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Sally Spark gets a Slippering and Chelsea Pfeiffer gets a well Deserved Spanking

As much as the binders full of women might disagree,  the truth is that most men (and those of us who are spankers) know that the automobile and our lovely females mix just about as well as oil and water.  Other than cell phones,  it is the probably the single most common reason for spanking them.  However I indeed have an extreme example.  Now you see my significant other as much as I adore her can be quite infuriating when it comes to cars.  You see,  while my family left for my beloved city’s suburbs she was born and raised there.  Now if you know anything about the place that other than really sucking preparing for hurricanes many never really bother to drive because they don’t have to.  Thus I think she was 27 when she received her license.

Now as I have talked about I recently bought her a car.  A 4 wheel drive SUV to be exact to deal with the harsh winters we indeed have here.  Of course this most recent storm which the weather service unhelpfully told us would be rain,  was almost totally snow.  Thus there she was waking me up from my peaceful slumber to “dig her out”.  Upon explaining to her she no longer had to “dig out the car” since she was equipped with this modern miracle of traction and all she had to do is throw it into 4 wheel low and the truck would magically become unstuck from its snowy grave.  Of course this was met with a blank stare and resuming her insistence that someone had to shovel something since although pointing down hill the vehicle could magically slip 10 feet to the right and tumble off off the road in a whopping 5 inches of snow.  Thus began my morning.

Thus I donned my boots, and my coat and trudged out into the icy tundra and once again showed her how to operate the little button on the dashboard labeled “4 Wheel Low”.  She was of course incensed and insisted on getting a shovel in a huff since somehow I was not doing what I was indeed supposed to do.  Of course by the time she returned the car was “out” and had not magically tumbled off the road but was rather happily idling waiting for her return.  Somehow as I stood proudly displaying the wonderful capabilities of her new transportation device she became enraged, rudely dropping the now unneeded shovel in the snow giving me “that look” and then resuming her commute into work.  I have just sent her an email outlining exactly what is indeed going to happen to her bare bottom when she returns tonight.  What you might ask?  Exactly what is happening to our other girls on the Spanking Updates of the week!

We begin today Dear Reader with a girl who we have indeed seen spanked before but today we learn her full name.  Sally Spark who has done some work for English Spanking has come to get her very naughty bottom punished by the folks at Northern Spanking!  Now I know the UK has some very odd customs but apparently missing the bus gives the next person to pass you the right to pull down your delicious yellow panties and spank you!  Who knew! 
NSI109-SXS003 NSI109-SXS007 NSI109-SXS044 NSI109-SXS052 NSI109-SXS056 NSI109-SXS058

Now that the power is back on to my beloved city,  the residence are doing what they do best.  Complain.  Now as bad as the devastation is, this is being looked upon by those parts of the country used to such natural disasters with bemusement much as we in my adopted New England point and laugh when 2 inches of snow falls in Atlanta and everyone panics.  But the truth is Dear Reader that the natives of my beloved city are absolutely helpless if even a minor part of the city breaks down.  It simply never occurs to them that the power might indeed shut off for prolonged periods, the subway might not run, or even that there are things called generators that can in fact produce electricity.  There existence when it comes to survival instinct is not unlike the child like Eloi’s from HG Wells Time Machine.  Much like my significant other they simply cannot fathom that there should be someone somewhere to complain to and make whatever is vexing them go away.  Of course when a natural disaster occurs they get the proverbial spanking.  Which of course is what Nyssa Nevers is getting from my lucky friend Cake Boy.  From Triple A Spanking
nyssanevers06 nyssanevers12 nyssanevers17 nyssanevers22 nyssanevers23 nyssanevers32

Well it seems that Starry Night did not indeed enjoy her spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer.  In fact she down right hated it which I believe is the whole purpose of getting a spanking!  Unfortunately for Chelsea she is the type to get even.  And while her bottom is still smarting while she is sitting down she can take solace that Chelsea will not be sitting down anytime soon as well.  From Good Spanking
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Our friend Karl who’s on a quest to be the manliest man alive was missed last week.  But fret not Dear Reader,  here indeed is one of his spankings from last week with the incredibly cute Miela bent over his bike getting a strap upon her perfect bare butt.  From Spanking Server
vlcsnap-2012-11-08-11h49m38s70 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-11h50m28s76  vlcsnap-2012-11-08-11h51m02s157 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-11h51m22s105 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-11h52m05s27 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-11h52m57s18

