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Riley Evans Gets Her First Spanking And Amy Hunter becomes a Brunette

One of the things I absolutely detest about my job as a Spanking blogger is when I get a really good idea for an intro and by the time I get home and put the words to the screen the thought is indeed gone.  But then again I forget about everything.  I simply don’t think a day has gone by where I have not wandered around my house looking for my keys, and please don’t ask me when my significant other’s birthday is.  In fact Your Humble Narrator would probably forget to Spank naughty bottoms if they weren’t so damn prominent on the female body.

This of course is frustrating,  since as we all know there is only so much one can write about with regards to Spanking.  So such ideas are precious.  But since my intro today is about nothing I will of course not bore you with the details.  But do remember Dear Reader there will be no Spanking Post on Saturday, I will of course try to get all I can in the The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin this week with the knowledge that a hospital administrator’s job is never done.  Seeing how the night shift nurses are usually quite unsupervised it would behoove one to check in at night to see what is really going on.  What we all of course know is that there is nothing but moaning patient’s who are too weak to give the nurses the Spanking they deserve!  Well thankfully our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is around to do that for us.  Something tells me that they will respond a little quicker when the nurse call is pushed.  From Spanked In Uniform
ep13_6 ep13_11 Black girl Spanked Nurse Spanked by a Doctor ep13_20 ep13_21

Your Humble Narrator indeed has a problem with change.  But as always change is inevitable.  While I think I still like our little Amy Hunter as the one getting a Spanking rather than giving it.  Going to Brunette is starting to grow on me.  Besides she does a pretty damn good as Spanking Clare Fonda’s adult actress new to the Spanking scene Riley Evans.  Now not to belittle Amy’s effort,  I am not sure that this Spanking was indeed effective. Judging from some of the pictures I have seen I suspect this indeed is not the most painful thing to happen to her tight ass.  From Spanked Callgirls or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
001 Amy Hunter Spanks Riley Evans Riley Evans Spanking 022 024 027

While covering for one’s wayward sister is indeed Noble, our lovely Pixie Amber Wells finds out that it can also be painful.  Of course girls have a tendency to rat on one another when a Hard Spanking is involved.  Pixie however can take comfort in the fact that Lilly Anna also gets a rather Painful Spanking when she arrives home from sneaking out with her boyfriend.  I wonder what he will say when he sees her glowing red bottom.  From Punished Brats
IMG_2053 Pixie Amber Wells gets a Bare bottom Spanking  Pixie Spanked Lilly Anna Spanked on the bare ass IMG_2079 IMG_2083

Now of course our girls can indeed give us a little trouble when they learn they will recieve a Spanking.  Why might you ask?  Well it is funny that you ask,  since there is a rather large segment of females of the population that bizarrely don’t want a Spanking,  How odd!  But then again we can indeed imagine why Dear Reader since a proper Spanking on the bare indeed hurts quite a bit.  Now what Monica and other ladies like this eventually learns that struggling will only make the Spanking longer and harder (much harder in Monica’s case) resulting in a bottom about the shade of Monica’s  From Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
8110_005 8110_006 8110_009 8110_042 Monica Spanked by Coach Painful Spanking 8110_059 8110_070

I am weak Dear Reader,  weak I say.  For if in the unlikely event that Samantha Woodley is making bedroom eyes at Yours Truly I can assure you that she will indeed get out of her Spanking.  Earl Grey on the other hand has the fortitude to do what is indeed needed to be done on her bottom with a good caning.  From Firm Hand Spanking
discipline_bj003 discipline_bj005 Samantha Woodly C discipline_bj014 discipline_bj016 Bare Bottom Caning

I think its time that our Dear Chelsea Pfeiffer got a new coffee table.  Preferably one with a display case where she can display all of her wonderful Spanking Implements.  I mean why indeed keep such wonderful craftsmanship in a dark closet?  Besides with her assemblage of Ass Spanking Implements it might indeed cut down on the Spankings she has to give….  On second thought,   forget about it.  From Good Spanking
005 Bare Ass Spanking 008 009 011 Jade Indica Spanked

I am a bit perturbed Dear Reader,  It seems that even in the dreaded Diaper Position and using a Hairbrush our young Hellen seems to be smiling all though her Spanking on English Spanking this week.  This of course is odd since Spankings usually elicit the opposite reaction.  Could she indeed be some form of mutation making Spanking Young ladies bottoms obsolete!  The Horror!  I think this warrants a full investigation!
english-spankers-npp599002 english-spankers-npp599011 english-spankers-npp599032 english-spankers-npp599052 english-spankers-npp599066 english-spankers-npp599075

You know I am a fan of keeping Spanking simple.  During a session use one or two positions.  Spanking anyone,  particularly someone new like Emma Jane here in a myriad of positions one does not get to enjoy the Spanking.  Its like the first time you had sex and tried to do all the funky things you see in porn movies only to realize that no human being can last that long and that reverse pile driver cowgirl  isn’t all that satisfying and quite dangerous if one loses his balance.  Thus is Your Humble Narrator’s KISS method of Spanking.  There will always of course be another Spanking to be given.  From Spanking Casting
CAS-100_7 CAS-085_13 CAS-101_12 CAS-085_52 CAS-101_47 CAS-101_55

And Finally for today you might remember last week our hot Japanese girl in short shorts went to the doctor to be Spanked which left me contemplating learning Japanese and a career change.  But it seems while traditional cures of whale bladder and other body parts of endangered animals are approved cures, Spanking is indeed not!  How curious.  Well this week on Handspanking the patient finds our that the doctor is indeed a quack and decides to give her a painful cure of her own.
k10-04 k10-15 Japanese Spanking k10-45 k10-48 k10-50


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