10h49m27s199 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-10h49m56s218 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-10h50m14s148 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-10h50m52s14 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-10h51m56s148 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-10h53m02s23

It indeed seems to be strap day Dear Reader.  This hot young thing feels the sting of the strap on her rather nice ass presumably to punish her for decorating the room that way.  From Bad Tushy
0002 0014 0050 0079 0086 0100

You know,  the amazing thing about Spanking and why it has survived all these years is the fact that it can be applied for any reason not foreseen in the past.  For example how many of us in the 70’s would imagine how many girls get spanked today over cell phone violations?  I am quite sure that if she had a time machine Maggie would gladly go back to a time before these pervasive devices rather than feel the sting of Tom’s hard hand.  From Girls Boarding School
prod0634p002 prod0634p003 prod0634p005 prod0634p007 prod0634p012 prod0634p017

You know schoolgirls can get quite forgetful about the rules when it suits them. Thus they need to be reminded quite harshly sometimes.  This week on Lupus Spanking two schoolgirls get a brutal paddling in detention ensuring that the next time they “forget” they will think twice lest they face yet another brutal spanking.
vlcsnap-2011-08-19-11h49m52s77 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-11h50m30s220 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-11h50m46s121 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-11h50m55s213 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-11h51m26s15 vlcsnap-2011-08-19-11h52m49s74

Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford are once in again in trouble at the Montgomery Military academy on Spanked in Uniform this week.  I will of course refrain from making snide remarks about the UK’s most famous World War II general and focus on the painful paddling these two girls get. 
ep8_3 ep8_7 ep8_9 ep8_10 ep8_12 ep8_16

And finally for this week Sarah dons her vinyl nun habit once again this week to give a naughty girl a rather proper paddling.  I have to find out where she got that thing.  From Spanking Sarah
npp3023011 npp3023016 npp3023022 npp3023024


9 comments to Pixie Amber Wells Paddled and More Girls Spanked

  • BadTushy's over-the-top filming decor is unlike anything I've ever seen.

  • If I could remember where I got it from, I would tell you …. Not sure if it comes in your size :)

  • Dan

    I love the spanked in uniform site, but I have to say, I don't really get the whole army thing. When I think of attractive women being spanked, I don't think about the armed services (although I do understand it's a power thing and they have to take it). Maybe because a chic in the army would probably kick my ass. But whatever. The spankings are still spankings.

  • I thought all American "boudoirs" were like the ones featured in Bad Tushy? I'd get a headache in some of their sets, the rooms have been vajazzled!

  • vajazzled? hmm….commencing googling.

  • Vajazzled

    I love me some Maggie spanking. So glad she's back at the Boarding School, now that Spanked At Home seems to be defunct.

  • Spankfun

    It's nice to see Headmaster Tom spanking Maggie. The "Spanked at Home" site seems to have gone to nowhere, including Michael who had never learned to spank. Let's hope the girls from "Spanked at Home" are due for better spankings than those they got from Michael. At "Girls Boarding School" they even produced recently a "Bye Bye Michael"-Clip:

  • KJ

    Kay Richards looks very good on the My Spanking Roommate clips. Is this the only site she seems to model for?

  • tim

    kj Kay appears on all of Clares sites ,lovely spankee and spanker.

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