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You know Dear Reader I am far from the walking Spanking encyclopedia that many have called me.  Unfortunately due to my busy schedule I don’t have the time to go out and look for more spanking sites to bring you.  Luckily however The Spanking Spot has gained a reputation so many sites come to Your Humble Narrator to get reviewed.  I do want to make this clear for any of the other spanking site owners thinking of contacting me  before I go into this review.  The rules are pretty simple  I don’t take paid banners,  I don’t take paid links.  I do take affiliate revenue (if you have one), and most importantly I say what I think concerning your site.  If you have a site you are proud of and gives a decent value to my Dear Readers,  then you indeed have nothing to fear.  This Dear Readers is the case with Redneck Spanking.

Now for all of your Humble Narrator’s teasing about the south. There is no other location in the world that is synonymous with spanking than our friends below the Mason Dixon line.  Dominated by rough and tumble bible thumpers most if not all grew up with the knowledge if one gets out of line they will indeed be on the receiving end of either the hand or other unpleasant instrument on their bare bottom.  Couple this with the cultural submissiveness of southern belle’s and you have a wonderful area ripe with the possibility of some good spankings.

Site offerings and Cost
While Your Humble Narrator has fallen down on his duties since I know not when this site was started Redneck spankings seems to be a young site with a few growing pains along the way.  The one thing that is apparent however these guys are real spanko’s and while I am sure it is nice to make some money it doesn’t appear that this is their driving focus.  What does appear however is to provide their fan’s with some decent hard spanking of southern girls. 

Redneck Spanking as you probably can guess is a movie site with a concentration of spanking pretty girls with a southern drawl.  Its hard to tell but it appears that the updates that occur at least twice weekly consist of a full length spanking clip with the complementary pictures as one would expect.  The site is a bit confusing but that is not due to the designer.  Its simply different than we are used to.  When you get onto the site it looks like a simple blog with a join button on the right hand side.  If you indeed decide to join you get access to what generally is a pretty damn good spanking website.  I won’t take points away from this new format since it looks as if they are experimenting and experimentation is good Dear Reader!

What is intriguing about this site is it appears to have started out of a labor of love.  I’ll go into this further when we get into video quality,  but it really appears that whomever started Redneck Spankings bought their first video cam at the local Wal-Mart and simply started to film his passion for spanking any and every southern girl that would go over his knee.  That Dear Reader is dedication!

Costs for Redneck spanking are quite reasonable and perhaps some of the cheapest on the web.  For a 1 month subscription one can expect the cost at $14.95 which is quite reasonable since the Dow has fallen 700 points and we are no indeed all poor.  If you choose a longer subscription then one can expect quite a cost savings.  For a 90 day membership one would expect to pay a little more then $13.00 per month and at a year sub that cost drops to 8 bucks a month.  I would have liked the 90 day membership to be a bit cheaper but with the discount for a year subscription Your Humble Narrator thinks its fair. 

Wife about to get spankedOnce you log in, and figure out how to navigate the site,  one can look forward to quite a bit of spanking for his or her money.  A new customer can look  forward  almost 50 spanking videos which come out to be a bit less than 9 hours of spanking goodness.  At the full month cost of $14.95 which would give one a cost per enjoyment ratio of $1.66 per hour of bare bottom girls spanked.  Not a bad price at all Dear Reader

I am going to skip the New Updates because the little I know about the site could be anywhere from 1 to 3 updates of the week.  Eventually when this site becomes more established we’ll know more. 

The Girls
As one can probably safely assume with a name such as Redneck Spanking these are not the girls next door unless you live in a trailer park.  But to tell you the truth Dear Reader aside from spanking rich girls with little or no concept of personal responsibility my second favorite spankee is indeed trailer trash.  For those outside of my beloved country one must understand,  while you might hear negative things about the sea of trailer parks in the south but they are the breeding ground for some of the most spankable young women.  First their education level tends to be somewhat limited,  Second,  they were brought up to accept a spanking when they get out of line.  Third all of their friends were spanked growing up.  (sound travels quite well outside of a doublewide).  and Finally there are some quite attractive southern belle’s in these parks if one can only keep them away from McDonalds.  

