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Samantha Woodley and Micheala McGowan get a Good Old Fashion Over The Knee Spanking, Punished Brats finds a New Spankee, and Amy Hunter is a Klutz. That and More on The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Things are not good Dear Reader4.  As you might have heard our wonderful government finally passed a bill to save all of those poor rich people who bought worthless shit.  Our wonderful stock market celebrated this fact by tanking since apparently they felt that the rest of us didn’t buy enough of the rich people’s worthless shit, thus making them less rich then before.  A tragedy indeed.  On top of which they had to add “sweeteners” to convince our politicians to tell the rest of us to buy the rich people’s worthless shit.  Lets just see what 700 Billion would buy you in the Spanking world.  One could enjoy Punished brats for a bit under 3.5 billion years while they wait for the return of the Dinosaurs.  You could buy ever visitor to The Spanking Spot  a monthly subscription to all the spanking sites that have joined our merry little band of spank's for roughly 300 years.  Hell depending on the going rates for daily spankings one could spank 10 of our wonderful models each and every day for the rest of one’s life or until their bottom’s or your arm fell off.  (Knowing our models probably the latter).  Ah Dear Reader such a waste of an opportunity. 

But Alas this is not to be,  so sit back Dear Reader, and enjoy some of the free spanking that The Spanking Spot brings you on The Spanking Spot’s Spankings of the Week. 

Now if one has ever been to the Jersey Shore in the high summer one will inevitably run into a sea of guys in wife beaters saying “Yo” alot.  These are the curious species of Guido’s.  While their success in spreading during the 80’s initially encouraged naturalists there population soon retreated back to its natural habitat of Central Jersey, Bronx, and Staten island shortly after the decade ended.  During the summer however they migrate packed into economy cars with huge wings on the back and mufflers that make them sound like lawn mowers to the beaches of southern Jersey.  There they engage in mating rituals with the females of their species curiously all named Marie.  Unlike other mating rituals where the male puts on his display The males usually simply adorn themselves with baseball caps placed upon their head the wrong way and shouting 'YO Bitch” alot.  The Females however use head displays of towering hair supported by sticky like substance which they purchase in their version of beauty stores.  While the mating rituals usually consists of obscenities, whining and complements on various tattoo’s adorning the body it is rare indeed Dear Reader to observe these creatures in the wild engaging in the male spanking the female.  From Bad Tushy
Guido yelling at his girlfriend Guido Spanking Tool spanks girlfriend Boyfriend spanking Girlfriend Bad Tushy

I heard from a source that our Dear Karl attended an Oktoberfest celebration.  During which he had a little bit too much “fest” and decided that all of the scantily clad women attending most definitely needed a spanking.  This of course ended up in a rather nasty situation involving, Police, Lots of crying scantily clad women with red bottoms, The interruption of the yearly migration of the Larch and an international incident involving various spankings given to wives of the head of state in Europe.  It was quite a scene Dear Reader. And While Karl is currently being interrogated by the EIB with instructions by various heads of state to find out how hard they need to spank their said wives to make them behave.  I am sure he will make it back by next week to give us another great round of spanking.  From Spanking Server
Spanking Server Girl Stripped and spanked Painful Spanking Stocks and Spanked brutal Spanking

Firm Hand Spanking has launched a new Mini-Series called Club Class where the gorgeous Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowan play club promoters that intensely screw up a club opening while their boss is on a well deserved vacation  Needless to say Dear Reader that such a colossal screw-up deserves some punitive measures which unfortunately for their perfect asses,  Samantha and Michaela receive. 
Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowan Spanking Samantha Woodley Over the Skirt Spanking Michaela McGowan spanked Spanked Teen

Our friends Pixie and David Pierson unveils a new talent by the name of Lilly Page.  David I am convinced has a thing for spanking the girl next door.  This is of course because our red bottomed Lilly is indeed another “girl next door” types.  Much like our Ultimate Girl Next door Sarah Gregory and even to a point the lovely Chloe Elise.  Now Lilly with a rather understated but quite noticeably cuteness.  goes over the knee for the first time at Punished Brats.
Father Spanks DaughterTeen Getting a spankingPanty SpankingPunished BratsOTK Spanking    

Kay Richards is well…… Horny.  As Horny women tend to to from time to time, is take out their favorite Man simulator.  This Dear Reader seems to offend the sexy Madison Martin which sparks a spanking fight.  Kay both startled and surprised lashes out at Madision’s rear with a studded belt, but after that initial painful whack across her bottom, its Kay’s ass that suffers the majority of the spanking.  From MySpankingRoommate
MySpankingRoommate Madison Martin spanked by a belt My Spanking Roommate Kay Richards Spanked Naked Spanking

I am starting to become convinced that indeed I Brushstrokes is close to releasing his infatuations with all other models only to focus his full time effort on wooing the lovely Jade Indica.  From Spank Sinn
Spank Sinn Jade Indica Sluts Spanking each OtherSpanked with a strap Bare Ass Spanking Spanked on the Bare Bottom 

One of the great spanking models that I will indeed miss. The beautiful Rosaleen Young.  This indeed might be a long lost video since I don’t think that Your Humble Narrator has seen this before.  Do NOT take my word for this Dear Reader since I have yet had the time to comb my archive of spanking material. From Spank My Bottom (via Spankpass)
Rosaleen Young Spanked Schoolgirl Spanking Rosaleen Young Mother Spanks Teen Daughter Spanked by Mom

Perhaps I spoke too soon.  For this is my Dear Leia Ann Woods with Rachel Lloyd getting a double spanking for their transgressions at the Women’s Prison at Bars and Stripes
Bars and Stripes Bare Bottom Spanking Leia Ann Woods Spanked Spnked over the knee Spanking at a Womans Prison

Aside from not being able to cook it seems that Amy Hunter is quite a slob and a bit uncoordinated.  You see Dear Reader,  perhaps just a bit sleepy or a bit hung over our Dear Amy tends to spill things.  Usually over just about any surface available.  Her boyfriend is a bit fed up with getting sprayed by various bits of breakfast material every morning.  So just to make sure she tries her best not to spray milk over anyone in a 30 meter radius he gives her something to remind her on Northern Spanking.
Amy Hunter Wife in trouble Young Wife Spanked Spank your wife Spanked in the kitchen

Oh what do we have here Dear Reader!  We have a very very attractive babysitter and pigtails with really blue contact lenses!  Apparently she has disregarded her babysitter’s wishes.  Now while she is a bit old for needing a babysitter Dear Reader,  Think about the carnage teens can cause by having a party at your humble abode.  Perhaps it is prudent to put a responsible adult like the beautiful and very blonde Bryanna to stay with this naughty girl.  From Spanking Bare Butts
_9153973_9153979  _9153980 _9153996 _9153998

And finally tonight Dear Reader we have a blast from the past from Good Spanking Classics starring Eve Ashton and Kelly Ellis
c005c002c004 c007 009 



3 comments to Samantha Woodley and Micheala McGowan get a Good Old Fashion Over The Knee Spanking, Punished Brats finds a New Spankee, and Amy Hunter is a Klutz. That and More on The Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • The brunette for spankingsever… in the second set of pics… very lovely. Certainly better looking than, say… the bailout.

    Todd and Suzy

  • Bottom Spanker

    On the contrary of Clare Fonda’s too sensitive sites, Spanking Server offers a lot of brutal beatings which is too much for me.

  • jeremy

    Quick correction in a great sampling. The Good Spanking girls are Eve Ellis and Kelly Ashton. Eve's my all-time favorite.

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