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Samantha Woodley Returns for a Spanking and a Spatula Spanking

You know Dear Reader, I have never understood the English fascination with the royal family.  Even worse I really don’t understand the American fascination with the royal family.  I mean didn’t we fight a couple of wars so we could ignore them? 

I mention this because this morning I was deluged by various stories of Kate Middleton getting caught without her top on.  Which of course suggests if you don’t want to have your picture taken topless,  perhaps you should keep ones top on.  But that is another matter altogether.  Now while she is indeed quite attractive,  I really don’t see why we should all get our panties in a bunch more than catching any other hot girl topless.  Which also begs the question seeing that William’s brother’s inability to keep his clothes on has gotten him in hot water with the Queen, why indeed has he not spanked her?

Of course this would probably run afoul of domestic violence laws.  After all we are a civilized society.  One cannot simply go about spanking one’s wife without consent.  But considering he is in line with for the throne,  is it even possible to break the law if one is king?  Unlike here where the president is an elected citizen and is subject to our laws. The king is well….  The king!  It seems to me he should be able to do whatever the hell he wants.  Including spanking his wife,  whether she wants a spanking or not. 

Then again considering they are indeed British, it is more than likely she would want one.  Much like ur girls on the final installment this week of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin today with once again Danielle Hunt getting the spanking that she will always remember.  Since of course it was Yours Truly that got her spanked with this severity I am indeed not surprised she has yet to talk to me.  Then again hard feelings fade fast by our naughty girls.  Soon indeed she probably will be insulting Dallas Spank Hard herself!
 dani4_01 dani4_04 dani4_06 dani4_10 dani4_12 dani4_13

ah Dear Reader this is much more like it.  Particularly since our own Samantha Woodley has a brand spanking new series out on Firm Hand Spanking.  Kyle Johnson, a proud and young homeowner allows his sister Kat St James, to stay with him.  Her best friend played by wonderful Samantha has been kicked out of her house after a fight with her mother.  She is of course welcome to stay but will of course be subject to the same punishment Kat gets.  A good hard Bare Bottom Spanking. 
brotherly_a003 brotherly_a005 brotherly_a015 brotherly_a017 brotherly_a019 brotherly_a022

Our Spanking device builder extraordinaire returns with yet another incredibly gorgeous girl from that mythical town in eastern Europe filled with incredibly hot girls that really really need a spanking.  Considering the severity of the paddling Meila gets while firmly secured on the spanking horse it seems she needed it more then most.  From Spanking Server.
vlcsnap-2012-09-14-10h58m55s57 vlcsnap-2012-09-14-10h59m12s234 vlcsnap-2012-09-14-10h59m20s68 vlcsnap-2012-09-14-11h00m39s79 vlcsnap-2012-09-14-10h59m37s226 vlcsnap-2012-09-14-10h59m55s128 

I am a big fan of making our girls wait for their spankings.  Though indeed not overnight.  For starters its kind of hard to sleep knowing you are going to get spanked in the morning and spanking someone like Monica on the bare bottom tends to make one late for work.  Though I must say it probably makes a fantastic start for ones day,  and a lousy one for hers.   From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

Well Dear Reader the Spanking Model Database has been updated with the newest spanking of the incredibly hot Kiki Devine.  Of course spankings like these confuse Your Humble Narrator for there is only 1 position for a spanking.  In this one Sarah Spanks her lying down,  Diaper Position and of course caning her.  One of these days I will figure it out.  From Spanking Sarah
npp40583990 npp40583993 npp40584001 npp40584002 npp40584017 npp40584018

You know Dear Reader, since school has just started we have ignored the plight of thousands of teachers new to the profession.  Of course our schoolgirls cannot learn without a teacher that can command respect in the classroom.  This indeed is a learned skill and not one that is inherent.  So Sarah Gregory can be forgiven for seeking the advice of her principal for dealing with the rather unruly Scarlett Summers,  not to be confused with the porn star of the same name.  Unfortunately for pretty little Scarlett,  Ms Specht is very effective at demonstrating what exactly one does to a bare bottom when a girl misbehaves.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0093_detention_discipline_gal1-028 0093_detention_discipline_gal1-030 0093_detention_discipline_gal1-031 0093_detention_discipline_gal1-041 0093_detention_discipline_gal1-034 0093_detention_discipline_gal1-042

After the Spatula in the Kitchen fails to get Brianna’s attention perhaps the strap applied to her hot red bottom will do the trick.  From Spanking Bare Butts
sbbffp77-04 sbbffp77-06 sbbffp77-07 sbbffp78-01 sbbffp78-03 sbbffp78-04

Finally for today,  we see an excellent example of how spanking can increase interracial harmony.  It does not matter of course what color you are.  Just that you spank one another.  From Good Spanking Classics
004 008 010 012 024 028


3 comments to Samantha Woodley Returns for a Spanking and a Spatula Spanking

  • Dana Specht makes a perfect strict headmistress and a kitchen spanking is always welcome.

  • tim

    Gorgeous little Scarlett is lovely being spanked by Miss Dana and young sarah best from ,Tim.

  • iwasrobert

    I imagine William *could* do it if he was King. As a mere member of the royal family he probably is technically subject to most laws, although one never knows… Prince Charles apparently gets consulted regarding bills that might affect his interests before they are even introduced into parliament!

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