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Samantha Woodley Strapped on the Bare Bottom and Lots of Girls Spanked with the Hairbrush

Perhaps Dear Reader we American’s are getting our collective spine back.  You see 30,000 people descended on the sleepy little capital of Wisconsin to protest a bill to break the public unions in that state.  Now this leaves me in a bit of a quandary Dear Reader.  For starters I am not a big fan of Unions.  At least in their present form.  However I do believe they are a necessary evil to counter our growing corporate hegemony who think wages should be set by the “free market”.  The problem with this notion is that the “Free Market” will seek the lowest wages, be it child labor in China or slave labor for that matter.  The “middle Class” is largely a construct of legislation and Unions.  Without them we would still be sending our 8 year olds to work in factories.  Which incidentally some Tea Party Tard is trying to do in Missouri.  But I digress.

Now the one thing I admire about Europe is that the politicians there are truly afraid of the people.  If they see something they don’t like they take to the streets leaving their leaders many times cowering.  This indeed is the reason they have mandatory paid time off, sick leave and many other reasonable perks we don’t get in the states.  Perhaps we are at a turning point in this country where we are not lulled by the security of our big screen televisions that we might get off our asses and demand that the politicians here represent us rather than the corporations.

This I know has absolutely nothing to do with Spanking,  but then again what indeed would you expect from your Humble Narrator as an introduction to the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Now I have heard though various channels that in addition to threatening to call out the National Guard to quash dissent and sending the state police to forcibly return the escaped senators blocking the bill.  The Governor of  Wisconsin has covertly contacted famous Spankers in an effort crush the rebellion and spank (at least the pretty ones) the protesters until they acquiesce.  The first person they contacted was our very own Dallas.  But of course Dallas was busy with other busting activities like Crash's lovely little bottom!  Now Dallas has become quite friendly with this red-haired darling.  Now she didn’t particularly like the first Spanking she got from him (who would) but she felt it did her some good and has agreed to allow Dallas to be her disciplinarian.  This indeed is a big step for a girl who has felt his hard hand before!  Well this time Crash seems much more relaxed and rather grit her teeth and bare the Spanking like last time.  Her shouts are a welcome addition to her bare bottom Spanking.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
crash1_02 crash1_05 crash1_07 crash1_08 crash1_09 crash1_12 crash1_14

Stealing is of course a serious offence Dear Reader.  One of course could bring the beautiful Samantha Woodley up on Charges.  But what would be the point.  Would society benefit from her incarceration for such petty theft?  Of course Not!  But we of course benefit from the hard Spanking she gets at Eric Strictman’s hand this week on Firm Hand Spanking
tlc_d001 tlc_d007 tlc_d012 tlc_d011 tlc_d016 tlc_d020

I’m not entirely sure what is going on here.  But that never kept me from making up a story!  Besides we have a girl in leather pants getting a Spanking.  While I do indeed find this next installment on Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl quite hot I would imagine it would be quite difficult pealing such tight pants off a struggling girl to Spank her Bare Bottom.  One might even lose her bikini top doing such a thing!  Also available though the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
a02l a04l a05l a08l a09l a15l

It seems to me at least by Lupus Spanking’s account that ladies of the evening in the early 20th century got a lot more Spankings then they did sex.  That is of course ok with me Dear Reader,  In this Hardcore/Spanking Crossover from our friends at Lupus yet another pretty girl gets an OTK Spanking and one hell of a bare butt belt beating.
vlcsnap-2011-02-18-10h31m40s118 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-10h32m27s69 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-10h32m39s184 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-10h33m11s2 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-10h34m29s17 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-10h34m48s205

Ah the Sage of Spanking is punishing the quintessential girl next door Sarah Gregory this week on Sarah Gregory Spanking.  Now Your Humble narrator has this old Italian uncle.  The first 50 years of his life he spent running in and out of burning buildings,  then he kicked Cancer’s ass 3 times.  The man is indestructible.  The one thing he will not tolerate is disrespect at the dinner table.  When my laid back cousin came in from California and sat down at the table with a baseball cap on he of course got yelled at (my cousin is in his 50’s).  And of course he removed it.  This is not a man to be messed with.  So like our Sage Richard Windsor a mouthy girl like our lovely Sarah, would quickly be Spanked over his knee as quick as Richard does it.
0034_spring_break_b_gal1-027 0034_spring_break_b_gal1-031 0034_spring_break_b_gal1-034 0034_spring_break_b_gal2-008 0034_spring_break_b_gal2-010 0034_spring_break_b_gal2-015

From what I understand about prison (I have only been in a Turkish one before) is that people will do just about anything to avoid Solitary.  Well as lovely rear ended Sasha Harvey learns that the Women’s Prison at Bars and Stripes has a little twist to this punishment.  Along with being locked in a dank cell 23 hours a day the girls are Spanked Daily!  Even more a reason to behave
sascha_solitary_day2_003 sascha_solitary_day2_017 sascha_solitary_day2_019 sascha_solitary_day2_023 sascha_solitary_day2_067 sascha_solitary_day2_076

When I was young,  My neighbor who was from Alabama came home on the back of a guy’s motorcycle.  I guess she was about 15 or so.  Now her mother,  a slight woman was well known to Spank her daughters when they needed it.  I once even witnessed it.  But I digress.  Needless to say she was not thrilled.  Now summertime in my neighborhood was quite a noisy place.  Most people didn’t have air conditioner and with the windows we all heard our family spats.  Or in this case Smacks because that indeed what she got.  Although I am tempted to match this visual from Marked Butts (the girl kinda looks like her) with what I heard that night I can tell you the Spanking my neighbor got was considerably harder (and tis one was pretty hard).
287_0002 287_0006 287_0011 287_0018 287_0022 287_0029

Now this Dear Reader is indeed a Hairbrush!  Perhaps I will get one of these!  Long enough to smack both cheeks of a naughty schoolgirl.  This indeed could even be reclassified as a paddle with bristles!  Luckily for this schoolgirl she is only Spanked over her white panties.  From Regulation Knickers
vlcsnap-2011-02-18-11h03m36s77 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-11h04m02s62 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-11h04m50s40 vlcsnap-2011-02-18-11h05m10s252

And finally for this week.  Chelsea Pfeiffer’s retro Spanking Site Good Spanking Classics has a little play date between Ginger and Ms Kitty.  Ginger ironically being the dark haired beauty getting the Spanking.  Chelsea interestingly met these two during a bondage shoot some years ago.  Thankfully they also were into Spanking!
004 007 011 026 027 028


2 comments to Samantha Woodley Strapped on the Bare Bottom and Lots of Girls Spanked with the Hairbrush

  • tim

    lovely girls all well spanked,best from tim .

  • iwasrobert

    When times are good, most people forget the need for a social safety net and organizations like unions. When times are bad, they come clamoring for them. Problem is that during the good times many in the middle class forgot the truism you point out and were fooled into thinking that, on average, poor people have done it to themselves rather than simply being hard done by.

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