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Resisting a Spanking Will Only Get You Spanked Harder

Your Humble Narrator is indeed in a good mood.  Not only last Sunday teach our Christian crazies that God really doesn’t care about football with the drubbing of the chosen one from Colorado.  But my beloved football team was victorious in the frozen tundra of Green Bay!  Now of course they are off to warmer climates and after spanking the non-believers and not putting flowers in their hair.  They will of course go on to once again thwart the menace from my adopted New England.  Of course logically considering these teams are less than 200 miles away from each other the Superbowl will be held in Indiana!. 

But aside from the locational failure of the NFL we natives of my beloved city are indeed overjoyed.  Of course when my beloved team is victorious I will have a bunch of angry neighbors with pitchforks and torches at my door.  New Englanders do get a little overzealous!

Now indeed Dear Reader off to continue the spanking updates of the week!

As our young ladies mature they sometimes get the mistaken and rather silly belief that they are too old for a spanking.  Thus they have a tendency to resist such a punishment.  Now usually a good tug on the ear will subdue them but if they are particularly stubborn sometimes the use of force is necessary to get them into a proper position to be spanked.  The one thing our pig tailed Allison Miller forgets is that her disciplinarian is quite a bit larger than she.  Thus simply picking her up and bringing her to her place of punishment is quite effective to thwart a girl resisting a spanking.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
family_l002 family_l006 family_l009 family_l012 family_l017 family_l020

As our Dear Clare Fonda knows sometimes an argument between two girls can indeed become heated as it does for Alice Wonder and Nena.  But one cannot simply settle ones differences with spanking each other.  That of course should be reserved for the mistress of the house!  Thus when she catches these two girls spanking each other, they unexpectedly get a much harder and painful spanking from her on Girl Spanking Girl or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.
DSC_0477l DSC_0493l DSC_0498l DSC_0504l DSC_0516l DSC_0534l

Now that I am unemployed I keep trying to remind myself that I indeed don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time!  Of course I still have that whole “I must get in front of my computer lest my boss thinks I am gone” until of course I remind myself that it is wholly unneeded.  Unfortunately for Danielle Hunt she is conversely very employed with a superior that believes in a good hard spanking for being late more than once.  It must indeed such to have to work a 8 hour shift with a sore and painful bottom.  From Spanked in Uniform.
ep29_5 ep29_6 ep29_8 ep29_12 ep29_14 ep29_15

When will our girls learn that the remote control is the sole possession of a male.  You would think this would be quite evident by now!  Unfortunately Northern Spanking’s new girl Sarah Jones decides not to give up the remote when Paul enters the room, earning her, her first bare bottom spanking ever. 
NSI099-SP007 NSI099-SP029 NSI099-SP074 NSI099-SP107 NSI099-SP128 NSI099-SP137

Sometimes Dear Reader our girls disobey at the most inconvenient times.  Take Lady D’s predicament here.  Teen Brandi and Kailee Robertson were out half the night and came home smelling of alcohol.  Poor Lady D is tired and indeed wants to go to bed.  But the girls indeed need to be spanked!  Thus sometimes its necessary to do away with all the pomp and circumstance that is associated with a spanking and simply have them put their legs up and smack them on their bare behinds.  From Spanking Teen Brandi or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
1195_010 1195_052 1195_067 1195_069 1195_110 1195_118

Now what do we have here Dear Reader.  Meet Chelsea Pfeiffer’s newest naughty girl.  One that goes by the name Karina and has found stockings that are perfect for a spanking.  No need indeed to take the time to pull them down since her bottom is already bared!  Needless to say she is in for a long and painful spanking.  From Good Spanking
001 002 003 005 009 012

Ah the peace and tranquility of married life.  However there is a curious movement afoot which I actually thought was a joke when I first read about it.  It seems indeed that a growing number of Christian households are practicing Christian Domestic Discipline (CCD) or in other words wife spanking!  Now far be it from me to criticize such behavior considering this is a spanking site and all.  But I do find it rather intriguing.  I was however unable to find any numbers of households which are practicing that but it seems indeed enough to piss off feminists who not realizing the benefits of getting spanked when one is naughty are unsurprisingly firmly against it.  Personally I might take up cheering for Tim Tebow and going to church!  From Spanking Sarah
npp3077003 npp3077007 npp3077049 npp3077058 npp3077059 npp3077060

You know Dear Reader, as much as I like the idea of a naughty nurse as much as the next guy.  I am a bit puzzled by the many of us that want to spank nurses.  Quite frankly if I am in a hospital bed with all sorts of machines hooked up to me the very last thing I want is a nurse distracted by her stinging bottom!  From Cutie Spankee
nrs_h04 nrs_h18 nrs_h19 nrs_h24 nrs_h33 nrs_h38 nrs_h44 nrs_h48


2 comments to Resisting a Spanking Will Only Get You Spanked Harder

  • Oh these were all delightful. The two girls misbehaving under Clare's roof actually got double spankings, spanking each other and then from Clare herself, no wonder their bottoms are glowing so brightly in the corner! We rarely see the diaper position on commercial sites, so that was a nice novelty and to use that stingy looking little paddle, too. Finally Karina is indeed in for a long and painful spanking, does Chelsea ever give any other sort?

  • tim

    Young Karina is a new pretty spankee girl with Chelsea spanking her very nice ,best ,Tim.

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