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Sabrina Scott Gets her First Spanking and Well As Teagan Summers

Well Dear Reader the elite have finally done it.  Us bothersome little people camping out in front of their beloved corrupt exchange have finally been evicted.  Freedom park is now tent free after yesterday’s cleanup by my beloved city’s police department.  An eviction might I add that had almost no mainstream coverage.  Meanwhile in Oakland their mayor admitted to coordinated attacks with other cities on the protesters. 

But despite this, things are indeed looking up Dear Reader.  For example officials at Penn State have learned it is wrong to cover up for a guy piddling little boys no matter how good their coach may be. Mike McQuery has learned that the proper response when one witnesses a 10 year old being anally raped is not to call one’s daddy.  Who knew! 

Well it is central Pennsylvania which is slightly less backwards than Kentucky.  I mean marrying one’s siblings is at least illegal!  But now Dear Reader it is time to forget the troubles of the world and enjoy this week’s Spanking Updates of the Week!

We indeed have a treat today Dear Reader.  Our Dear Clare Fonda has found another adult film star crossover for us to witness her very first spanking.  Dear Reader meet 21 year old Teagan Summers who might I add is absolutely stunning.  She joins the cast of Spanked Callgirls and promptly falls asleep during her “date”.  He indeed must have been slightly more boring than your humble narrator.  But a client is indeed a client Dear Reader and she learns what happens when the clients are not happy.  Also available though the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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A couple of weeks ago Dear Reader I announced that Sabrina Scott,  the moderator over a Firm Hand Spanking forums had been a bit naughty.  Thus they offered her a spanking shoot which she was contemplating.  Well Dear Reader I am glad to announce she has felt her bottom burned and today she makes her debut with her panties down and her bottom stinging. 
reform_fa003 reform_fa004 reform_fa009 reform_fa019 reform_fa020 reform_fa023

Now that our corporate overlords have squelched consent.  It is time to go after its leaders and make sure the trouble makers do not distract the rest of us from buying their products and paying taxes that they recieve.  Thus it is this that our supple Aleesha Fox finds her at the women’s prison at Bars and Stripes.  Being the activist she is she refuses to wear the uniform.  Thus the guards painfully persuades her. 
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Blackmail as we all know almost never works out.  Particularly if the person you are trying to blackmail has a strap in her hand and you are wearing a little teeny tiny skirt.  Well so much for Loraine Little’s nefarious skills.  For her mistake she finds herself getting the strap by the beautiful Beverly Bacci.  From Punished Brats
IMG_2788 IMG_2782 IMG_2770 IMG_2758 IMG_2746 IMG_2750 

The pretty little Melody has her bottom make music this week while getting paddled on all fours over her skin tight jeans.  Judging from her red bottom its a good thing that she had them on!  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

Stacy and Monique continue getting their bottoms beaten for causing and accident while texting and driving on Real Life Spanking
punishment_day3_P1010447 punishment_day3_P1010448 punishment_day3_P1010449 punishment_day3_P1010473punishment_day3_P1010464 punishment_day3_P1010472 

Headmaster Tom gets back down to basics at Girls Boarding School with using the board on a unhappy girls heiny for goofing off in class.  Poor Vanessa is of course that girl bent over the desk getting the paddle and will undoubtedly not be able to sit down for some time. 
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Finally for today our new co-worker gets revenge on the girls who spanked her on her first day with…. you guessed it,  a Spanking.  From Handspanking
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