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Redheads galore, Very Hot Schoolgirl Spanking, and the Irish Drinking Song On Spanking Updates of the Week!

Ah Thursday is upon us again Dear Reader and once again the weekend is in site.  This weekend is particularly special for me however for your humble narrator has purchased the one thing he wants other then giving a pretty girl a good spanking.  That is of course a gigantic TV to view all of these wonderful spanking on. 

So this weekend Dear Reader Your's truly will be weaving a soliloquy of obscenities  as I try to figure out what plug goes where, Why there is no sound and question why exactly did I get this television in the first place. 

In spite of all the blood sweat and the tears however I look forward to it like a child's visit to a toy store.  Only this time I don't have to beg my mother for my toy.  Ok Off to the first part of our Spankings of the Week!

This Blonde Bombshell goes by the name Carolyn Reese and has worked with Chelsea Pfeiffer for some time.  To tell you the truth I really hadn't noticed her until now. but she is without a doubt gorgeous.  I can only fantasize about putting a girl of that caliber over my knee.  Plus I love that little pointy nose of hers.  Outside of spanking for a second we used to refer to that as a belly pecker.  From Good Spanking
Bare Bottom Spanking OTK SPanking  Girl Spanking Girl

If you read The Spanking Spot you will know I am just a total sucker for Redheads.  Particularly nicely freckled ones like Justine from Girls Boarding School.  To me Dear Reader this girl is just perfect.  I know that Irish girls have a reputation of enlarging somewhat as they get older.  But you know?  I simply don't care.  The girl is beautiful and always will be. 
Schoolgirl Schoolgirl Spanking Naked Schoolgirl Spanking

My Friend over at English spankers has Lena with one of the most attractive and cute moon faces I have ever seen.  Her rear (and the rest of her) is no slouch either.  When I go to the UK I am going to stop in and beg him to let me spank her.  For now we'll just have to do a double shot of this incredibly cute creature.  Oh one other thing she looks incredible in that schoolgirl outfit.
Schoolgirl Spanking Schoolgirl Punishment English Spanking M/f Spanking Teacher Spanking Student Class Spanking

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I will probably have better ones next week.  However these two girls are just too hot not to show you.  They get a nice wooden paddling for going out,  getting a little tipsy and denting their car which I heartily concur that such an offence deserves a Wooden Paddle.  You can See this on Real-Life-Spankings
Real Life Spanking Male Spanking Female Spanking Hurts

I guess all the sites have been releasing the video's they have taken over the summer.  That's the only way to explain the dearth of hot miniskirts and short shorts.  This is the incredibly hot Jadie from Bars and Stripes
Womens Prison Prison Spanking Spanked in Prison

I'm not sure what Pixie has done to herself but she looks fantastic in this scene with Veronica giving her the belt.  She is wearing a IRISH shirt so I think its only fit to sing the Irish Drinking Song.  "Drink and Drink and Drink and Fight!, Drink and Drink and Drink and Fight!".  Too bad there isn't a spank in there someplace.  From Punished Brats.
PixiePunished BratsSpanked With a Belt Female Spanks Female  

I guess due to The Spanking Couple's predicament we won't see my dear friend Veronica spanking pretty girls any time soon. (or being spanked herself).  Girl Spanks Girl has her delivering a nice OTK to the very cute Kay Richards.
Female Spanking Female Over the Knee Spanking Spanking

Katie Leigh must work out something fierce because that hiney of hers is TIGHT.  Perfect to break a bone or two in your hand when spanking her ass becomes over exuberant.  Who says a Spankers life is all glory and no pain.  Hey I wonder if workman's comp would cover that.  From Slut Spanking.
Slut Spanking OTK Spanking Male Spanks Female

OMG Look at this New girl from Northern Spankings.  Kami is unbelievably gorgeous.  I mean look at this study in absolute perfection!  I think we have The Spanking of the Week.  At the very least it deserves a few more pictures.  I'll run more when that beauty's panties come down.  Lucy Please tell me she is going to be a regular.
Northern Spanking Father Spanks Daughter Naughty Schoolgirl Dad Spanks DaughterTeen Spanking Spanked By Dad Girl Spanked by Father

A cute girl in Glasses is usually a turn on for me but you know what.  This girl looks much better without them.  Very Very Cute.  I would put her over my knee in a second.  From Sound Punishments.
Secratary Punishment Over the Knee Spanking Spanked Girl

And Finally for tonight My favorite Firecrotch gets the living daylights spanked out of her perfect bare bottom by her boyfriend.  A lucky man indeed.  From Spank Amber
Bare Bottom Spanking Brush Spanking OTK Spanking


8 comments to Redheads galore, Very Hot Schoolgirl Spanking, and the Irish Drinking Song On Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • Anonymous

    The picture of Ms. Veronica preparing to spank Kay Richards — the first photo — shows Ms. Veronica at her best, in my humble opinion. I for one will miss her site!

    And Kay Richards looks very sweet in that picture, too.

    Thanks for the pictures!

  • Chross

    I believe that Justine is Norwegian though.

  • Spanking_Amy

    Kami is gorgeous, isn't she? – I had the very great pleasure of spanking, paddling and caning her on her shoot with us, and she has the most amazing backside.
    Worry not, we got plenty of material from her shoot – her first ever! – and I very much doubt it'll be her last.


  • Richard Windsor

    I think Pixie always looks fantastic!!

  • Smallhanded

    Great updates this week!

  • Lucy McLean

    You know Brush mate, I KNEW you'd love Kami!

    She is as beautiful on the inside as she is out, and she's just fabulous. We did shoot quite a bit with her and will definitely be doing more. At the moment she is exclusive to Northern Spanking but I expect you'll see more of her on other sites in 2008. I predict she is going to make a very big splash very quickly in the UK scene :-) Yay!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my the new spankee 'Kami' completely distrakedted me on your blogg and see, i can no lnger even typ correctli! wow :) no i have not been drinking–yet.

    "The Cherry Red Report"

  • Kami

    Yeah, as far as I can say there will be more :). It's great fun! Thanks for all kind worlds! :D

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