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Playboy Bunny Niki Lee Young Gets Her First Spanking

You would think Dear Reader that even people dimmer than ourselves would eventually realize the Middle East will be the death of us all.  Probably sooner than later.  Since we have learned so much about “liberating” various third world shitholes already we are once again poised to strike at the leadership of Syria since we in our collective lunacy have decided that killing Men, Woman and Children with chemical weapons is considerably worse than blowing them up into teeny tiny bits or shooting them full of holes. 

The difference is this time Assad,  who has obviously noticed how well it went for the other tin pot dictators that were overthrown kinda has his back to the wall which is evident on his willingness to use nerve agents in the first place.  Thus we and our allies will attack him, and there is more than a slight possibility he will decide to gas the Jews next door and we all know how well that went the last time someone tried that. 

Of course this could have all been averted if we simply stopped insisting that everyone has a representational government.  While I believe that freedom is the best form of government we should realize by now that some people are simply not ready for it.  When you install a representative government and a significant population feels that it is perfectly ok to shoot a 14 year old in the face for suggesting she ought to be taught to read.  The chances are you are they are going to elect someone like minded.  Much like if our Christian Crazies ran things,  one only needs to look to Kansas how well that is working out. 

So as we wait on the cusp of World War III, we might as well look at some spanking pictures on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We shall begin today with a new addition to our red bottomed girls.  Our favorite Cameraman brings us yet another playboy bunny who needs her tushy tanned.  Dear Reader meet Niki Lee Young, a 27 year old bikini babe who has appeared in such celebrated magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, and Hustler.  None of which that I know of actually spanked her.  But that small problem is being corrected today on Spanked Callgirls as she finds herself over the knee of the lovely Alexis Grace.  Also available though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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Well we haven’t seen Ludella Hahn in almost a year.  That is really a long time for a young lady to go without a spanking.  On top of which she took a hop across the pond to see our friends in Jolly Old England, the Spanking Capital of the world.  It is only fitting that she leave with a sore bum.  From English Spankers
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Now I often wonder if we will ever run out of excuses for spanking our young ladies.  It seems however my fears are unfounded.  Particularly with this next update from Good Spanking.  For starters,  Its a Amelia Jane Rutherford and quite frankly does anyone really need an excuse to spank her?  To add to it she shows up in a nice tight pair of little short shorts.  Finally it seems that AJR is a little mixed up with her latest trip to the states and shows up to Chelsea’s place a week before she is supposed to. 
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50 Years ago this week,  Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” Speech to fight for the rights of African American to be afforded the rights that the rest of us enjoy in this great country.  Perhaps one of the greatest orators' of our time changed the history of our society that day.  I am fairly certain he envisioned a African American would someday become president, and quite honestly I think he would be a little surprised that we have one only 50 years later although he is really a Kenyan Socialist forcing everyone to have healthcare so I am not sure if that counts or not.  I am also fairly certain he didn’t envision young ladies of color simulate anal sex on the dance floor in the form of “Twerking” which has been all the rage as of late. I am also pretty sure he never ever envisioned a talentless white girl from Tennessee on television in her underwear simulating young ladies of color simulating anal sex as we were all subjected to this week in the form of Miley Cyrus. Who obviously could have benefited from a couple of good hard spankings from Billy Ray.  Like of course Joline is getting on Real Life Spanking
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So there are times when it is not appropriate to wait to get home to dish out a spanking.  Sometimes Dear Reader the girl needs a spanking right then and there.  Of course while we might like to, its rather inappropriate to pull down their panties in a public place.  While Spanking should ultimately be on the bare bottom Your Humble Narrator knows that this is not always possible.  Such as this situation young Lila Night gets herself into.  Unfortunately for her Ms Blake can spank with the best of them and she really beats the hell out of her tiny bottom.  I doubt the thin panties gave her much protection and of course she can look forward to a bare bottom spanking when she gets home.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
11983_003 11983_006 11983_018 11983_026 11983_030 11983_035

You know Dear Reader,  This girl Ariel is really growing on me.  Not to mention her tormentor Sydney who can and does dish out a pretty good spanking on her exposed schoolgirl bottom.  Though I would prefer seeing Sydney get a spanking of her own.  From Punished Brats
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You know in the past I have been critical of Firm Hand Spanking dishing out less than hard spankings to girls we can only assume are eye candy.  This naked spanking of the little Tiffany Bennett is no different.  The difference this time is that this girl seems to be honestly in pain.  Getting a spanking that even a 10 year old could probably tolerate this girl is writhing and struggling as the less than stellar blows hit her bottom.  Tears flow in what appears to be in earnest.  Tiffany is either one hell of an actress or has a very very sensitive bottom. 
brat_c001 brat_c006 brat_c008 brat_c014 brat_c015 brat_c024

Finally for today we have a young Japanese girl in trouble with her mother which as you might have guessed warrants a long hard bare bottom spanking.  From Handspanking
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