Well now that reality has set in our Republicans they are bringing out the long knives on each other.  The corporatist wing is pointing at the conservative crazies telling them you cannot nominate people so batshit insane that they think rape is a gift from God and to please stop pissing off the brown people so we can elect a leader that gives more money to our rich friends.  The Conservative crazies are retorting asking their corporatist brothers why we let binders full of women and minorities vote in the first place.  This of course is the second time they have done this, I think the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.  Like our lovely Lucy Manning who once again acts up in school and thinks she will not get the cane to her exquisite bottom.  From English Spankers
npp4072004 npp4072026 npp4072030 npp4072046 npp4072054 npp4072060

Of all the petty crimes our girls can commit,  nothing enrages Yours Truly than girls who steal.  From my experience most hard working people find this absolutely abhorrent.  I remember when I was about 8 years old,  a story was told to me by a friend in the neighborhood with an older brother related to my babysitter Margaret.  Margaret from what I remember was a nice 16 or 17 year old Irish girl since all the Irish girls in neighborhood had names that were in some form or another Margaret or Mary.  It seems that when she was younger and foolish she indeed fell into the wrong crowd and as such was eventually caught with sticky fingers at the corner store.  Now back in the day, children moved news faster than the store owner could call her father and upon hearing the news her father from her younger brother,  a mountain of a man calmly got up,  fetched a wooden paddle and proceeded to walk into the street with determination to the store where she was being held and followed by onlookers enjoying ogling the spectacle.  As I was not a witness,  (I don’t think I was born yet,  or perhaps I was one I cannot tell you Dear Reader what actually happened other than what I was told.  But apparently she was paddled right in the store, in front of everyone.  In addition there was more paddling to be had when he dragged her home by the ear presumably to preserve what little dignity she had left since it was probably on the bare.  Being that in those days a bruised bottom for a naughty child was more than acceptable, the boys of the neighborhood took glee in smacking her ass resulting in another howl of pain.  This indeed is how much honest people hate stealing.  It also seems that Dallas has the same pet peeve as I do.  Considering she starts writhing in pain and crying after about a minute of him spanking her little butt I don’t think she, like Margaret will be shoplifting ever again.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
roxy2_new_10 roxy2_new_12 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h00m57s125 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h01m56s205 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h02m23s223 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h02m33s65

Our own Alex Reynolds has wasted no time in getting in trouble at the Real Spanking Institute.  Caught smoking outside Betty Blaze wastes no time putting her over her knee and pulling her panties down for a hard painful bare bottom paddling.  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

It seems that our favorite Cameraman took umbrage at my gentle ribbing the other week over how long it took to get the lovely Chloe Elise last spanking to get to us.  He even accused yours truly of a double standard when teasing our hard working Spanking Houses!  I can assure you Mr Cameraman, no one indeed gets teased by my large butted, spinach drinking friend Dallas.  Indeed it was less of a criticism than it was to show my enthusiasm.  Much the same I feel with Chloe turning the tables on Madison Martin and making her bottom rather tender. From My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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You know Dear Reader,  some people take blogging way to seriously.  For example Nate Silver of 538 fame upset and enraged our conservative crazies by predicting that the Mittster would lose.  They went as far as calling him “high pitched and effeminate” since high pitched and effeminate people could never ever have an advanced understanding of statistics.  Something that is of evil and be avoided at all costs since its well science!  Amelia Jane Rutherford has also gotten herself in trouble but indeed she is indeed high pitched and effeminate since she is fucking gorgeous.  But unfortunately she did not turn out to be correct and gets a painful paddling for it.  From Firm Hand Spanking
blogger_j003 blogger_j005 blogger_j008 blogger_j019 blogger_j020 blogger_j023

Finally for today,  being that our favorite Dirty Old Man is indeed old,  and from the his accent he is indeed probably from a red state.  Thus I am sure he is enraged about the Kenyan Socialist reelection.  Thankfully he does not take to youtube or twitter to vent his anger but on Daja’s naughty little bottom.  From Spanking Coeds
vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h43m07s47 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h43m21s229 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h43m43s191 vlcsnap-2012-11-08-13h44m16s11


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  • iwasrobert

    The ultimate comeback: You can't possibly be right because you look and sound a little like a stereotypical Gay person. Real winning argument there.

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