Naked Spanking Painful Bare Ass Spank Me Spanked in the tub Daisy Duke Spanking Trailer Trash Girl About to get spanked

Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of Course The Spankings.
Now if you have been reading The Spanking Spot for any length of time you will know that I am a nut when it comes to film quality.  I am going to suspend that for this review.  It appears that these guys are really trying to upgrade their spanking quality as of late.  Now as a negative alot of their material is running is substandard quality (with the exception of the newer posts).  The newer updates are much better and I hope that it will continue.  Now the reason Dear Reader that I will not complain about this as I have with other sites is that I believe that Redneck Spanking is simply learning at this point.  And that is ok! Since their price point reflects it.  I am never against reducing ones price until they find their niche in the world. 

The Spanking are well… Hard  delivered by pretty much authentic rednecks.  These guys would be quite at home in Deliverance,  which while a bit disturbing suggests that their spanking of these girls bottoms is a bit more painful than these girls thought.  While the spankings are respectable they probably could do better by pushing the spanking up a notch.  but it is not by any means a deal breaker

Scenes are what you would expect in the deep south.  girls coming home late, girls not washing clothes when asked to etc etc.  The Spankings are delivered bare bottom though I would argue that a bit

of spanking over the jeans or daisy dukes would probably boost their popularity quite a bit.  Outfits are strictly domestic which is a nice touch

Who Will NOT Like This Site
If you a stickler for film quality you might want to wait for a bit until Redneck Spanking finishes their upgrade.  Also if you absolutely abhor southerners than this is probably not the site for you.

Who will LOVE This Site
Hard to say Dear Reader.  Its a good site.  I think perhaps they should spend any profit they get off of Redneck Spankings  on a new camera or two.  But on the other hand they are trying which in my book will eventually lead to a site that is more than excellent.  Its a Tough Call since this site has real potential but could go either way. 

You can find Redneck Spanking here at Redneck Spanking

7 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Redneck Spanking

  • jeremy

    I am glad to see another demographic making it's way into the spanking scene. I'd personally love to spank the redneck out of some of these girls.

    Anyway, thanks again for bringing a new site to our attention. Keep your eyes peeled now for coming soon. Keeping buns warm in Iceland!

  • Wow Thanks for the review! Totaly honest, but I would expect no less. I have recently purchaces 2 new cameras, 540I Hydef, but not super Hydef (1080I) You get into a lot of gigs there and there would be no possible way to keep the price this low, and besides on the web You could hardly tell the difference. What I did invest in this past week is proffesinal lighting, all the newer vids shine brightly and starting with the 2 vids shot yesterday are going to be brilliant! I'm trying to hold the $14.95 for a while (as long as I can) But with cost of new Models ect, it will be going up soon. Anyone that buys in for $14.95 a month and continues has that price locked in for life! Thanks so much, hope Youall will check it out! Damn I just heard one of the Girls trying to sneek back in on My quadrunner (whitch is off limites) Well guess its back to business!!! Thanks CSheriff

  • Spanking Soldier

    Hallejulah! Finally a site that centers around my demographic.

  • 3 On September 30th, 2008, Spanking Soldier said:
    Hallejulah! Finally a site that centers around my demographic Hey don't hesitate to email the webmaster Your thoughts or what You would like to see in a movie, it could happen much easier than You think! Csheriff

  • […] were thrilled to get our second good review in just 1 week!  The Spanking Spot by Brush Strokes offers us great words of encouragement and […]

  • Yeah, the girl on the top of the left column has got a great pair of breasts and she looks pretty humiliated bent over that chair. Her breasts must really bounce and jiggle when the paddle hits her ass. Show me her "private" parts and I'll be one happy sadistic bastard. Does she have pubic hair?

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