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Rough Man Spank Upgrades, and Sarah Gregory gets Spanked at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Zombie Proof House

Before we get into the wonderful bare bottom spankings that our Spanking Houses have to offer this week just a bit of housecleaning.  First and foremost if you haven’t already make sure you nominate your favorite spankee/spanker for the 2009 Spanking Awards in the post I put up last week.  Simply leave a comment and of course make sure you read the rules and how its going to work this year.  Second I am sorry to say that I am shutting down the Spanking Spot Topsites.  Unfortunately the site really never materialized to what I wanted it to me.  Compound the fact that the software I am using is giving me problems and it really isn’t all that popular to begin with It has become simply a waste of resources.  Besides most of the sites that have registered for it are included here in one form or another. 


So now without further ado lets begin the spanking updates of the week!


Let us begin our spanking journey with the bottom beating of the insanely cute Cabrilia on Spanking Server this week.  Taking her licks from a rather annoyed teacher that just so happens to have a restraining bench in her classroom.  The spanking is given by the leggy Heidi who indeed shows them off in the very attractive denim miniskirt.  I do however look forward to the day where he takes his assistant spanker and delivers a few whacks on her very nice bare bottom. 
snapshot20091111123351 snapshot20091111123412 snapshot20091111123426 snapshot20091111123500


The vanquisher of spoiled models are back this week Dear Reader!  Yes our Mystery Spanker has indeed found yet another smart mouth girl who is in need of a harsh lesson on how she treats the people who hire her.  At the tender age of 18,  Lacyn (how the hell do you pronounce that, is the N silent?) is taught a painful lesson early in her modeling career that hopefully will be remembered otherwise her incredible ass might be the part that is tender.  From Bun Beating Fun
lacyn-model-2 lacyn-spank-6b lacyn-spank-17 lacyn-spank-18


Now Chelsea is either a hard core spanko or indeed afraid of zombies.  You see she has encased her house with quite the fortification in the form of a concrete wall keeping out nosy neighbors trying to figure out where all those whacking sounds are coming from or a more logical explanation is that she is preparing for the zombie apocalypse (Everyone knows zombies can’t scale walls!).  Whatever the reason the dainty girl next door Sarah Gregory has the unenviable job to test Chelsea’s new found privacy with a hairbrush spanking upon her bared bottom in a polka-dot bikini.  From Good Spanking
002 007 006 004 008


Ah the two weeks off Rough Man Spank took was indeed not a vacation.  But an Upgrade!  Listening to their users (many of which have complained on The Spanking Spot) they have upgraded their movie quality which I might add was desperately needed!  And the high quality downloadable movies look fantastic!  To Celebrate they have brought us a young quite hot strawberry blonde by the name of Inga.  Her pants taken down her bottom is strapped quite hard!
36022 36057 36064 36078


You know I am really beginning to like what Mr M is doing with Real Spanking.  After the tumultuous times they went though two years ago he is assembling his own magic once again. Following the mantra if it ain’t broke don’t fix it he is returning to his roots.  Find beautiful girls and spank them. The 18 Year Old  Lila whom debuted last week takes her first OTK F/f spanking and she is quite eager to get over the knee.  Being incredibly beautiful indeed helps what is a fantastic ever increasing in intensity spanking. Also available though the better priced 8 Site Real Spanking Pass
9205_012 9205_025 9205_028 9205_044


Spankings of course can be used to discourage naughty behavior before it happens just as effectively as it does to discourage such behavior after the deed is done.  This young lady is having a problem thinking unclean thoughts and is driven to touch herself rather inappropriately.  Upon her confession her disciplinarian gives her a hard spanking with the hand strap and cane.  Thinking quite correctly that is rather hard to masturbate when one cannot sit down.  From Spanking Online or the 4 site Spank Pass
vlcsnap-3527277 vlcsnap-3527483 vlcsnap-3527561 vlcsnap-3527908


Well last week I complained that Spanking Casting debuted a new model but didn’t give us any spanking!  and Let me tell you Dear Reader this girl is indeed spankable.  Well good things come to those who wait.  For this week the beautiful Monique is finally bent over and spanked properly with a number of implements.  Now I can’t wait to see her getting a OTK Spanking. 
CAS-052_4 CAS-052_28 CAS-052_67 CAS-052_79


A pair of Asian Schoolgirls get a brutally hard spanking that they will never forget from their headmaster at their new English school on 1st Choice Spanking
vlcsnap-3554542 vlcsnap-3554803 vlcsnap-3555039 vlcsnap-3556082


Even Old Strict headmistresses need to be spanked once and a while to remind them the horrible punishment that they are inflicting on their girls.  Our friends at English Spanker indeed work hard to line up the various headmistresses of jolly old England for their yearly spanking.  It is indeed a thankless job but someone has to do it. 
npp1011023 npp1011029 npp1011044 npp1011078


And finally for tonight the wonderful weirdness that is the Japanese culture a girl gets spanked by her mother for losing to her in chess and attempting to cheat.  Although Chess is the game of kings it is apparently one for spankee’s as well.  From Handspanking
t10-04 t10-07 t10-09 t10-14 t10-15 t10-19


One last thing before I go Dear Reader.  On my other site.  Spanked and Fucked I am indeed running the beautiful Kailee getting not only spanked but indeed fucked.  So please go take a look


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