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Sara Bergman Gets Spanked by The General, Helen Lei Gets a Bare Bottom Spanking, and 10 Girls spanked at once. That and More On The Spanking Updates of the Week

Thanks to all Dear Readers who commented on my political spanking rant.  Both conservative and liberals are more than welcome.  Why might you ask Dear Reader.  Because there is one thing that binds us all and that is our interest in the spanking of naughty girls rears.  Fear Not! however you will not offend your Humble Narrator and I will approve all non-spam posts.  For while we may differ in political opinion I am a firm believer of allowing anyone who wants to have their say. 

But of course Dear Reader I know you don't come here from my political commentary.  You come here to escape the world and look at some damn fine spankings.  So forget that we are all quite poor after the financial system decided to crumble this week.  But cheer up wealth is all relative!  Just set aside some dollars to enjoy your spanking interest and support the fine people who give us this amazing material Dear Reader.  But please do it responsibly.

Ok without further ado.  Off to The Spanking Updates of the Week!

This is 21 year old Alice.  Aside from aspiring to be the hottest librarian in Hungary she has a dream to be spanked on camera by Mood Pictures.  As you are probably well aware by now that means first getting "tried out" on their spanking site Mood Castings .  Now interestingly enough our soon to have a painful bottom Alice came all the way to from the good old US of A to get Spanked my Mood.  While she practices Marital arts not even that could prepare her for the what the cane had in store for her. 
Mood Castings Mood Pictures Naked Caning Caned on the Bare Ass Naked college girl gets caned

My Dear Clare is finishing up her epic 2008 movie Exclusive Education 3 over at Girl Spanks Girl.  We finally have the bratty Kay Richards and Sinn Sage's turn to put their naughty bottoms over Clare and Lana's knee.  Incidentally Kay Richards has totally blown off my interview request.  I can only hope that the next time Clare sees her she spanks her with a little more gusto than she is used to. 
Kay Richards Interracial Spanking Clare Fonda spanks Kay Richards Exclusive Education 3 10 girls spanked at school

Since I am newly single Dear Reader I have been thinking about places in the world I would like to live (or at least visit).  Amsterdam is indeed one of the top ones on my list.  I mean when was the last time a girl has called you up to state that she was naughty and needed a spanking.  This happens to our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian almost every day!  The poor bastard even had to go on vacation just to get away from women demanding he spank them.  The horror!  Well to come to think of it,  they also have really good pot! From Real Life Spanking
OTK SPanking Over the knee spanking OTK Bare Bottom SpankingSpanked on the bare ass Bare ass spanking 

Poor Sarah,  Where ever she goes people insist on spanking her pretty little ass.  But I guess that's to be expected when you look like the innocent girl next door you grew up with and always wanted to spank.  While she was on her west coast excursion she had the opportunity to meet up with the beautiful Chelsea Pfeiffer.  Lo and Behold,  she offended poor Chelsea!  What is a girl to do to make her house guest respect her.  Yes you got it.  A spanking.  (Umm, not to point this out,  but I noticed that she skipped Dallas while she was out there.  I guess her bottom has some self preservation)  From Good Spanking.
Chelsea Pfeiffer and Sarah Gregory Sarah Gregory gets a spanking chelsea spanks sarah Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Sarah Gregory About to get spanked over the panties

Sara Bergman has irked the venerable General on HD Spank.  Now I have indeed seen this before Dear Reader, but if your a nut for film quality like Your Humble Narrator then it is indeed well worth watching again.  Unfortunately for Sara it appears that spankings are considerably more painful in High Definition. 
Sarah Bergman Schoolgirl spanked on the bare ass Spanked at a girls school The General spanks Sara bergman

Well once the panties come off our Chinese Spankee Helen Lei things get a bit more interesting an incidentally makes Ms Lei quite unhappy.  But that is to be expected Dear Reader since women who deserve a good hard bare bottom spanking rarely are happy about it although they might enjoy it.  Holly does a pretty good job in spanking this one for complaining about her cheerleading roommate.  From Punished Brats
Helen Lei asian spanking Holly spanks a girl Punished Brats bare ass spanking

I'll tell you a story Dear Reader.  When I was young  I couldn't spell to save Yours Truly's life.  While you might notice now and then this is true even today.  But as a young impressionably Brushstrokes was being yelled at by his mother for his inability to spell I uttered a prophecy Dear Reader.  I said one day someone will invent a machine to spell for you,  and this is indeed why you read my words today.  The ravishing redhead Justine is apparently like Your Humble Narrator  and is not too keen on spelling. Rather then relying on spell check as I do, her master decides he will spank the spelling into her.  From Spanked at home
Spanked at home bent over and spanked Justine spanked spanking hurts paiinful spanking

We now have Christina in all her bare bottom glory getting a spanking from her roommate for well……  Does it matter the reason?  From Spank Christina or VIP Spanking
Spank Christina Woman spanks girl Female Spanks Female Spanking

Lauren Langley, the buxom brunette model from the UK has irritated her host once again.  what else to do with this 50's era pinup girl?  Yes English Spankers must be reading our minds since the skirt comes up,  the panties come off and a bare bottom spanking is applied with a nice firm leather paddle.   I know alot of models aren't to thrilled to get their hair pulled and spanked. Now I am not sure about you Dear Reader but quite honestly I kind of like it.  Its also quite useful for keeping control of the struggling girl before you.
Lauren Langley gets spanked paddled on the bare Bare bottom paddling English Spankers Bare ass paddling

And finally for today, while we watch our wealth melt away in the black hole that is Wall Street, (hey its time for reality).  we have a great Japanese girl spanking.  Now we have a Japanese girl, and a jean jumper.  Couple this with a bare bottom spanking you might have the perfect F/f spanking!  Now I know many people have asked the owner of this site to start a Japanese M/f site.  While I disagree vehemently with him,  I must respect his dedication to his vision.  I do hope Dear Reader that one day we will have a good M/f spanking site in Japan.  From
 Don't spank me mom Mother spanks daughter Japanese spanking panties down spanking Japanese girl gets a spanking


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