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Samantha Woodley’s Hard Belt Spanking and Ivy Makhov Feels the Wooden Paddle

The Government Dear Reader,  Knows what is good for you.  In our unending march following our friends in the UK into Nanny Statedom.  Our wonderful politicians want to ban “caffeinated alcoholic drinks”.  Now if you ever tasted on of these things you might be inclined to agree.  But because some moron in college managed to drink himself to death,  they have been deemed bad for you thus illegal.  Soon of course we will have to learn how to use the 3 seashells and all eat at Taco Bell.  Now the question I have is if they make these things illegal cannot someone simply order a Red Bull and Vodka and have more or less the same effect? 

Meanwhile in my beloved city our Nanny mayor overlord wants to ban salt in soup!  In addition to taxing sugary drinks because people have no self control!  Its for our own good!  I am indeed waiting for them to mandate us eating those wretched leafy things 3 times a day. 

Ah but thankfully Dear Reader Spanking is quite healthy.  At least until some moronic politician deems it bad for us.  Until then we can of course enjoy the rest of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

But of course Spankers and Spankee’s alike should eat right.  Spankee’s should for the obvious reasons of keeping their shapely bottoms from getting to be too big a target.  And Spankers,  off course because well.  Spanking can be quite a cardio workout depending how you do it.  As for Samantha Woodley not only can she enjoy the belt cracking across her sweet and soon to be red bottom but admire the foot work of Eric Strickman that would impress even Fred Astaire.  From Firm Hand Spanking
Samantha Woodley Spanked with a belt tlc_b015 tlc_b017 Bare Bottom Belting Samantha Woodley Spanked with a Belt

Clare Fonda has a New Spanker on her site.  The very shapely Mistress Gimini, who is indeed quite shapely herself. Unfortunately with the Mistress in front of her name we will not be seeing her own shapely bottom over someone’s knee.  But we can enjoy her Spanking Kay Richards in some rather skimpy blue Lingerie while Madison Martin Waits her Turn.  From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r67e08l Kay Richardson Spanked by Mistress Gimini r67e14l r67e13l Painful SPanking Bare Bottom Spanking

Our Friend Dallas is of course the Pinnacle of health.  I am surprised he doesn’t have his own line of Spinach Drinks!  But he needs to be Dear Reader if he is to keep up with his grueling schedule of Spanking Women.  Now I would assume from our too cute to spank Kat St James’s face she would prefer if he was a bit winded by now.  As the strap would indeed not sting her Bare Bottom quite as much.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
glam2_01 glam2_03  Spanking Kat St James glam2_11 glam2_12 Bare Bottom Strapping glam2_15

English Schoolgirls of course need Spankings Dear Reader.  Its just a fact of life (which is rather fortunate for us).  It is imperative that we give their bottoms a proper Spanking.  Thankfully we have sites like Regulation Knickers who show us exactly how to give one in the proper English Way. 
vlcsnap-2010-11-19-11h43m43s152 Schoolgirl SPanking vlcsnap-2010-11-19-11h44m15s22 OTK Spanking vlcsnap-2010-11-19-11h45m07s39 Over the knee Spanking

Now talk about Sibling Rivalry Dear Reader!  Even at the woman’s prison at Bars and Stripes.  Unfortunately for her (and us since I would love to see Zoe Harrison get a good hard Spanking of her own) Natasha Byrne seems to be on the losing side of the competition with her sister.  Loosing in our world of Spanking is of course quite painful.  From Bars and Stripes
natasha_siblingrivalry008 natasha_siblingrivalry018 Zoe Harrison Spanks a girl Natasha Byrne natasha_siblingrivalry042 natasha_siblingrivalry044 natasha_siblingrivalry039

Ivy Makhov is feeling the pain of the Wooden Paddle smacked firmly upon her clothed bottom this week on Real Spanking.  Now judging from what Ivy has experienced on sites like Whipped Ass she is no stranger to being punished.  But from the look on her face the Sting of the paddle even over her tight jeans surprised even her.  From Real Spanking or the 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
Ivy Makhov Girl gets the school Paddle 9823_006 9823_015 9823_014 9823_018

Our Christian Conservatives seem to be quite obsessed with Spanking.  This of course Dear Readers shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise.  After all its in the Bible and quite an effective way to deal with a less than obedient girl.  Thus perhaps the worst place one can become a brat is at a church retreat!  Something our Lovely Quintessential Girl Next Door finds out in her Sunday go to meetin clothes.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking.
0026_church_spanking_gal1-002 Church Spanking Sarah Gregory Panties down Spanking 0026_church_spanking_gal1-023 Spanking Hurts

Having household employee’s is hard Dear Reader,  Your Humble Narrator indeed knows this.  But usually the difficulty is around communicating with them since they likely speak little of the native tongue. Those who do of course go off to work for rich people who try to buy a political seat and then declare that they didn’t know about your illegal status.  But I digress.  The important thing  to know about maids, particularly the gorgeous ones is that they are quite lazy and indeed need incentives to complete their jobs.  Peter Schoober of course incents them by not brutally Spanking their gorgeous asses.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20101119124301 snapshot20101119124055 Strapped Maid snapshot20101119124317 Spanking the Maid snapshot20101119124638

And Finally I leave you this week with Sinn Sage and her friend Ela Darling having a romp in bed.  But what indeed is a Lesbian Romp without smacking one another's lovely bottoms.  From Spank Sinn
007 Sinn Sage 009a Ella Darling Diaper Position Spanking 012


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